Monday, April 25, 2016

Taste Test of Rayne's Thunder (Part Six) The Alpha's Call

The conclusion of the Rayne's Thunder serial is titled The Alpha's Call, the action, romance, suspense, and drama does not disappoint. Check out this excerpt of the final installment here and grab your copy if you haven't on Amazon Kindle.

Book Description:

In the final installment of the Rayne's Thunder romantic serial, Rayne has been kidnapped and wolves are dying. The rogue pack looks to be winning but the fight in Rayne and the Manchester sibling is not extinguished. They knew it would be a challenge maintaining the Colorado Pack Alpha position and they will give it everything they've got to keep it. 

Sneak Peek:


If I wasn’t mistaken, he was also drugging my food. I believe it had been two days since my capture. At least I hoped it had only been two days. Time gets away from you when you’re trapped in a dark cell. The first time I woke up, Grayson was there with water and aspirin. I took it which relieved my pounding headache for a few hours anyways, enough so I could shift and force healing on my body. It took me another day before I was well enough to change back into human form. The first day he told me my family was dead or would be soon. The second day he showed me a video of Storm, Rhyme, River, and Chloe alive as a way to motivate me to change back into human form. It worked.
Then he informed me if I didn’t marry him he’d kill them off, one by one, which meant he had some kind of control over Lacy because she would’ve killed them already.
His plan was to marry me and kill my brother, taking the Colorado alpha seat in the process. The flaw in his thinking was that I’d roll over and let him destroy my family. He was going to kill us all in the end, regardless of what he said. I wasn’t stupid. The Manchester line would die by his and Lacy’s hands unless we did something to stop it.
Step one was to escape. Step two, kill Grayson. I should have done it on the boat when he attacked my sister and brother, but they talked me out of it. They weren’t here to appeal to my good sense now.
“Good morning, sleepy head. I’m glad to see you’ve recovered.” Grayson’s voice cut into my thoughts as viciously as a razor. His very presence made my skin crawl. He slipped the food tray through the opening of the cage and sat down in front of me. He planned to watch me eat which reinforced my belief that he was lacing the food with something.
“I can’t believe my father thought you’d be a good match for me.” I grumbled as I sat on the bed, refusing to eat.
“Your father expected you to pick me. He stacked the list for that very purpose. It was part of our deal.”
“He wouldn’t make a deal with the devil.” He wouldn’t endanger his children’s lives, I told myself. It wasn’t a possibility.
Grayson laughed. “It amazes me how well he had the wool pulled over your eyes. You all believe he had the best intentions for you. He despised you all. Made you into these dolls he could control. Hell, he’s still controlling you even from the grave.”
“You lie.” I spat.
“No. I’m sorry to say, I’m not lying about this. I do lie, though, quite well. I convinced you I was interested in you.”
“You sound proud of yourself.” He made me sick. “But I think I’m the one that fooled you. After all, you thought I liked you.”
He chuckled. “Right. Anyway, it took a lot of skill to make you believe I wanted you.” He pointed to my food. “Eat.”
I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my chin defiantly. “And yet you want to marry me.”
“For the power. My connection to the Manchester family will make my ascension go smoother. I’ll keep you alive long enough to produce an heir and then put you out of your misery.” He said simply.
“You’re disgusting. If you think I’d ever let you get near me, you’re deluded too.”
“I’ll have you… one way or another.” He left.

His threat sunk into my skin, causing dread to wind up my spine and a shudder to run through me. “I’d rather die.” I whispered.

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