Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Release Day: Excerpt from Phoenix and a Dash of Sass

Phoenix and a Dash of Sass written in Milly Taiden's Sassy Ever After Kindle Worlds has released today! I'm super excited to share Jackson and Tessa's adventure and their romance with you.

Tessa is a strong independent woman who isn't in the market for romance, but she has a hard time pulling away from the deliciously hot chef / restaurant owner, Jackson.

Phoenix shifter Jackson isn't searching for a mate, but can't deny the attraction to Tessa when she walks into his establishment.

Both characters are drawn to each other and have a difficult time denying their desires. For those of you that have read my stories, it is common to find a lot of page turning action along with the romance and suspense.

Check out the excerpt below and grab a copy today.


JACKSON SAW TESSA FALL BACWARDS, heard the cry from the wolf that fell on top of her, and instantly saw red. His skin grew hot, and his body flushed with fire as an inhuman roar escaped his lips. It took everything he had to keep the beast that shared his body at bay. He managed to remain in mid-shift as a human fireball. He knocked all three of the men beating on him out of the way, and ran to Tessa’s limp form. The only other man still standing stepped into his path.
“This could’ve been a simple reminder that payment was late, but your bitch wounded my brother. I want my pound of flesh,” he snarled.
As if on cue, the sky opened up and rain began to fall. His fiery half sizzled under the downpour and fueled his primal instinct to protect.
“What the hell is going on here?” Jackson’s brother, Lincoln, approached, gun drawn. Both men froze mid charge.
Jackson pushed the fire down and became a man once again. “Nothing. They were just leaving.”
“Like hell! Someone needs to answer to the injured woman and the wolf.” Lincoln aimed the gun at the delivery men.
Jackson looked at the four men standing, hands at the ready to arm themselves. He didn’t want his brother involved in this mess. Besides, turning the collectors over to the authorities was not an intelligent idea. It would bring down more wrath upon his head. “I’ll answer to the situation.” He took a step toward his brother and held his hands up in surrender. “Tessa was hurt defending herself.”
“Mike was hurt defending himself,” Baron snapped as two other henchmen gathered the wounded wolf.
“It was all just a misunderstanding.” Jax went to Tessa and picked her up in his arms. “But we are going to need an ambulance. She’s bleeding pretty badly.” He forced the fire of the phoenix’s rebirth into his hand and used that to encourage healing on her wound. Her skin sizzled and sealed up. He looked to the sky. The rain was coming down hard. “Please, Lincoln, we need some help.”
“Fine.” The collectors left as Lincoln dialed 911. “Yes, thank you.” He finished the call and turned back to Jackson. “I can’t keep covering for you, Jax. What do you suppose we’re going to tell the doctors?”
“The truth. She was defending herself. She jumped in to help me fend off my attackers.” He picked her up and carried her unconscious body to Lincoln’s car.
Lincoln opened the back seat and gave Jackson room to put Tessa inside, out of the cold. “And your attackers?”
“Shit, Jax, I told you not to get involved with Brady.”
“I needed the money for the restaurant. I’ll have their payment by week’s end. Don’t worry.” He brushed Tessa’s wet hair off her forehead. Realization hit him suddenly as he stared down into her peaceful face.
“How many lives are you going to lose to pay for this dream of yours?”
“None, I’ve got this handled, Link.” He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Could it be? Could she really be his?
Lincoln kicked the tire in frustration. “You’re lucky your car broke down and you called me for a lift.”
“I suppose I am.” He monitored Tessa’s pulse. Steady. Good.
Sirens echoed through the night air. The ambulance was on its way.
“And why did she step in to help?”
“Because…I think she is my mate.”

“Yeah, that would sum it up.”