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Winner of the Winters Saga Book Blitz rafflecopter

Winters Saga Book Blitz raffle Winners:

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card = Jamie Hieston Willhite
$10.00 Amazon Gift Card = Pat Walker
$5.00 Amazon Gift Card = Emily Kirkpatrick
Autographed paperback copy of Lone Wolf Rising = Thomas Murphy
Autographed paperback copy of Vampire Princess Rising = Mellena Driver
Kindle copy of Lone Wolf Rising (five winners) = Mary Preston, Jessica Avancena Cassidy, Rose Foster, Scott Latti, Kim Thorne
Kindle copy of Vampire Princess Rising (five winners) = Ashley Christine Renn, Racheal Chapman, Brenda Robbins-Leon, Angie Dubisher, Kim McKinnon
Kindle copy of both Lone Wolf Rising and Vampire Princess Rising (three winners) = Lisa Bernier, Kera Montgomery, Edmond Leung
Kindle copy of The Healer by CJ Anaya = Kathleen Nichols
Imagination Destination by Rebecca Lyndsay = Sammy Gumer
Kindle copy of Broken (Assumptions series) by Izzibella Beau = Jacqueline Flanders
Kindle copy of Barely Breathing (Assumption series) by Izzibella Beau = Linda Romer
Kindle copy of The Witch’s Vampire (five winners) = Gypsy Madden, Dawn Stokes Keenan-Banks, Fang Tastic, Leandra Allison Bright, Judy Thomas

Congratulations!!!! I will be emailing all the winners this  coming week to get the prizes squared away :-) <3

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Have you started the PBI Case Files series?

The team of the Paranormal Bureau of Investigation is waiting for you to light up your kindle with their supernatural mysteries.

PBI Case Files: Lost Plane - episode 3

Awesome new ghost series: Ghost Connection

First book in a new series only 99 pennies is a must read for anyone who is a fan of ghost stories

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My recommendation of "Unlovable: The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist"

Unlovable (The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist, #1)Unlovable by Cynthia St. Aubin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! It was an awesome escape from reality for a couple of hours. The heroine was original and endearing. She made you like her despite yourself. This is a must read if you like paranormal romantic comedies. You'll laugh throughout. Highly recommend.

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The Winters Saga spotlight

The Winters Saga is a fast paced paranormal fantasy adventure that has thrilled readers from mature young adult to their grandparents and hundreds of others in between. Book one, Lone Wolf Rising and book two, Vampire Princess Rising are currently available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

Check out some of these rave reviews for Lone Wolf Rising...

~ "Lone Wolf Rising has exceeded the boundaries between a good paranormal and a great paranormal novel; as it went beyond greatness." ~ Izzibella Beau, author of the Assumptions Series

~ "delightfully delicious, with a unique "flavor" to it" Thomas Jerome Baker, author of I Live in Chile

~ "It is original, believable and thought provoking." ~ CJ Anaya, author of The Healer

~ "The author did a masterful job of creating complex, dynamic characters, with enough internal and external conflict, a love triangle, multiple twists and surprising revelations to keep readers turning the pages. Deception, betrayal and lust for revenge are brought together in a gripping final scene, and the shocking conclusion without benefit of denouement is bound to spark your interest in the next installments in this series." ~ Emily A Lawrence, editor and author of Soul's Desires series

~ "a full-fledged experience on a block-buster scale. I can tell you this, you'll never see it coming. Michele Gwynn" ~ Author of Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown & Harvest, Journalist, Editor

In book one, Rebecca Winters blinded by her desire for vengeance becomes a werewolf. She has no clue of the repercussions her choice has and before you turn the last page of book one, one of her family members pays the cost of her thirst for revenge with her life.

One of the plots in this book is that the human host's head becomes crowded with the wolf personality. In the excerpt above Rebecca meets the wolf persona.

There is a great love triangle in this book and this excerpt is the first kiss between Rebecca and her rogue wolf suitor, Gabriel.

Of course, every good love triangle has competition. This excerpt shows you the romantic tension growing between Lucky and Rebecca.

Rebecca Winters is a strong willed, vulnerable heroine who views the bond between her and her siblings as the most important part of her life. Her new responsibilities as a werewolf alpha threatens that. Check out what she thinks about her life now in this interview with a werewolf.

Book Two, Vampire Princess Rising delves more into Savannah's new life as a vampire and her feelings toward her sister.

Savannah learns quickly that as vampire royalty she has new responsibilities, including an engagement to a vampire prince. Needless to say, her feelings on this and so many other relationships in her life are confused. Here is an excerpt of Viktor's proposal to Savannah.

As you can imagine, there will be massive tension between Rebecca and Savannah in this book and one may face the wrath of the other or they may find their way back to each other's side...

While the tension between Savannah and Rebecca rises, their younger brother discovers his family secret and the power he has inherited as a witch. He is determined to find a way to unlock his powers and to save his sisters before they destroy each other.

Hunter gets help from an unlikely source to help unlock his powers in this excerpt. When he unlocks his powers he has a few mishaps as he attempts to learn to use the element of fire here's one such case in this excerpt.

So many things are unraveling in this family and everything centers around the siblings. Their roles in the upcoming supernatural war will impact far more than anyone can imagine.

Find out more by reading this interview with Savannah, the Vampire Princess.

Which Winters' sibling are you most like? Take this quiz to find out.

Check out the reviews for Vampire Princess Rising here.

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My review of Scary Modsters...And Creepy Freaks by Diane Rinella

Scary Modsters ...and Creepy FreaksScary Modsters ...and Creepy Freaks by Diane Rinella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic story that had me turning the pages as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen next. I LOVE stories like this. Tortured heroes and heroines who navigate an obstacle course to find love and this one was done beautifully with a unique spin that keeps you enthralled. Not to mention the amazing writing style of Ms. Rinella. She has a way of drawing you into the story and connecting with the characters. The connection between Peter, Niles, and Rosalyn will surprise you. It's a love triangle that will leave you torn in two. I'd love to say more about the three main characters but I'd be spilling spoilers. All I can say is get the book

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An action packed excerpt from The Witch's Vampire

In this excerpt from The Witch's Vampire Sophie faces a dangerous Nephilim after getting her heart hurt from Giovanni and his consort. Enjoy.

His fear for her slammed into him with the force of a car hitting a guard rail at eighty miles an hour as he took in the sight. Christopher held a fire sword against Sophie’s sweet neck. He heard her heart beat race, her pupils were dilated, and the smell of terror vibrated off her with so much intensity he felt his own teeth lengthen. His desire to protect her drove his own sanity level close to the edge. The instinct to kill kicked in and he jumped in front of Nicolai with a hiss and a deadly light in his eyes.
“Back up, vampire or I’ll slice her head off.” Christopher snarled angrily and pressed the sword closer to her throat, cutting into her skin. Gio could smell her blood on the air which only kicked the predator in him into higher gear. It was like a demon on fire in his very soul. Adrenaline pushed through his veins with so much force he didn’t know if there was anything that could stop him from tearing the cupid boy’s head off his shoulders.
"Careful, brother." Nicolai warned, his voice so low only supernaturals could hear.
Christopher let out a nasty laugh, "yes, careful, brother." He spit each word. "You wouldn't want something to happen to the pretty, novice witch."
Sophie was remarkable. She didn’t scream, only let out a tiny cry as the fire blade cut through her skin as easily as melted butter. Her mortality, her softness, her ability to compartmentalize the attack were the only things keeping the deranged angel hybrid from taking action. Her strength and unexpectedly calm demeanor in the face of this tragic turn of events helped Giovanni find a clear head. If she could be strong in the face of danger so could he. Besides, if he made a move there was no doubt in Gio’s mind that Christopher would kill her. The very idea of losing her before he even got to know her was the greatest torture he’d ever felt.
Gio held both hands up to show he was unarmed. “You don’t want to do that, Christopher. Sophie is the only one that has been able to give your sister relief, she may even be able to heal her given enough time. Otherwise, your sister will become one of us. You don’t want that, do you?” He chose not to tell him Tiffany’s sire was dead. It was a secret he’d never reveal to his enemies.
“Tiffany isn’t getting better and your people are trying to take me into custody. Trying to take me away from her. I won’t be detained by a filthy, scum-sucking vampire. I’d rather die and I’ll take her with me.” He laughed maniacally-there was the look of insanity lighting his eyes, “That would really weaken your town wouldn’t it?”
He was right. If the town lost Sophie, there would be some major damage control needed to repair it, but that wasn’t what Gio cared about. If he lost Sophie there’d be hell to pay. He'd go rabid and take out every person Christopher ever cared about one by one, slowly, methodically, and when the nephilim had no one else, he'd exact his own ugly form of vengeance.
“You'll die if you harm my daughter, I have no doubt Gio is ready to tear your head from your shoulders and then I’ll torment your soul in the after life.”
Rafe replied angrily as he entered the room. “I will torture you and anyone else you love. I promise you that you won’t go softly into the night.”
“Do you think I care?” He asked, his words not matching the fear in his blue eyes.
“Yes, I think you do.” Sophie answered him. “I think you care about your sister, I think you care about this situation, and you care whether you live or die.”
“How do you know that?”
“I can feel it.” She placed a hand on his arm and he screamed in pain - the shock of the pain transfer caused him to release her and she managed to slip free from his grasp. When she was free, Giovanni grabbed her and pulled her against him, but not before Christopher crumbled to the ground.
“What did you do to me?” Christopher groaned in pain, his body a tangled mess on the floor.
“I don’t… know.” Sophie looked around, desperate to help the man that just cut her neck open and threatened her life. She wanted to go to him to help alleviate the pain, but Giovanni wasn’t loosening his protective grip on her arms.
“Sophie is a healer, but as a witch she also works at keeping balance so she also has the ability to kill. Balance must be maintained.” Chelsea told them.
“So I killed him?” Sophie looked helpless, desperate to help him. All she wanted to do was get away from him, she didn't want to hurt him and she had no desire to kill anyone. Except maybe Gio after watching him hold the blonde in his arms minutes after they shared the most passionate kiss she'd ever felt.
“No, it takes a lot of power to kill, and there are no grim reapers here so my guess is you gave him a nasty bite of what you could do as a warning.” Rafe smiled proudly at his daughter which made Sophie’s stomach turn. How could he be proud of what she did?
Sophie shook her head. “But I didn’t want to kill him. I just wanted him to let me go.” What if she accidentally killed someone with her untrained powers? It was in that moment she knew her fate was sealed. She wouldn't go to Florida. Her place was here where she could learn how to control her gifts. She had no choice but to stay.
“No one can blame you for defending yourself, Sophie.” Giovanni spoke softly to her, so soft she wondered if anyone else could hear him. His voice tickled her ear and sent shivers down her spine. She cursed her body for reacting to him. Gio fought the desire that was rising in him from the smell of blood, and an ingrained desire to claim her as his. She was almost killed and he was helpless to save her. It would never happen again. “Rafe please take your daughter. I think Christopher and I need to have a little talk.”
Rafe took Sophie’s hand and helped her toward the door. She resisted, but her father's hold and determination was stronger than her desire to stay. The rest of the strangers in their home parted like a lake in the wake of a speed boat and Rafe was just as fast as that boat in getting her out of the room. Only the vampires, captain Logan, and AnnaBella, remained in the room. Marissa closed the door and stood guard. Sophie didn’t want to imagine what was happening to Christopher behind the closed door, she didn’t want to, but her imagination had a mind of its own. The pictures she was creating were gruesome. What did vampires do to their enemies, she wondered to herself?
Out loud she asked, “What are they going to do to him?”
“Vampires aren’t very nice to those that cross them or their friends, and you seem to be important to Gio.” Marissa smiled coldly, a spark of jealousy played in her eyes. “I wouldn’t expect the nephilim to enjoy the conversation they’ll have.”
“We have to help him. He only reacted out of desperation.” Sophie pleaded with her father. “Please, he is scared and alone. His sister is dying and we can’t help her.” It amazed her that she could feel all of that during the short time he held her captive. If Giovanni kills him she didn’t know if she was going to be able to forgive him. She knew he was a vampire, but she didn’t want to think of him as an evil being, as the monster he mentioned outside. She promised she wouldn't think of him as such, but in that moment, she was beginning to rethink that promise and wondered if it was possible to keep it. She couldn’t, no she wouldn’t date him if he was an evil being.
“He won’t kill him.” the clingy blonde told her as though she was reading her mind.
“Listen, whoever you are…”
“Marissa, I’d like to make sure of that myself so if you’ll kindly move out of my way?”
“No.” Marissa’s perfect face left little room for doubt. The conversation on her side was over.
“Who do you think you are? This is my home, and that is my patient and her brother.”
Marissa rolled her blue eyes and sighed heavily. “And that’s my consort who wants to have a conversation with your attacker.” She laughed, “Most people would be appreciative of such a powerful ally.”

Sophie’s face took on a confused look. “So what, because you’re his mistress that gives you right to…” Copyright @2014 Jami Brumfield

Excerpt from The Witch's Vampire by Jami Brumfield

Here is a tiny excerpt from The Witch's Vampire. I hope you enjoy....

Sophie’s green eyes darted back and forth between Giovanni and Christopher like a ball on a ping pong table. The tension between the two was thick like molasses. Things were happening so fast. Her life was rapidly changing, turning upside down like a turbo charged rollercoaster, only this ride had no end in sight. It was only a couple of hours ago that she was a normal woman getting ready to go back to college, and now she was at a nightclub where a handsome blond man accosted her, pulled out of the relative safety of the club to the street where he called a tall, dark, handsome man a vamp, as in vampire she assumed, and then asked for her help. It was quite obvious the two didn't like each other and if she went along with all the fiction she'd read about the supernaturals she should run far away from the vampire and cling to the angel, but she felt the opposite reaction. She wanted to run to the vampire and tune out the angel's request for help. Unfortunately, she was a caregiver and had a hard time turning away from people in need, even those that gave her negative vibes.
            They both stood in silence staring at her while she tried to come to terms with what was going on. Like that was going to happen anytime soon. But she had to admit she was taking things a lot easier than she ever imagined she would. She couldn't help imagining a scenario like this happening when she was younger and going through her paranormal addiction stage, but that was for kids, right?
First things first, “what can I do to help?” her mother was right, she hated being labeled a caregiver, but she couldn't avoid her desire to take care of people in need, it was a curse and a blessing all rolled up in one tasty little tablet. A pill she had a hard time swallowing, but did anyway. Always putting the needs of others before her own, before her own safety.
“Your mother, Regina, was a healer and I’m hoping you inherited her abilities.” Christopher started.
“Her father is also a guardian, a witch of the dead.” Giovanni offered. “Perhaps she takes after him?” He was insanely handsome, and the dark stare he was giving her was intoxicating. She pushed down her instinct to move closer to him. His vibe screamed protection. She had always heeded vibes and now she was beginning to understand they may be more than simple intuition.
Giovanni’s voice was elegant with a touch of Old English lilt. It was like smooth silk caressing her skin when he spoke. She shivered. If his voice could have that effect on her what would his touch or kiss do? Get it together, Sophie, someone needs your help!
“My mother was a doctor, true. But I haven’t even started school. Maybe you need a hospital.” She offered this as a way of holding onto the thin thread of sanity that held her reality together.
Giovanni chuckled, which irked Sophie because it pulled her into his hypnotic spell while she tried to keep her distance. There was something terribly familiar about him. It was like he was her fantasy come to life. It upset her idea of reality, and now her fantasy was laughing at her? “What about needing a doctor do you find so funny?”
“I’m thinking he’s looking for a more supernatural form of healer.” Giovanni stated simply as his chuckle died on his lips, but the smile stayed in place, reaching his stormy grey eyes and causing a tidal wave of conflicting emotions in Sophie. His straight forwardness was refreshing, but snapped that thin thread of reality with little resistance. He wasn’t helping her stay sane, he was driving her toward insanity. He was the living embodiment of her fantasy supernatural lover. Maybe all of this was a dream?
“Right, because that makes logical sense in a world where magic exists.” She worried the keys in her hand. Maybe if she played along with the dream she'd find a way to wake up and join the living. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Christopher, but I don’t have any powers.”
“But you’re a Clarke.” The hope seemed to leave his face and was replaced by desperation. “Your family is renowned for their abilities, have been for centuries. I was sure you’d be able to help.”
Well now, that was an interesting piece of family history. She had no idea her family was such a powerful player in this reality. On some strange level it made sense. If this was a dream she would be the strongest player. “No, as Mr. Mancuso pointed out…”
“Please, my friends call me Gio.” Giovanni interjected and took a step closer toward her.
Sophie took a deep breath and counted to ten. She hated being interrupted and the closer he got to her the more heated her body became with... desire? “As Mr. Mancuso pointed out, I’m also a Waters.” Gio tried to repress a laugh behind a cough and his hand. Bastard! She decided to ignore him, or at least try.
“Without a healer my sister is sure to die.” Christopher placed his forehead in his hands, he looked so devastated and Sophie felt her heart melt. Even if he was a figment of her imagination, a fantasy she'd concocted in her mind, she needed to find a way to help him. It was what she did. She helped people.
Besides, she’d seen too much death lately. No more, not if she had anything to say about it. She knew she was going to regret this, sighed heavily and offered, “I might know someone who can help you.”
The hope was back in his blue eyes and Sophie couldn’t help but smile at the excitement he showed. She motioned a thumb over her shoulder, “get in and I’ll take you to Chelsea. She was my mother’s best friend. If anyone can help it would most likely be her.”
He rushed over to the passenger seat and hopped into the car after she unlocked the door. Sophie climbed in the driver’s seat just as Giovanni climbed into the back seat, behind Christopher. His actions and nasty glares toward the nephilim deepened her suspicion these two guys didn’t like each other very much. Sophie frowned as his smiling reflection appeared in her rear view mirror. It was more of a smirk. The left corner of his mouth rose in a sexy way creating a dimple in his cheek. She felt herself wonder what it would be like to kiss those rugged lips. “I don’t remember inviting you.” Her tone was harsher than intended. Especially since some part of her was thankful he was creating more reasons to be in her general vicinity. Not that she was in his league, but if this was a dream he'd do as her love interest.
“Your father happens to be a … friend of mine. I don’t think he’d like you getting into a car with a strange nephilim without some form of protection.” He clicked the seat belt over his waist and sat back, making the decision for all of them. “I’m offering to be your protector.”
His words brought a shiver to her spine. A protector, it sounded so romantic, in a strange way. What girl doesn’t wish for a handsome knight in shining armor to protect them from danger, deep down? Vampire. Nephilim. She rolled the words over her tongue silently. What happened to my stable reality?
 “I don’t think he’d like the idea of me riding around with a strange vampire either.” Sophie stated this coldly. She couldn’t let him know he was getting to her.  She found the ego on this handsome vampire frustrating, but she also found his presence comforting. It was such an odd feeling. It was like she recognized him from some far away dream. Maybe she'd seen him in passing before and his dark handsome looks were so stunning she locked his image somewhere in her mind for future use. Maybe, but she doubted it. She'd never been to Giovanni's nightclub or even had the desire to go before tonight. 
And even tonight she stopped only because the neon sign was beckoning her to come in for a reprieve from her depressing drive. It was like coming in out of a storm only to walk into a violent tornado. The club was far from her usual haunts and she was sure she'd never go back to the place. She'd have to find another way of seeing Giovanni.
“I could dispose of him for you, but that would probably start a nasty war.” Christopher offered, his gruff voice breaking into her thoughts like the moonlight broke through the clouds on a dark night lighting the way.
A knight to her right and a dark vampire behind her, it was something from a romantic love story. Her imagination was working overtime creating this fantasy. She’d heard stories of the self-proclaimed Mancuso prince. He acted with authority and family support, his very name struck a chord of fear in people. Mystery was too small to house royalty, but if it did. The Mancuso family was it. Wealthy, charitable, and mysterious. He and his family put fear in his enemies’ hearts and passion in his followers. Which made it odd when Sophie noticed a look of fear slide behind Giovanni’s magnetic eyes for a brief moment. He was supposed to be the terrifying, larger-than-life Mancuso! What made Christopher so intimidating?

“Well, we wouldn’t want to start a war. He can come.” She turned the keys in the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. “Can I ask you a question?” curiosity getting the better of her, her father always warned her that her cat-like curiosity would put her in danger someday. She didn’t have nine lives like the furry felines. Copyright @2014 Jami Brumfield