Monday, July 28, 2014

Interview with a Vampire Prince

For me, my characters like to stick around and pop up in future books as supporting cast. I generally take the characters that feel they need to share more of their stories and put them in an interview to share with my readers. So here is another interview, this one is with Giovanni Mancuso the vampire prince of Mystery Springs from his book The Witch's Vampire which is available on Amazon now.

This interview took place in his office instead of mine. I guess he needed to feel like he had the upper hand and when I walked into his elegantly decorated home and rich, lavish office slash library I found myself a little out of my league. He sat behind his cherry wood desk scribbling away on some documents.

Hector, who had shown me in, cleared his throat to gain Giovanni's attention. Being a vampire I'm sure he already knew we were in the room. He held his hand up in an effort to silence Hector from speaking as he read a little more of the document and slashed a red pen mark across a paragraph. When he was done he looked up and flashed that sexy, endearing smile that has made him a wonderful book boyfriend to plenty of fans, I even felt my breath stolen for a moment as I lost myself in his strong grey eyes.

"Hello, Jami." He stood and crossed the room with insane speed and took my hand in his, kissing the back with the softest of touch. "Please, let's sit." I felt his other hand settle on the small of my back and gently lead me to the rich leather sofa where we both sat down. "Hector would you mind bringing us some tea?"

Hector nodded and headed toward the door. "If you have coffee, Hector, that would be great." I offered a weak smile. I needed to gain some power in the room. From the moment I walked into Giovanni's home I felt a small level of intimidation and being in the same room as the powerful vampire was even more of a challenge. I really didn't know how Sophie managed him but I guess that's why true mates were so special, they were perfectly matched.

Giovanni grinned wickedly, "I'm sorry, I should've asked."

"No worries." I pulled out my notebook and pen. "I want to thank you for making time to meet me. I know you're busy but your fans will really appreciate this interview."

"Yes, you've created quite a mess for us here in Mystery Springs. Brick is not handling Bella's murder very well, he's convinced the vampires had something to do with the brutal event and according to Marissa, he's going a little paranoid which has put her in danger as well." He sat back and crossed his leg over his knee, managing to look even more masculine than before as he spread his arms across the side and back of the couch.

"My readers enjoy reading how you all work together to overcome insurmountable obstacles. If I didn't create those problems you wouldn't have people excited to read your books." I didn't know why I felt I needed to defend myself to him, he was just an overwhelming force and I needed to remind him why they face dangerous challenges. "But I try and offset those terrible problems with great rewards. I mean, who has death on their side so much that he went to the underworld and pulled your true mate out of the afterlife to give you another chance to be together?"

He nodded, "which is why I like you. Sophie was an amazing gift, one I plan to treasure for an eternity."

I felt my heart bloom with happiness, those two deserve a little happiness and if they find those moments in each other's arms then more power to them. "How does Gregor feel about your commitment?"

"My father, has given his blessing which is more then I ever thought possible. Truthfully, I had believed I'd have to give up my title to be with her, but that worked out nicely. Sophie is convinced, however, that he is plotting something..." He turned his head toward me and examined me closely, "you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"This isn't an interview about me, it's about you." I avoided his question. Gregor wasn't done with making his son and daughter-in-law pay for their insolence but that was another story and Giovanni had more pressing matters to deal with.

Just then, Hector entered with a tray of coffee and finger sandwiches. There was a wine glass with red liquid in it, and I had to assume it was blood because he handed the glass to Giovanni directly. It was a glaring reminder I was in the room with a deadly vampire. I swallowed hard and thanked Hector right after Giovanni did the same.

I went to grab a cup for coffee but Giovanni reached it first and poured the dark liquid into the cup. "Cream or sugar?"

"Yes please." I sat back and allowed him to mix the caffeinated drink. It was another reminder that he needed to be in control of all things. "So have you heard from Thanatos or the other Gods lately?" I decided to take control again.

His large hand dwarfed the miniature spoon as he stirred her coffee and handed the cup and saucer to her. "No, T has returned to his duties and the enemy Gods have gone into hiding. Although, Death did warn us the battle was not over, so the council is working on a treaty with some mer-folk to help guard the springs and gateway."

"Ah, now that is an interesting idea." I smiled.

"Yes, and Starr is a very pleasant negotiator. In fact I was working on the treaty when you came into the room."

"A man of many talents." I took a sip of the hot liquid. "Have you heard from Mariah?"

His eyes grew stormy as he leaned forward. "That witch attempted to kill my Sophie. If she is smart she'll stay lost." he snarled and the tension in the room grew thick for a moment.

I didn't feel it was a good time to point out that she didn't try to kill her, she was only trying to help her see that a relationship between a witch and a vampire was a dangerous thing.

"Will there be a wedding soon for you and Sophie?"

A smile spread across his face, the smile chased the storm clouds in his eyes away. "Yes, a commitment ceremony. We plan to make the true mate bond official. In fact, that is why Sophie couldn't meet with you already. She's in the midst of planning the ceremony."

"Have you been involved in the planning?"

"Of course, there are specific rituals that will need to be done to make it official in the eyes of Hades and Persephone so I've made sure those are included. But this day is more for Sophie so I've let her make most of the decisions."

I liked this side of the vampire prince. He was almost human, was almost human until he placed the wine glass of blood to his lips and took a long drink.

"Sir, I'm sorry for interrupting but Marissa is here with Brick." Hector burst into the room almost giving me a heart attack from fright.


"Well, there is something wrong with him..." Hector's eyes ping ponged back and forth between Giovanni and me.

Giovanni nodded, "Jami, I'm afraid I'll have to cut this meeting short. It appears your obstacles are getting in the way of completing this one." He stood and headed toward the door. "Hector will show you out."

And with that he was gone. I had so many more questions to ask and he simply walked out, I guess I'll have to set up another appointment.

The Witch's Vampire is book one in the Mystery Springs Series. Each book in this series is a stand alone romance with a supernatural battle between good and evil, paranormal and gods running through the background of the stories in continuation.

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