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An action packed excerpt from The Witch's Vampire

In this excerpt from The Witch's Vampire Sophie faces a dangerous Nephilim after getting her heart hurt from Giovanni and his consort. Enjoy.

His fear for her slammed into him with the force of a car hitting a guard rail at eighty miles an hour as he took in the sight. Christopher held a fire sword against Sophie’s sweet neck. He heard her heart beat race, her pupils were dilated, and the smell of terror vibrated off her with so much intensity he felt his own teeth lengthen. His desire to protect her drove his own sanity level close to the edge. The instinct to kill kicked in and he jumped in front of Nicolai with a hiss and a deadly light in his eyes.
“Back up, vampire or I’ll slice her head off.” Christopher snarled angrily and pressed the sword closer to her throat, cutting into her skin. Gio could smell her blood on the air which only kicked the predator in him into higher gear. It was like a demon on fire in his very soul. Adrenaline pushed through his veins with so much force he didn’t know if there was anything that could stop him from tearing the cupid boy’s head off his shoulders.
"Careful, brother." Nicolai warned, his voice so low only supernaturals could hear.
Christopher let out a nasty laugh, "yes, careful, brother." He spit each word. "You wouldn't want something to happen to the pretty, novice witch."
Sophie was remarkable. She didn’t scream, only let out a tiny cry as the fire blade cut through her skin as easily as melted butter. Her mortality, her softness, her ability to compartmentalize the attack were the only things keeping the deranged angel hybrid from taking action. Her strength and unexpectedly calm demeanor in the face of this tragic turn of events helped Giovanni find a clear head. If she could be strong in the face of danger so could he. Besides, if he made a move there was no doubt in Gio’s mind that Christopher would kill her. The very idea of losing her before he even got to know her was the greatest torture he’d ever felt.
Gio held both hands up to show he was unarmed. “You don’t want to do that, Christopher. Sophie is the only one that has been able to give your sister relief, she may even be able to heal her given enough time. Otherwise, your sister will become one of us. You don’t want that, do you?” He chose not to tell him Tiffany’s sire was dead. It was a secret he’d never reveal to his enemies.
“Tiffany isn’t getting better and your people are trying to take me into custody. Trying to take me away from her. I won’t be detained by a filthy, scum-sucking vampire. I’d rather die and I’ll take her with me.” He laughed maniacally-there was the look of insanity lighting his eyes, “That would really weaken your town wouldn’t it?”
He was right. If the town lost Sophie, there would be some major damage control needed to repair it, but that wasn’t what Gio cared about. If he lost Sophie there’d be hell to pay. He'd go rabid and take out every person Christopher ever cared about one by one, slowly, methodically, and when the nephilim had no one else, he'd exact his own ugly form of vengeance.
“You'll die if you harm my daughter, I have no doubt Gio is ready to tear your head from your shoulders and then I’ll torment your soul in the after life.”
Rafe replied angrily as he entered the room. “I will torture you and anyone else you love. I promise you that you won’t go softly into the night.”
“Do you think I care?” He asked, his words not matching the fear in his blue eyes.
“Yes, I think you do.” Sophie answered him. “I think you care about your sister, I think you care about this situation, and you care whether you live or die.”
“How do you know that?”
“I can feel it.” She placed a hand on his arm and he screamed in pain - the shock of the pain transfer caused him to release her and she managed to slip free from his grasp. When she was free, Giovanni grabbed her and pulled her against him, but not before Christopher crumbled to the ground.
“What did you do to me?” Christopher groaned in pain, his body a tangled mess on the floor.
“I don’t… know.” Sophie looked around, desperate to help the man that just cut her neck open and threatened her life. She wanted to go to him to help alleviate the pain, but Giovanni wasn’t loosening his protective grip on her arms.
“Sophie is a healer, but as a witch she also works at keeping balance so she also has the ability to kill. Balance must be maintained.” Chelsea told them.
“So I killed him?” Sophie looked helpless, desperate to help him. All she wanted to do was get away from him, she didn't want to hurt him and she had no desire to kill anyone. Except maybe Gio after watching him hold the blonde in his arms minutes after they shared the most passionate kiss she'd ever felt.
“No, it takes a lot of power to kill, and there are no grim reapers here so my guess is you gave him a nasty bite of what you could do as a warning.” Rafe smiled proudly at his daughter which made Sophie’s stomach turn. How could he be proud of what she did?
Sophie shook her head. “But I didn’t want to kill him. I just wanted him to let me go.” What if she accidentally killed someone with her untrained powers? It was in that moment she knew her fate was sealed. She wouldn't go to Florida. Her place was here where she could learn how to control her gifts. She had no choice but to stay.
“No one can blame you for defending yourself, Sophie.” Giovanni spoke softly to her, so soft she wondered if anyone else could hear him. His voice tickled her ear and sent shivers down her spine. She cursed her body for reacting to him. Gio fought the desire that was rising in him from the smell of blood, and an ingrained desire to claim her as his. She was almost killed and he was helpless to save her. It would never happen again. “Rafe please take your daughter. I think Christopher and I need to have a little talk.”
Rafe took Sophie’s hand and helped her toward the door. She resisted, but her father's hold and determination was stronger than her desire to stay. The rest of the strangers in their home parted like a lake in the wake of a speed boat and Rafe was just as fast as that boat in getting her out of the room. Only the vampires, captain Logan, and AnnaBella, remained in the room. Marissa closed the door and stood guard. Sophie didn’t want to imagine what was happening to Christopher behind the closed door, she didn’t want to, but her imagination had a mind of its own. The pictures she was creating were gruesome. What did vampires do to their enemies, she wondered to herself?
Out loud she asked, “What are they going to do to him?”
“Vampires aren’t very nice to those that cross them or their friends, and you seem to be important to Gio.” Marissa smiled coldly, a spark of jealousy played in her eyes. “I wouldn’t expect the nephilim to enjoy the conversation they’ll have.”
“We have to help him. He only reacted out of desperation.” Sophie pleaded with her father. “Please, he is scared and alone. His sister is dying and we can’t help her.” It amazed her that she could feel all of that during the short time he held her captive. If Giovanni kills him she didn’t know if she was going to be able to forgive him. She knew he was a vampire, but she didn’t want to think of him as an evil being, as the monster he mentioned outside. She promised she wouldn't think of him as such, but in that moment, she was beginning to rethink that promise and wondered if it was possible to keep it. She couldn’t, no she wouldn’t date him if he was an evil being.
“He won’t kill him.” the clingy blonde told her as though she was reading her mind.
“Listen, whoever you are…”
“Marissa, I’d like to make sure of that myself so if you’ll kindly move out of my way?”
“No.” Marissa’s perfect face left little room for doubt. The conversation on her side was over.
“Who do you think you are? This is my home, and that is my patient and her brother.”
Marissa rolled her blue eyes and sighed heavily. “And that’s my consort who wants to have a conversation with your attacker.” She laughed, “Most people would be appreciative of such a powerful ally.”

Sophie’s face took on a confused look. “So what, because you’re his mistress that gives you right to…” Copyright @2014 Jami Brumfield

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