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My review of Out of the Box Awakening by Jennifer Theriot

Out of the Box Awakening (Out of the Box, #1)Out of the Box Awakening by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lovely story of second chances at love and life. The story centers around Olivia her husband Alan and his friend Ash as well as their families and friends. Olivia picks up, sells the house and moves to be with her husband Alan when he takes a new job. Why wouldn't she? She's given him 30 years of her life and three lovely children. What she doesn't expect is for her husband Alan to announce that he's been cheating on her and he's not interested in being in their marriage anymore. This is earth shattering to Olivia but Ash is there to pick up the pieces and bring life back to Olivia's heart. They have their ups and downs but it's as if these two are perfect for each other. As their relationship blooms their family members and friends continue their own life journeys and Ash and Olivia are there to help them through all the ups and downs they face. This is a wonderful story of awakening. Olivia blossoms into a new woman as Ash shows her things she never knew possible. It covers a year of this family's life and the author, Jennifer Theriot does an amazing job of giving us a sneak peek into this little corner of the world. I really loved how the story wasn't just about the marriage divorce and new love, it was also about everyone else in their lives. So many stories negate this side of the story but Theriot was able to add additional layers to the story by adding them in. I highly recommend this fabulous read.

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A day in the life of an author

After about two hours sleep, a dream awakens me and I rush to my laptop to record everything I can remember before the dream fades. You never know what useful material the subconscious mind shares with you from the dream world and I, for one, am not going to let that fantastical material go to waste. I decide, now that I’m awake, I might as well re-work the chapter I finished the night before and maybe even use the creative energy flowing through my mind to work on a new chapter or two.

After my fingers get tired from racing across the keyboard and my brain starts to feel mentally exhausted from the remarkable data dump onto the pages of my work-in-progress I need a break. My first stop is the kitchen for a much needed hook up to the caffeine IV which I live by daily.

The alarm clock sounds, a signal my husband will be getting up for work in about thirty minutes. So I climb back into bed for some much needed cuddling. After hitting the snooze button at least three times, sometimes four he awakens and gives me a goofy grin and quick kiss. We discuss our daily plans; his day consists of going to work, mine consists of housecleaning, shopping, cooking, paying the bills, hitting social media, discussing plans with my street team, researching marketing plans, checking into book contests and networking with my author friends. Somewhere in the jumble of my schedule I plan to write at least two thousand words.

My fabulous editor, beta readers, or publisher has different ideas. One or more of them contact me with changes and or suggestions needed for the work I previously submitted and so I work on that first. After all, the sooner that book is done the sooner I’ll be able to refocus on the new work-in-progress. The reworks take a good three hours.

If I hurry, I’ll be able to finish the tasks around the house and spend a little time with my street team – without them I’d be lost. They are my support system on so many levels. I do a little happy-dance with each item I cross off my list and after about five check marks I also cross off exercise, I mean a little dancing does wonders for the body and soul- just look at the people on Dancing with the Stars-it works for them, maybe someday it’ll work for me. Heck if I become a famous author someday I'd love to become a guest on the show. I put that dream into my mental goal list and move on to the duties at hand.

I continue to chug down coffee by the gallons to keep my energy levels up. I glance at the clock and the blaring red digits alert me to the fact that my husband will be home soon. I decide to sit down and do a little writing. Only inspiration doesn’t come on my time frame, it often strikes at the most inopportune times.

After writing and re-writing the same two paragraphs I decide it’s time to take a break. By this time my husband comes home and I greet him with a goofy grin of my own and kiss. He is my life and one of the reasons why I work so hard to write my novels is so we can have a little more time together. Life is short. I start dinner and listen to him tell me about his day.

We spend a few more hours together and then he is off to bed and I’m off to my laptop. I know inspiration will strike again as I sit and stare at the blank white page and blinking cursor. Instead of waiting, I decide to do a little research and hope it sparks the creative muse in my soul. It’s not easy living a day in the life of a writer but the rewards are well worth it. 

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Why do I write paranormal?

I get asked that question ALL the time. Seriously. So many people ask me if I'd ever consider writing something real, a story with real characters and I simply shake my head and smile. No, I have not had any desire to write true stories or contemporary fiction that could be real people because I enjoy the fantastical world building too much, that doesn't mean I wouldn't try it if an idea came to mind but so far the multiple book series that I have in the works have been keeping my fingers busy on the keyboard and my imagination overly active.

I do, however, add a kernel of realism to all my books, worlds, and characters. My brand is about multi-genre paranormal stories but if I were to put a second classification to that I would add Urban Fantasy. The magical world my characters live in is usually a hidden layer, a sub section of real society. The characters could literally be your neighbors living a secret life, hidden from humans for the safety of both the supernatural and human society.

The Winters Saga is based in Phoenix, Arizona. And while all places are fictional the background of the story makes your feel like you're there. The Mystery Springs series is based in a fictitious town in Colorado called Mystery Springs. The town is built as a normal small town would be around a secret hot springs (which Colorado is famous for - hot springs that is, not secret). My third series which is in the creation stage right now is located in upstate New York.

The characters I write are humans with extraordinary abilities, supernaturals trying to be human. At least that's the focus I have in mind when I create and write a character's story. Sure, there are vampires but they have human sides that make you love or hate them. There are Faeries, Dijinn, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Leprechauns, Elves, Ghosts... you get the picture. I try to humanize the characters as much as possible to leave you with the feeling of, what if? when you finish a novel. The powers, magic, extraordinary situations, battles, etc are all added bonuses to the stories. 

So when a person asks why write paranormal, that about sums it up. I write paranormal because I can create realistic characters and situations and throw in any kind of extra intense scene I like under the heading of paranormal. The end result? You get fast page turners that keep you wanting more. Heck, I want more and I'm writing the stories.

Interview with a Vampire Prince

For me, my characters like to stick around and pop up in future books as supporting cast. I generally take the characters that feel they need to share more of their stories and put them in an interview to share with my readers. So here is another interview, this one is with Giovanni Mancuso the vampire prince of Mystery Springs from his book The Witch's Vampire which is available on Amazon now.

This interview took place in his office instead of mine. I guess he needed to feel like he had the upper hand and when I walked into his elegantly decorated home and rich, lavish office slash library I found myself a little out of my league. He sat behind his cherry wood desk scribbling away on some documents.

Hector, who had shown me in, cleared his throat to gain Giovanni's attention. Being a vampire I'm sure he already knew we were in the room. He held his hand up in an effort to silence Hector from speaking as he read a little more of the document and slashed a red pen mark across a paragraph. When he was done he looked up and flashed that sexy, endearing smile that has made him a wonderful book boyfriend to plenty of fans, I even felt my breath stolen for a moment as I lost myself in his strong grey eyes.

"Hello, Jami." He stood and crossed the room with insane speed and took my hand in his, kissing the back with the softest of touch. "Please, let's sit." I felt his other hand settle on the small of my back and gently lead me to the rich leather sofa where we both sat down. "Hector would you mind bringing us some tea?"

Hector nodded and headed toward the door. "If you have coffee, Hector, that would be great." I offered a weak smile. I needed to gain some power in the room. From the moment I walked into Giovanni's home I felt a small level of intimidation and being in the same room as the powerful vampire was even more of a challenge. I really didn't know how Sophie managed him but I guess that's why true mates were so special, they were perfectly matched.

Giovanni grinned wickedly, "I'm sorry, I should've asked."

"No worries." I pulled out my notebook and pen. "I want to thank you for making time to meet me. I know you're busy but your fans will really appreciate this interview."

"Yes, you've created quite a mess for us here in Mystery Springs. Brick is not handling Bella's murder very well, he's convinced the vampires had something to do with the brutal event and according to Marissa, he's going a little paranoid which has put her in danger as well." He sat back and crossed his leg over his knee, managing to look even more masculine than before as he spread his arms across the side and back of the couch.

"My readers enjoy reading how you all work together to overcome insurmountable obstacles. If I didn't create those problems you wouldn't have people excited to read your books." I didn't know why I felt I needed to defend myself to him, he was just an overwhelming force and I needed to remind him why they face dangerous challenges. "But I try and offset those terrible problems with great rewards. I mean, who has death on their side so much that he went to the underworld and pulled your true mate out of the afterlife to give you another chance to be together?"

He nodded, "which is why I like you. Sophie was an amazing gift, one I plan to treasure for an eternity."

I felt my heart bloom with happiness, those two deserve a little happiness and if they find those moments in each other's arms then more power to them. "How does Gregor feel about your commitment?"

"My father, has given his blessing which is more then I ever thought possible. Truthfully, I had believed I'd have to give up my title to be with her, but that worked out nicely. Sophie is convinced, however, that he is plotting something..." He turned his head toward me and examined me closely, "you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"This isn't an interview about me, it's about you." I avoided his question. Gregor wasn't done with making his son and daughter-in-law pay for their insolence but that was another story and Giovanni had more pressing matters to deal with.

Just then, Hector entered with a tray of coffee and finger sandwiches. There was a wine glass with red liquid in it, and I had to assume it was blood because he handed the glass to Giovanni directly. It was a glaring reminder I was in the room with a deadly vampire. I swallowed hard and thanked Hector right after Giovanni did the same.

I went to grab a cup for coffee but Giovanni reached it first and poured the dark liquid into the cup. "Cream or sugar?"

"Yes please." I sat back and allowed him to mix the caffeinated drink. It was another reminder that he needed to be in control of all things. "So have you heard from Thanatos or the other Gods lately?" I decided to take control again.

His large hand dwarfed the miniature spoon as he stirred her coffee and handed the cup and saucer to her. "No, T has returned to his duties and the enemy Gods have gone into hiding. Although, Death did warn us the battle was not over, so the council is working on a treaty with some mer-folk to help guard the springs and gateway."

"Ah, now that is an interesting idea." I smiled.

"Yes, and Starr is a very pleasant negotiator. In fact I was working on the treaty when you came into the room."

"A man of many talents." I took a sip of the hot liquid. "Have you heard from Mariah?"

His eyes grew stormy as he leaned forward. "That witch attempted to kill my Sophie. If she is smart she'll stay lost." he snarled and the tension in the room grew thick for a moment.

I didn't feel it was a good time to point out that she didn't try to kill her, she was only trying to help her see that a relationship between a witch and a vampire was a dangerous thing.

"Will there be a wedding soon for you and Sophie?"

A smile spread across his face, the smile chased the storm clouds in his eyes away. "Yes, a commitment ceremony. We plan to make the true mate bond official. In fact, that is why Sophie couldn't meet with you already. She's in the midst of planning the ceremony."

"Have you been involved in the planning?"

"Of course, there are specific rituals that will need to be done to make it official in the eyes of Hades and Persephone so I've made sure those are included. But this day is more for Sophie so I've let her make most of the decisions."

I liked this side of the vampire prince. He was almost human, was almost human until he placed the wine glass of blood to his lips and took a long drink.

"Sir, I'm sorry for interrupting but Marissa is here with Brick." Hector burst into the room almost giving me a heart attack from fright.


"Well, there is something wrong with him..." Hector's eyes ping ponged back and forth between Giovanni and me.

Giovanni nodded, "Jami, I'm afraid I'll have to cut this meeting short. It appears your obstacles are getting in the way of completing this one." He stood and headed toward the door. "Hector will show you out."

And with that he was gone. I had so many more questions to ask and he simply walked out, I guess I'll have to set up another appointment.

The Witch's Vampire is book one in the Mystery Springs Series. Each book in this series is a stand alone romance with a supernatural battle between good and evil, paranormal and gods running through the background of the stories in continuation.

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Check out Viktor's proposal to Savannah from Vampire Princess Rising

In this excerpt Viktor decides he needs to publicly propose to his new fiancee, Savannah. Check out the scene below from Vampire Princess Rising.

Martina pushed Savannah through the door of another store. They’d already gotten scarves of all different colors, jewelry, mostly silver of course, some new designer jeans, slacks and skirts, and well-crafted blouses. Savannah was beginning to feel like a mannequin as clothes were draped on her body and colors were checked. Viktor and Celestia were sparing no expense to make sure their investment was well dressed and looked the part. Martina flew through the dress store, pulling items of different colors and designs off the racks as Viktor smiled shyly at Savannah. It was the first time he was not otherwise occupied with his phone and they were alone.

“You’re very pretty.” He smiled warmly.

“Really? Because after this whole experience I was beginning to think I wasn’t good enough to be a princess,” she snapped coldly.

“Vampires are big on ritual and expectations. You’re perfect in my book. However, as a royal you’re expected to be beyond perfect. Higher standards are placed upon you.” He turned those unique violet eyes on her, eyes that reminded her of her father. “Your life depends on acting the part, especially now that we’re officially engaged.”

Savannah folded her arms at her chest. “I don’t consider us engaged, officially.”

“Really? Why is that?”

This man was clueless. She exhaled a frustrated breath out and watched as her bangs played in the uncommon breeze. “An engagement, in my book, consists of a man getting down on one knee and asking. This…” she waved her hand in impatience “…is all formality and protection. Where is the romance, the tingles, the earth shattering kisses, the mind boggling make out sessions…?”

Savannah was so wrapped up in her wish list that she didn’t even notice Viktor had gotten down on one knee until Martina dropped the items in her hands and screamed.

“What are you doing? Get up!” Savannah looked around at everyone staring at them. Vampires were not allowed to draw attention to themselves in public settings.

“It may not be the perfect romance…but you will teach me what I need to do.” He pulled out a ring box from the breast pocket of his elegant sports jacket and held it out. “Savannah Ariel Matthews Winters you intrigue me immensely and I cannot wait to spend forever getting to know you better. Would you do me the honor of becoming my bride?”

Her heart fluttered. It wasn’t the speech she imagined, but it wasn’t bad. She looked around, camera phones were rolling. Oh hell! She tried to hide the eye roll. They were on
stage now. Appearances were of the utmost importance. “Yes.” She had no choice but to say it.

“What was that?” he asked with a grin on his face. He heard her, he was a vampire.

“Yes, I will marry you,” she said louder so everyone could hear.

The grin that broke out across his face was brilliant. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her up into an embrace, and spun them around. “That was the first and only time I will ever do that,” he whispered against her ear. “Now we are officially engaged.” The smile didn’t leave his face when he put her down.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss” was the chant that broke out from the crowd that had gathered to witness her fake proposal.

He turned those eyes back onto hers. “I’m going to kiss you now.” It wasn’t a request, it was a statement. He moved closer, placing his hands on her slender hips tentatively. Then with a jerk he pulled her against him, weaving a spell around her senses. He moved his lips close to hers, so close but not touching. One hand moved up her spine to her neck. Tingles shot a trail up and a blush crept onto her cheeks as his body gave away his desire to claim her. “May I kiss you now?” His fingers tangled into the hair at the nape of her neck and lifted her lips toward his, still not touching.

She was so wrapped up in the spell he was weaving that she almost missed his question.
“Savannah, I won’t kiss you until you give me permission.”

He had somehow managed to turn a business arrangement into something more in a matter of minutes. His lips brushed so close to her skin she felt herself light up without a touch. His other hand raised up and gently tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear, then caressed her cheek. “May I?”

“Yes.” Her word came out breathlessly, but he heard her. The smirk that spread across his lips was unsettling but she gave little thought to it when his lips touched hers. Gentle at first and then he deepened the kiss and possessed her mouth with his. She was vaguely aware of the cheers in the background as he continued to assault her senses with a mixture of tenderness and possessiveness. As far as earth shattering kisses goes, he got a gold star. copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

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Hunter mishandles the fire element with dangerous consequences in Vampire Princess Rising

When Hunter unlocks his magic he learns he has the power over fire. There are some interesting and comical scenes in Vampire Princess Rising where he is learning to use his powers. See what happens when he accidentally launches a fireball toward Rebecca in this excerpt below.

“There you are.” Jackson met her on the way back from her run. He must have decided to get in some morning exercise too.

Rebecca stopped and felt the race of her pulse as she started to cool off. “Hey, are you going out or in?”

“Just finishing.” He grinned and looked down at the ground uncomfortably. “Becks, I’m sorry about—”

Rebecca shook her head and wiped the perspiration from her forehead as she tried to steady her breath. “No need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. It’s your dad that needs to apologize to you.” She grinned as she felt her body continue the cool down process. Every cell, nerve, and fiber of her body was electrified, pulsating with energy from the adrenaline that pumped in her veins. There was nothing like the natural high a person got after running, any exercise for that matter. When she ran she felt exhilarated, pain didn’t exist. But when she stopped her body let her know just how much it appreciated and didn’t appreciate how hard she pushed it.

His grin showed his gratitude. “Ready to head back?”

“Sure.” Rebecca jogged back to the main house with Jackson. They shared stories from their childhood. He wished her a happy birthday and hoped Savannah would make the party. The conversation was light and easy, the way it used to be before all the supernatural drama entered her life.

When they reached the front door she stopped him for a moment. She didn’t want to change the subject back to their crazy reality, but she had to. “Georgie is still here. Will you take her under your wing and help her feel safe and comfortable here?”

Jackson nodded. “Of course, you didn’t even have to ask.”

Rebecca looked seriously at him for a moment. “I’d be lying if I didn’t admit she scared me a little. Could you imagine what someone like her, with power over animals, could do in the wrong hands?”

Jackson tilted his head as he chewed over her words. “I never thought of it that way, but you’re right. She’s someone we need as an ally not an enemy.”
Rebecca felt better knowing that he understood the importance of what she was asking him. “Thank you.” She kissed his cheek. “So I’ll see you tonight at Grandma’s house?”

“A pack of wild wolves couldn’t keep me away.” He laughed at his pun. Rebecca rolled her eyes and opened the door to the house. She needed to freshen up, grab her keys and head over to Lucky’s house.

The warmth hit her skin first, blowing her hair back. She didn’t think, she just reacted as she raised her hand and squeezed the oxygen out of the room. The fire ball that was heading her direction disappeared inches before her face as everyone in the room, including her brother Hunter collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.

Jackson was behind her, unaffected by the spell she unwittingly cast. She started gasping for air as her knees gave out.

“Release your hand, Rebecca.” Jackson urged her. She barely heard his voice but was thankful when it reached her oxygen deprived brain. It made sense, she released her clenched hand and a rush of air entered the room, revitalizing everyone in the process.

“Shoot, Becks!” Hunter coughed. “I’m so sorry. I lost control of it.” He ran to help Natalia up, who was only a few feet away from him. Copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get into the series now before book three is released in a couple of months. Lone Wolf Rising book one and Vampire Princess Rising book two.

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Sundae and Hunter in a childhood dream from Vampire Princess Rising

Sundae Monroe was a supporting character written into Lone Wolf Rising to help move the story along but after book one and two she has maneuvered her character into a more center stage role. So much so, that she will have her own story written into a companion novel of this series. The title of her novella is Sundae's Loss. Check out some of her awesome powers and great personality in this excerpt from Vampire Princess Rising.

“Hello, Hunter.” Sundae’s voice was soft and inviting in Hunter’s mind. He turned around the room, looking for the source. He wanted to thank her for all her help lately but hadn’t been able to find her.

“You called?” she asked as she appeared in front of him out of thin air.

“I did?” He shook his head. “No, I don’t have your number.”

“But you were thinking of me while dreaming and here I am.” She answered the confusion on his face.

“Aww, so we’re dreaming again. You seem pretty comfortable here.” He chuckled softly.

“Yes, far more comfortable than I do in the real world. In a way, I think this realm is my real world.” She looked around at the landscape. It was dark, cold, and barren. “I think you can create a far better place for us to meet, don’t you?”

Hunter shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. Sundae used to creep him out, now she simply intimidated him. “I don’t know how.”

“Sure you do. Simply think of a place and it’ll build up around us.” She raised her hands and spun around in a circle.

“Why don’t you do it?”

“Because this is your dream, friend.” She tilted her head at him after she finished spinning, and waited patiently for him to do something, anything.

He sighed heavily and closed his eyes.

“Open your eyes,” she spoke softly into his ear. He felt the warmth of her breath on his neck and shivered as he opened his eyes. “Good, now think of some place you’d like me to see.”

His mind traveled back in time. To a time lost from tragedy. He was in his old family home. His mother and father were alive and happy—together. They were all seated at the dining room table—Savvy, Rebecca, mom, dad, and him. They were younger, but most importantly his mother was alive.

He and Sundae watched the family dinner night play out in front of them like flies on the wall. Sundae placed a gentle hand on his arm.

Hunter was only six. He’d played in his first little league baseball game and was excited about the two runs he made. His father was beaming at him with pride, his mother with
love, and his sisters were poking fun, but smiling happily at his accomplishments. It was real. They were real. He was whole again.

“You had a beautiful family,” Sundae spoke softly.

“Key word is ‘had.’ Now my family is torn apart by circumstances beyond my control.” He fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

“I know it’s sad, Hunter. But at least you had happiness at one time. At least you can have happiness again. All is not lost.” She squeezed his arm. “There are others who had far worse childhoods.”

“Like you?” Hunter wanted to change the subject. He needed to find a new focus. He needed to forget about the illusion that was his family once and focus on the present.

“This isn’t about me, it’s your dream.”

“But I want to know about your family.” He realized he really did. Why? He had no clue. But from what he gathered things were bad for her.

“My past is of no consequence.”

“Your past makes you who you are. I want to know, to understand who you are, Sundae.”
Sundae shook her head. “Your past only influences who you are. Your destiny is your own, made up of the choices you make.”


Sundae shook her head again, snapped her fingers and a new scene built up around them. Hunter watched as she was transported into her family home. “You’ll be sorry,” she warned.

Sundae was younger, maybe about six or seven. Her white hair was long and flowing. She didn’t have the black streaks she had now. Her sky blue eyes were hopeful as her white haired mother and dark haired father tucked her into bed.

The younger Sundae was excited. Happy. Hunter had never seen a child so excited about sleep before.

“You have done a wonderful job of manipulating the dream landscape, Sundae. We are very proud of you.” Her father smiled warmly.

“Tonight your father and I want you to do something different when you visit Maxwell in his dreams,” her mother spoke softly.

Sundae grinned. “Okay, what?”

“Kill him.” Her mother smiled coldly.

“Kill him?” The younger Sundae swallowed hard. “No, I can’t kill anyone! You said if someone dies in dream land they die here in reality.”

“You can and you will,” her father spoke firmly.

Sundae shook her head over and over again. “No. No, no, no. I won’t do it.”

“You will or you’ll have an assassin assigned to kill you.”

Sundae stopped her head shaking and stared wide eyed at her parents. “You’d do that to me?”

Her father looked away and her mother nodded her head. “Yes.”

Sundae started crying, but no one held her or comforted her. She was alone. Her father left the room and her mother stared her down with a cold look.

“You know crying will do you no good. You have your orders and your consequences.” With that her mother left the room and little Sundae was surrounded in darkness with nothing but her sobs to comfort her.

Hunter knew Sundae was once a dream assassin, but that scene painted a completely different picture of her. She was as much of a victim of her parents’ expectations as he was of his parents’.

His belief in his father’s expectations forced him to use drugs last month. The same night his sister Savvy was being held captive by the evil vampire Celestia.

Hunter turned to Sundae and wrapped her teenage frame in his arms. “I’m so sorry, Sundae. No one should’ve been forced to do something like that at such a young age.”
Sundae stood ramrod straight, the shock of his hug obviously setting her aback. Eventually she melted into his embrace. Hunter couldn’t help but wonder if it was the first real hug she’d ever gotten.

“Your kindness is nice but unnecessary, Hunter. I was only showing you this because you asked. You know what a loving family looks like and you can bring everyone back into that fold.”

Hunter pulled out of the hug, reluctantly. He enjoyed being close to Sundae more than he expected. “My father killed my mother. It can never be the same.”

“I would think after seeing that scene you’d realize that circumstances push us to do things we don’t want to do. Maybe you should talk to him and find out what really happened…without Celestia around.”

Sundae had a point. But what kind of circumstance would make his father take their mother away from them? It was a question he decided he wanted an answer to. “Maybe you’re right.” He would find a way to talk to his father someday. But now he had more pressing things to do, like find a cure for the virus eating away at his sister’s humanity.

Sundae shrugged. “Maybe.” As an afterthought. “So why did you call me?”

Hunter chuckled. “To thank you. I guess I can thank you twice now.”

“That’s what friends do for each other, I’m told.”

Hunter nodded. “And you are, you know? A friend, that is.”

A genuine smile spread across her face and lit her eyes. “And I consider you one too...a friend, that is.”

Get started on the series with Lone Wolf Rising here. You can also start reading Vampire Princess Rising here.

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Sundae offers to help Hunter find a magical solution in his dreams in Vampire Princess Rising

Hunter is on a mission to unlock his magical genes and save his sisters from their terrible fates as a vampire and a werewolf. But unbinding his magic is harder than he ever imagined and he needs help from outside forces to give him a hand. Here is an excerpt between Hunter and Sundae from Vampire Princess Rising.

He went directly to the hidden drawer in the mahogany desk. Rebecca gave him a key and his nervous hands shook as he opened the drawer and pulled out the ancient book. The book always made him nervous when he was near. A surge of power went through his hands as he placed it on the desk.

He was getting used to the power surge after handling it so many times in the last month. Natalia said the current was because its power recognized his power. That was laughable. He had no power. It was like being a knight without a sword or an archer without a bow. It was unbelievably frustrating.

His fingers seemed to itch to open the pages and flip through the Grimoire. He was close to breaking the witch code on the book. Maybe tonight would be the night. According to Tomas’ journals this Grimoire was from one of the most powerful witch lines in existence—the Matthews family. According to his grandmother, despite the fact that they held their father’s name, Winters, they were also from the Matthews line on their mother’s side of the family. Natalia believed that was why the book recognized his power even though he had little access to his own personal gift.

He opened the book to the first page and focused on the strange words that stared back at him. Ever since Rebecca had given him the book he’d struggled over the text on the first page. Natalia told him most likely the key to decoding the book was somewhere on this page. It’d been two weeks and he’d tried everything from anagrams to the first letters or last letters of each word. In fact, he’d tried every letter combination available to him on the page and nothing worked. To say he was getting impatient was an understatement.

“How is the challenge coming along?” Sundae Monroe’s wispy voice echoed quietly in the room, effectively breaking his concentration.

He sighed heavily. Sundae was an example of why it was important to never judge a person by their appearance. She was a tiny girl, probably the smallest in her class. At one time Hunter thought she was doll like—she definitely looked as fragile as a porcelain doll. Her long moon colored hair with two black streaks framing her face only helped with the illusion. Her pale skin and sky blue eyes actually gave her a ghost-like appearance. But according to Rebecca and Natalia, Sundae was one of the worst types of supernatural beings. She did her damage in the dream world. She was a modern day, albeit pretty, ‘Freddy Krueger’ and not someone you wanted to upset. “Hello, Sundae.”

That was all the invitation Sundae needed to enter the office and approach him, tentatively, slowly.

“Any luck finding the key?” she asked quietly.

“No. I’m afraid I’m hopelessly deadlocked. The secrets in this book are protected well.” He pressed the palm of his hands into his eyes to help him focus.

“Maybe I can help?”

“How? Do you have witches blood?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“No. I’m one hundred percent a dream weaver, and that’s how I can help you.”

He shook his head confused. “Then I don’t understand. This book can only be unlocked by a witch.” He shut the book. A strange level of protection overtook him.

“But you aren’t exactly a witch either.” Her voice was eerily cold, using logic against him.

“Maybe not, but the book recognizes me.”

“I’m not your enemy, Hunter. Let me help you.”

“Again I ask, how?” Talking to Sundae was as frustrating as the book’s code.

“Simple, I help you in your dreams.”

Hunter laughed. “No way! I know about you, Sundae. I won’t allow you in my dreams.” Did she think he was mad? She’d killed people in the dream world, helped Gabriel brand his sister, and gods only knew what else she had done.

“You can’t keep me out. I’m only asking permission now because I promised Rebecca I won’t give her any more dreams without her allowing me to. You’re her brother, so I extend the same courtesy to you.”

“No thank you.” He stood up. Sundae scared him to the core and the way she was looking at him made him even more uneasy.

“You have no need to be frightened of me.” She smiled sweetly—even that smile made his skin crawl. He knew better than to let her know she had any power over him. It was a survival instinct that he’d learned to listen to long before he ever met Sundae or learned of his own ties to the supernatural.

“I’m not!” His words were rushed and his body language gave away his apprehension. Her satisfied smile proved she knew the truth.

“You are. Don’t worry, that is wise. People should fear me. I can do horrible things. I have done horrible things.” Her eyes stared past him, into some faraway place he couldn’t see. She returned her attention to him and shivered. “But I really can help you. You stem from the family line that created the book, correct?”

“I guess.”

“Okay, my thought is the answer is in your subconscious. Dreams are the tools of communication from the subconscious. I can help you unlock any secrets that might lie there.”

She was making sense, despite his rational fear. She may be onto something. But he didn’t completely trust her motives. “So why do you want to help me?”

“Because your sister told me once that I should try giving dreams to help people, and you need help. In a way, I’m indebted to her and so I’d like to help you.”

He chuckled. One thing he was learning about Sundae was that she was honest to a fault.

“So you won’t hurt me?”

“I promise. But I can give you a secret to help you in case you don’t trust me.”

“What’s that?”

“You can do anything in your dreams. All you have to do is think it, wish for it really hard, and you can manifest it into reality. If you feel threatened create a moon rock sword and run it through my heart. It will kill me and break our connection.”

Hunter swallowed hard. She just told him how to kill her. She just gave him her greatest weakness. He didn’t want to kill her. While this information was scary, it also said she was honestly trying to help him.

“That’s a secret we aren’t allowed to tell anyone. I trust you to keep my secret.”

All Hunter could do was nod. He would. “Okay, let’s do this. What should I do?”

“Lie down on the couch.” He did.

“But I’m not tired.”

“No worries.” She knelt beside him and placed one hand on his. An electrical current shot up his arm at her cold touch. Without another word she blew some shiny dust over his eyes and after one heartbeat he was falling asleep. Copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get the book here and read how the dream turns out.

Check out the interesting story between Viktor and Savannah in Vampire Princess Rising

Vampire Princess Rising is book two in the Winters Saga. It's the story of Savannah Winters life after she is turned into a vampire. Here is an excerpt from the book detailing the first time she meets her new fiance from a marriage arrangement organized by her evil sire, Celestia.

“Did you drop Danny off at home?” Celestia asked, looking behind her to see if Danny would be joining them.

“Yes, Mother, just as you asked.” Savannah was tired, worn down and didn’t want to deal with anything new she had for her.

“Good, I was getting tired of compelling his mother. She’s very protective of her son. I’m afraid she doesn’t like you very much.” Celestia smiled coldly. Savannah wondered if she ever saw Celestia’s smile reach her eyes. She doubted it.

“I could care less if his mother likes me or not. I don’t like him. Allowing him to follow me around like a puppy dog all day long is exhausting.”

Celestia shrugged. “He’s a built in bodyguard and blood donor. Get used to it.” Her eyes zeroed in on Savannah to make sure she got the point.

Savvy nodded weakly. Fighting with Celestia was a losing battle and one she was not up to at the moment.
“I’m going to go lay down for a while.”

“No. I want you to meet Martina Alvarez, your new image consultant.”

The pretty crazy-eyed Hispanic woman stepped forward and extended a hand to shake. Savannah smiled politely and nodded, choosing to fold her arms over her chest instead of shaking. Touching other supernaturals was intimate, far more intimate than touching humans. You never knew if the supernatural you were touching had a power that could read your inside thoughts.

‘Shake her hand, Savannah.’ Celestia used telepathy to give her the command.

“It’s nice to meet you, Martina.” Savannah responded without unfolding her arms. Her defiance clearly upset Celestia. It was a minor battle she won, one she was sure she would pay dearly for later.

Martina pulled her hand back and smiled. “I’m very pleased to meet you. And I brought a gift.” She gestured toward the handsome young male vampire with light brown hair and amused violet eyes. He bowed formally and Savannah covered her shocked response with her hand. She had never been bowed to and she was sure she did not like it. “This is Prince Viktor Angel Romanov.”

Savannah looked back and forth between Celestia and Martina, confusion clear on her face.

“Your fiancĂ©.” Celestia grinned with excitement.

“Sorry, I already have a pretend boyfriend, my dance card is full. And no offense, but I think he could take you in a fight,” Savannah lied to Viktor. It was obvious the pale man was very strong. Handsome too, if you liked light hair and porcelain skin.

“That’s enough!” Celestia’s anger switch flipped on. “The papers have been signed. You will marry this handsome young man.”

‘I will not!’ Savannah snapped back telepathically.

“Don’t fear, Savannah. The marriage is simply an arrangement between two vampire houses. Paperwork and treaties signed to ensure cooperation in future issues. I will allow you to have as many male friends as you like, as I won’t be giving up my mistresses,” Viktor spoke with a strange accent, one that could be intoxicating to anyone else who was not fuming.

“I don’t care what century you’re from but I happen to be from the twenty-first and we don’t do things that way anymore.” She was not some property to be sold to the highest bidder.

“I think you have the wrong impression.” Viktor looked horrified at Savannah’s reaction.

Good! You should be horrified.

‘Only because you’re reacting ridiculous. You don’t act like a princess,’ he answered her telepathically.
‘You have a lot to learn, Savannah. But I will teach you.’

Savannah jumped back. “How did you do that?”

“Do what?” He looked innocently.

Savannah looked at Celestia and Martina. Neither of them had any clue he was telepathic.

‘How did you talk to me in my mind? Only my sire can do that.’

‘It’s my gift. What’s yours?’

‘That’s personal, don’t you think?’ Savannah didn’t know what her gift was yet. According to Celestia every supernatural being had a special power which they would discover in their own time. Savannah hadn’t seen any hint of a power yet, but she was positive she wouldn’t tell him even if she did.

‘You will tell me in your own time.’ The smirk on his face assured her she would never tell mister-know-it-all what he wanted to know.

“Perhaps we are pushing her too soon. She just returned to school today.” Celestia tried to use logic to explain Savannah’s terrible behavior.

“I think she’s far stronger than you realize, Celestia. Martina and I would like to take her shopping for some new clothes. She’s a far cry from how a princess should look.”

“Excuse me?” Savannah asked, shocked and hurt.

“Yes. Yes, I agree. She needs a complete makeover which is why I hired Martina.”

Martina and Viktor ushered Savannah toward the door. Savannah tried to fight them, but they were both vampires and they were both much stronger than she was.

‘Be good, daughter.’ Celestia’s warning rang in her mind as she was dragged toward the portal to earth dimension. copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get the book here and find out how this story unfolds.

Check out the romantic tension between these two characters in Lone Wolf Rising

Lone Wolf Rising book one of the Winters Saga has really made a splash on social media since it's publication a few short months ago. Today the book reached 60 reviews on Amazon with a 4.70 average. Want another taste of this awesome book? Here's an excerpt for Lone Wolf Rising. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

He maneuvered her back against the wall and moved in close. "You need to be more careful if you plan to protect your family," he whispered.

Her human half knew he was right. It was also one of those rare moments her wolf agreed.

"It’s not like I ran home to show her,” she said. “She saw me limping and grabbed my arm. She pulled up my sleeve and reacted. Besides, they should have been healed by then. This cut," she held up her bandaged hand, "is already gone."

"Like I told you, your healing focuses on the most life threatening wounds first. Bruises are always the last to heal." His answer made logical sense. He started to move away from her and she grabbed his waist, pulling him back into their little corner. She wasn’t done talking to him. “They lasted for hours. How was I to know?”

“You need to be more careful.”

He was beginning to sound like a broken record. In fact, everyone seemed to have that same advice. How was she supposed to be more careful when she didn’t understand anything? No one seemed to grasp this was new to her and she needed time to understand everything. No one seemed to see that she was scared and was constantly being backed into a corner, being forced to react, and left to wonder if she made the right decision. She closed her eyes against the common phrase she has heard so much lately and decided to change the subject.

"Are we going to talk about the kiss from last night?" Or the fact that you punched Gabriel when he kissed me a few minutes ago? She kept that last thought to herself but didn't release her grip on his waist. It made her feel powerful as his golden amber eyes took on a darker hue. The urge to run her fingers over his six pack abs and chest was overwhelming. If they weren't in the school she would have. It would completely go against her decision to stay away from Lucky and Gabriel in the romantic sense, and then there was still the small matter that they were only using dating as a cover. But none of that matter when she was this close to him.

He moved in closer, his lips inches from her ear. His warm breath invaded her senses and sent electricity through her body. It took every ounce of will power to remain still. The silence stretched on painfully.


And with that he took a step back and grabbed her hand. "What took you so long in the restroom?" It appeared the conversation about the kiss or the passionate moments they share was over, just like that.
Annoyance and frustration raked her body. She refused to let him see her hurt ego or let him know he was rattling her.

‘He isn’t meant for you anyway,’ the alpha whispered in her mind.

‘That isn’t your decision.’ Rebecca shook her head to clear it, but keeping things professional between them would definitely help the situation.

She went along with his change of subject, for now. "I ran into Sundae. She seemed to be interested in the fact that I’m a werewolf."

"Oh?" Interest entered his face and eyes.

"Yes, she asked if I was happy." Rebecca shrugged.

"Hmm, that’s interesting. I wonder why?”

"I don’t know. Truthfully, I think she saw me looking at her in the quad. She seemed to want to intimidate me more than actually carry on a conversation. I got the distinct feeling she wanted me to understand she’s more dangerous than she looks. She even called me a little wolf." Rebecca almost laughed at the thought. "Which is funny considering she is much smaller and obviously weaker than me.”
He stopped and set his intent amber eyes on her. "Be careful of the dream weaver, Rebecca. She’s far more dangerous than she looks."

“I got that. My wolf warned me. Sundae did a pretty good job of creeping me out, too.” She shivered.
“I’m serious, Rebecca.”

She wanted to laugh, but something in his look gave her pause. She didn’t want Lucky to see that Sundae worried her. She was tired of feeling scared and having to hide it to the world. "What? Okay, so they can give me nightmares. So I’ll have some sleepless nights, no biggie."

"The myth that if you die in your sleep you die in reality is very true. They are far better assassins than allies." Lucky spoke slowly to make sure the words hit home. The fact that someone as strong and trained to battle enemies could get unnerved by a small chick didn’t help matters. It only made her feel more worried.
A shiver ran down her spine. Assassins, the word hit a chord deep inside. Lucky hinted at it before Rebecca confronted Sundae about it in the bathroom, but hearing him talk about this with such a grave expression on his face made it more real. The idea was creepy but made logical sense in a weird, supernatural way.

Rebecca shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind. The random thoughts of concern seemed to pile on top of each other. Before she chose to be a werewolf the biggest problem she had was finding ways to avoid depression every night. Now she had enemies she never knew existed, a fake boyfriend who was pretending not to be a bodyguard, a family that hid the fact that they were powerful witches, a group of rogue wolves who wanted to rejoin the pack, a pack that she was now Alpha of, and not to mention she also had someone spying on her from afar. The last thing she needed to worry about was a sleep assassin. "I’ll be careful." She promised.

The mood had suddenly taken a solemn tone and she decided she needed to lighten it with a fun change of subject. "So why did you punch Gabriel?"

"Why did he kiss you?" The intensity in the look he gave her made her wonder if he thought she’d invited the kiss.

"I had nothing to do with his decision to kiss me." She put up three fingers and said, "Scouts honor." The memory of the intense feelings his kiss ignited inside her began bubbling up inside her and she had a sneaking suspicion her wolf had something to do with the sudden flooding of feelings.

‘Traitor!’ Rebecca snapped in her mind. The wolf simply laughed playfully.

"But you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

“No!” She answered quickly, which got her raised eyebrows from Lucky.

‘Yes.’ The wolf smiled in her mind.

And there was the question Rebecca was dreading. She planned to make fun over the punch not get on the topic of Gabriel’s kiss.

She shook her head. "It wasn't me that enjoyed it." She didn't know how to explain this to him, but she knew she needed to try.

"Come on, Becca. I heard you." Betrayal played in his eyes as he continued his path towards class.

"It’s my wolf. She’s attracted to him. Not me." Rebecca took his arm and spun him towards her. "I know we’re using this 'fake' relationship as a cover. I’m not stupid! But I can't change my attraction and desire for you. And ever since that kiss last night all I can think about is doing this." She reached up and pulled his head to hers, crushing her lips to his, desperate to show him her need. His lips were like stone for a moment, but he lost all resolve when her hands sank into his silky hair at the nape of his neck.

He deepened the kiss with a growl of frustration as his hand wound around her waist and pulled her against him. She was thankful the halls were empty in that moment, but if they weren't everything would have simply faded away. In that moment it was only them, the rest of the world stood still. Their size difference made it hard to get closer, so he lifted her up slightly and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed her against the wall. When his tongue slipped into her mouth she felt the moan escape and his groan in response only pulled her further into the kiss.

He pulled back and shook his head. "This can't keep happening."

His voice was raspy and breathless and hit her like a pail of water putting out the flames of desire burning in her body. He set her down and took three steps backward, putting a hand up when she took a step forward.

The gesture made her freeze.

"Why?" It was a single word question that held so much meaning.

"It’s not allowed. I’m a Nephilim and you’re a wolf, an alpha of all things. The Authority frowns on mixed relationships, and I’m technically engaged."

Rebecca took a deep breath as she digested his words. "Okay, we could battle the Authority. My parents did it, didn't they? But engaged?" She shook her head in confusion. "Who? How? Why? You never said anything." Her head was spinning with this new information. Now, in a strange way, she understood why he kept pushing her away.

"I’m promised to someone, have been since birth. If we both live to be twenty-seven it’s expected that we marry and have kids." He tried to explain, but had a helpless look on his face. "Besides, you’re an alpha. You’ll be expected to marry a wolf in the pack and that wolf has already made his first play for you." Copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get the book at Amazon here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Interview with the Vampire Princess

Ever wonder what happens with the characters of your favorite books when the story ends? Here's a sneak peak into the mind of the newly changed Savannah Winters. 

It was difficult getting time to sit down with Savannah for this interview. Her social schedule has multiplied exponentially since her re-birth and mine got rather busy with the writing of book three. But for those of you who have waited patiently for a deeper peek into Savannah's psyche here goes.

Savannah breezed into the interview room dressed to the nines. Her crystal blue dress reflected her sapphire eyes nicely and accented her curvy figure well. Her blonde hair was swept up into an elegant french twist and her makeup and nails were impeccable. She sat down in the chair across the desk from me and plastered on a dazzling smile, one that never met the eyes. Behind the perfect facade was danger.

"Jami." Her voice sickly sweet it almost gave me a tooth ache.

I suddenly felt very uneasy about this entire meeting and wished I'd invited someone else into the room with me. I suppose it was easy to remember the happy-go-lucky Savvy who graced the pages of Lone Wolf Rising rather than face the reality that Savvy no longer existed and in her place was Savannah, the vampire princess sired by none other than Celestia the new queen of the night.

I pushed through the nerves and forced a tight smile to my face. "Savannah, you're looking fabulous, as always."

"How else should a princess look? We have the responsibility to be leaders among our people and I intend to be the best I can in that arena."

"Yes, of course. You have always striven to be the best, even as a human. What do you think drives that motivation?" 

Savannah's smile lessened. "My mother and father. They were great role models before they died."

"And now that your father has returned from the dead?"

"He's not the role model I remembered but he's trying. I know Becca isn't excited about accepting him back in our lives and Hunter's a little on the fence, especially since we found out we have two more sisters, but I still love him, deep, deep down, and I'm trying to allow him back into my life."

"And are you upset that he remained hidden from you for all these years?"

"He did it to protect us. That's what no one understands." Savannah snarled angrily. 

I breathed in deeply and reminded myself that I created her so she wouldn't think about hurting me. Celestia created her and she wants to maim her, the devil’s advocate in my mind reminded me. I shook my head to clear the irritating voice and proceeded, “I love how protective you all are of each other. It’s something your fans have pointed out in countless reviews. No matter how terrible things get the family always comes first.”

“Not always, but mother taught us that when the dust settles all we have are each other. It’s a gentle reminder even now that even at our lowest we will always have each other. No matter what you throw at us.” She narrowed her eyes at me.

I placed my hands in the air as a show of resignation and Savannah eased back into her seat. “Tell me, Jami, how much more do you plan to throw at us before you understand you can’t break us?”

“Some might argue the obstacles you’ve faced have brought you closer together.” I pointed out. I couldn’t tell her there were plenty more surprises down the road for all five of them. It would break her heart.

“Well, I didn’t kill Rebecca when I could’ve hurt her badly with Georgie so I guess that would support your statement a little bit and she isn’t teetering on the brink of depression anymore so that is good as well. But Hunter is now in a little danger since he’s decided his powers will protect him. He’s going to need to remember that we need each other, that is if we can save him.”

“His decision to go to the alternate universe was to help you both. Doesn’t that win him some points?”

“We don’t want help. We are what we are now. We can’t go back. He needs to remember that since our parents died we were always there for each other and we took care of each other together. United we stand, divided we fall.”

“And what about Mystery and Miracle?”

Savannah shrugged. “I can take them or leave them. It does however, upset me that father spent the last ten years with them and left us in the cold.”

“He left you with Catherine.” I reminded her.

“Grandmother did okay raising us. She was the only person there for us after all the tragedy and for that I’ll be forever grateful.” Savannah leaned forward, “but you know I meant something entirely different. Having your parents there when you’re growing up is something that is irreplaceable.”

There was the spark of danger in her eyes again so I decided to change the subject. “So what do you think of your witch power?”

“Psychometry? It’s annoying. I don’t enjoy seeing past imprints from touching things. Why couldn’t you have given me something cool like zapping people with fireballs?”

“Vampires and fire don’t mix, not to mention, water and fire don’t mix well either.” I pointed out politely. “I have a feeling your power is going to come in handy very soon.”

“Whatever.” She stood up, it was becoming painfully obvious she wanted to leave.

“Savannah, we still have a few more minutes.” I reminded her gently.

“Maybe we do,” she leaned forward, palms flat on the desk, until her nose was inches from mine. “But do you?”

I leaned back to put some space in between us. Being face to face with a vampire was not a comfortable situation. “I suppose I have enough for my interview.”

“Good.” She started heading toward the door.

“It’s going to get better someday.” I told her as she reached for the door.

She tossed her head over her shoulder and smiled wickedly. “I hope so because I’d hate to live eternity with these angry feelings.” And with that she left.

I let out a breath and fell back into my chair. Well, now that I made that promise I better start writing Savannah a happy ending to her love life.

Like Savannah’s character? Check out the Winters Saga on Amazon. Book one, Lone Wolf Rising and book two Vampire Princess Rising are already out. Book three, Fire Master Rising is in production now and should be released in a couple of months.

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The Winters Saga Thunder Clap campaign

We did it! We got over 100 supporters for the Winters Saga Thunderclap campaign. Let's keep going. If you haven't signed up yet to support the Winters Saga please do so now. Here's the link  Rebecca, Savannah, and Hunter as well as the other fun loving characters in the book thank you :-)

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Excerpt from Lone Wolf Rising

The Winters Saga is a paranormal fantasy that centers around three siblings and their entry into the dangerous world of the supernatural. Book one, Lone Wolf Rising is Rebecca's story of vengeance which leads her to risk her life to become a werewolf. She survives the bite but her family doesn't... here is a short teaser from Lone Wolf Rising. Please check it out and feel free to leave a comment below.

“What are you doing here, Gabriel?” Rebecca crossed her arms over her chest.

“I see you two do know each other. He was—“ Savannah started talking, only to be interrupted again, this time by Gabriel.

“I was looking for you when I got the lovely pleasure of meeting your sister and brother,” Gabriel stated simply. “She offered to help me find you.”

"I told you that I would contact you. So, I ask again, what’re you doing here?" Rebecca didn’t like him around her family, not until she trusted him. There was obviously a reason why he was a rogue wolf and not a member of the pack. A reason she hadn’t discovered up to this point and until she did there was no reason to trust him.

"I didn’t know that my presence would be unwelcome." He glanced over at Lucky. "Perhaps that’s because you don't want the others to know you have a guard dog."

"Guard dog?" Savannah's forehead creased in confusion.

"Lucky is my boyfriend," Rebecca said the words too fast.

Gabriel chuckled. "Really? How convenient."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Lucky took a step forward, but Rebecca motioned for him to stay beside her. She needed to show strength.

"I’m sorry, just the fact that you met a few days ago and today you’re dating." He flicked something off his dark green T-shirt which accented his emerald green eyes perfectly. "Seems a little suspect, don't you think?"

"A few days ago?" Savannah continued to get confused and this time the expression she sent Rebecca was one of hurt. She felt she was lied too, Rebecca could see it written all over her face. Rebecca could tell Savvy wanted to ask more, but Gabriel continued on with his deductive reasoning and Becca’s heart thumped a little faster at the danger zone they were quickly entering.

"That morsel of information coupled with the fact that I have known Lucky for most of my life, and he has never settled down or made any kind of commitment to another woman, even his mother, makes me question the validity of your relationship." Gabriel somehow maneuvered himself between Savvy and Rebecca as he tilted his head in a look that made Becca think he was judging her.

The heat that rose between them was instant and made her forget everyone else. Something about Gabriel intrigued Rebecca like no other, not even Lucky. Her wolf wanted to control him, her heart wanted to know him, and her mind wanted to trust him. But none of that would happen anytime soon. There was too much happening, too many things that needed to be worked out before other matters could be addressed. He was going to have to take a back seat on this ride for a while until she figured things out.

"What can I say, I’m a changed man." Lucky stepped in the tight space between Gabriel and Rebecca. He pulled her close and before she knew what was happening his lips crushed hers. Rebecca’s senses pressed the overload switch in her mind as sensations shot through her body at super speed. One thing was for certain, Lucky knew how to kiss. It was earth shattering. Rebecca was compelled to reciprocate as her hands wrapped around his neck and her body pressed against his.

The kiss was abruptly ended when Gabriel spun Rebecca around. Her body slammed against his rock hard chest. Without a word he crushed his lips on hers and adrenaline shot through her once more, only this was different, her wolf was increasing the intensity. It was like a roller coaster ride of emotions as her body reacted to his kiss.

Her wolf assumed the control. All sense escaped her mind when his tongue rolled over her lips and she mentally cringed as a sigh escaped her lips when he pushed through the barrier those they made with ease. The kiss was almost violent as he alternated between licks and tiny nips on her lips. One even broke the skin. When that happened it was all over.

As quickly as the kiss started it ended. He pushed Rebecca back and stared at her as though she’d bit him. But it was he that bit her. She pressed her finger to her lightly bruised lip which was healing fast leaving only a few drops of blood on swollen lips. She could taste the coppery liquid on her tongue. There was no passion in the look Gabriel gave her, only discomfort and shock. The look knocked her ego down as she quickly rubbed her lips to remove all traces of him from her. His reaction intrigued the wolf and she realized the wolf was enjoying the chase, always the predator. Damn her!

"As you can see, a kiss can be faked." His tone was sharp and pointed like a serrated knife blade sawing into her confidence. His razor sharp tongue had knocked her down a few notches just as Lucky's fist abruptly knocked Gabriel down on his rear.

"Don't you ever touch my girl again!" The fierce protection that sang from his eyes and tense body reminded Rebecca of a coiled snake ready to strike again if the threat remained.

Gabriel spit blood from the cut on his lips. "I was simply trying to prove a point." His green eyes found her again. "You need us, Rebecca. Whether you like it or not, you do. I could’ve done much more than kiss you in those few moments." He glanced over at Savannah and Hunter. They were both watching in shock at the scene playing out in front of them. "If that doesn’t convince you, think of your family."

Lone Wolf Rising copyright@2014 by Jami Brumfield

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Interview with a werewolf

Ever wonder what the characters from your favorite books do in between the scenes playing out on the pages of the book?  They play around in the imagination of the author and fans.  Jami M Brumfield decided to sit down with the characters from Lone Wolf Rising and find out what is important to them.  This interview is with Rebecca Elizabeth Matthews Winters.

“Okay, let’s get this over with.”  Rebecca entered the room with an impatient glare.  “I have quite a few more things to do on my task list today.”  She stood with her hands crossed over her chest. 

Jami looked up from her desk and couldn’t help but grin a little at Rebecca’s irritation.  “Well, I know you’re busy.  Please have a seat.”

Rebecca stayed in her position across the room, glancing around, most likely searching for escape points.  “I’d rather stand thank you.”

Jami picked up her notebook and pen and stood up, putting her on the same level as the dangerous teen in her office.  “Okay,” she made her way over to Rebecca’s side of the room and sat down on the comfy couch only a few feet from Rebecca.  “Let’s get started.”  She poised her pen on the notebook and asked, “so lets start with asking what it is like being a werewolf.”

Rebecca rubbed her hand and Jami noticed the faint outline of a tattoo on her hand.  It disappeared as fast as she noticed it.  Rebecca narrowed her sapphire blue eyes, “you know what happens if you reveal our secret to the humans right?”

“Yes, and I will remind you this interview is simply a follow up written for the fans of Lone Wolf Rising.”  Jami leaned forward and whispered, “they already know your secret.”

Rebecca breathed a sigh and sat down next to Jami on the couch.  “Good because I’m not sure if you noticed but I have a lot of pressures on me at the moment and becoming a traitor of the supernatural world is not something I can add to my plate.”

Jami just sat there silently with a grin and a nod.  Silence is golden in interviews, or was that sales?  She wasn’t sure but decided to go with it.

“Being a werewolf is okay, I guess.  I mean you have the painful transformation once or twice a month, but it gets easier.”  Rebecca smiled.  “Or at least you fool yourself into believing it gets better.”  Rebecca examined her unpainted, torn fingernails.  “The hard part is having your wolf constantly second guessing everything you do.  It is like a war zone in my head sometimes.”

“I can imagine.”
“Can you?  Really?”

“Sure.  You think I couldn’t hear you when I created your story?”  Jami asked.

“Yeah?  Sorry, not the same thing.  I didn’t constantly tell you everything you did was wrong.” 

Jami laughed uncomfortably, “I’m sure she has calmed down a little.”

Rebecca’s sapphire eyes turned violet.  “You have no idea.” 

“Rebecca this was our interview, not the wolf’s.”  Jami said pointedly, trying to get things back on track.

“She likes to be called Siren.”  Rebecca’s eyes converted back to sapphire and Jami released the breath she didn’t know she was holding. Rebecca’s temper could flare that fast and she knew all too well what could happen when she got upset. The girl was crazy strong and if pushed too far; fangs, claws and hair would make an appearance. Jami didn’t want that mess in her office. 

“Siren, got it!”  Jami wrote down a quick note for book two.  She cleared her throat, “so you’ve discussed the downsides to being a werewolf, are there any good sides?”

“I used to think the super human strength, enhanced senses, and speed were great benefits but they did little to help me keep my family safe so now, I don’t know.” 

“What about being an alpha?  That has to have some perks.”

“If you can call the added responsibility, the political games, and the idea of offering someone a bite that could kill them or give them a new life perks, then sure.”

“What about the handsome suitors you have falling over each other to win your heart?”

“Lucky is engaged to someone else and Gabe wants a commitment for life.  So if you think having those two gorgeous men falling over me is a perk then you are sadly mistaken.  In fact, I feel terribly guilty for the problems I bring to their lives.”  The silver circle tattoo on Rebecca’s neck seemed to sparkle. 

“It’s not all that bad, Becca.”  Jami put the pen and paper down. 

“Oh no?  You did a great job of creating a page turner for the readers but that means my life has been turned upside down for the majority of the book.  It would be nice to have something good happen once and a while.”  She crossed her arms over her chest again.

“You have forgotten your desire for to avenge your parents’ death.”  Jami started ticking off good points with her fingers.  “You have realigned the rogue wolves and given them a home.  You have the undying love of your mate.  Your family now knows a secret that has been kept from them for ten years.  You protected your brother from drugs.”

“And what about my sister?”

Jami couldn’t respond to that question.  It was a horrible thing that happened to Savvy but it was necessary. 

Rebecca jumped up from the couch and placed her hands on her hips.  “Did you have to let my sister face that ordeal?”

Jami simply shook her head.  “Things happen for a reason.” 

“This interview is over.”  She started heading towards the door.  “Oh and thanks for all the wonderful things you gave us.”  She said sarcastically as she slammed the door behind her and disappeared. 

Jami stared around her empty room.  “Well you think you’ve seen challenges so far?  Wait until book two.” 

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