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Excerpt from The Witch's Vampire by Jami Brumfield

Here is a tiny excerpt from The Witch's Vampire. I hope you enjoy....

Sophie’s green eyes darted back and forth between Giovanni and Christopher like a ball on a ping pong table. The tension between the two was thick like molasses. Things were happening so fast. Her life was rapidly changing, turning upside down like a turbo charged rollercoaster, only this ride had no end in sight. It was only a couple of hours ago that she was a normal woman getting ready to go back to college, and now she was at a nightclub where a handsome blond man accosted her, pulled out of the relative safety of the club to the street where he called a tall, dark, handsome man a vamp, as in vampire she assumed, and then asked for her help. It was quite obvious the two didn't like each other and if she went along with all the fiction she'd read about the supernaturals she should run far away from the vampire and cling to the angel, but she felt the opposite reaction. She wanted to run to the vampire and tune out the angel's request for help. Unfortunately, she was a caregiver and had a hard time turning away from people in need, even those that gave her negative vibes.
            They both stood in silence staring at her while she tried to come to terms with what was going on. Like that was going to happen anytime soon. But she had to admit she was taking things a lot easier than she ever imagined she would. She couldn't help imagining a scenario like this happening when she was younger and going through her paranormal addiction stage, but that was for kids, right?
First things first, “what can I do to help?” her mother was right, she hated being labeled a caregiver, but she couldn't avoid her desire to take care of people in need, it was a curse and a blessing all rolled up in one tasty little tablet. A pill she had a hard time swallowing, but did anyway. Always putting the needs of others before her own, before her own safety.
“Your mother, Regina, was a healer and I’m hoping you inherited her abilities.” Christopher started.
“Her father is also a guardian, a witch of the dead.” Giovanni offered. “Perhaps she takes after him?” He was insanely handsome, and the dark stare he was giving her was intoxicating. She pushed down her instinct to move closer to him. His vibe screamed protection. She had always heeded vibes and now she was beginning to understand they may be more than simple intuition.
Giovanni’s voice was elegant with a touch of Old English lilt. It was like smooth silk caressing her skin when he spoke. She shivered. If his voice could have that effect on her what would his touch or kiss do? Get it together, Sophie, someone needs your help!
“My mother was a doctor, true. But I haven’t even started school. Maybe you need a hospital.” She offered this as a way of holding onto the thin thread of sanity that held her reality together.
Giovanni chuckled, which irked Sophie because it pulled her into his hypnotic spell while she tried to keep her distance. There was something terribly familiar about him. It was like he was her fantasy come to life. It upset her idea of reality, and now her fantasy was laughing at her? “What about needing a doctor do you find so funny?”
“I’m thinking he’s looking for a more supernatural form of healer.” Giovanni stated simply as his chuckle died on his lips, but the smile stayed in place, reaching his stormy grey eyes and causing a tidal wave of conflicting emotions in Sophie. His straight forwardness was refreshing, but snapped that thin thread of reality with little resistance. He wasn’t helping her stay sane, he was driving her toward insanity. He was the living embodiment of her fantasy supernatural lover. Maybe all of this was a dream?
“Right, because that makes logical sense in a world where magic exists.” She worried the keys in her hand. Maybe if she played along with the dream she'd find a way to wake up and join the living. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Christopher, but I don’t have any powers.”
“But you’re a Clarke.” The hope seemed to leave his face and was replaced by desperation. “Your family is renowned for their abilities, have been for centuries. I was sure you’d be able to help.”
Well now, that was an interesting piece of family history. She had no idea her family was such a powerful player in this reality. On some strange level it made sense. If this was a dream she would be the strongest player. “No, as Mr. Mancuso pointed out…”
“Please, my friends call me Gio.” Giovanni interjected and took a step closer toward her.
Sophie took a deep breath and counted to ten. She hated being interrupted and the closer he got to her the more heated her body became with... desire? “As Mr. Mancuso pointed out, I’m also a Waters.” Gio tried to repress a laugh behind a cough and his hand. Bastard! She decided to ignore him, or at least try.
“Without a healer my sister is sure to die.” Christopher placed his forehead in his hands, he looked so devastated and Sophie felt her heart melt. Even if he was a figment of her imagination, a fantasy she'd concocted in her mind, she needed to find a way to help him. It was what she did. She helped people.
Besides, she’d seen too much death lately. No more, not if she had anything to say about it. She knew she was going to regret this, sighed heavily and offered, “I might know someone who can help you.”
The hope was back in his blue eyes and Sophie couldn’t help but smile at the excitement he showed. She motioned a thumb over her shoulder, “get in and I’ll take you to Chelsea. She was my mother’s best friend. If anyone can help it would most likely be her.”
He rushed over to the passenger seat and hopped into the car after she unlocked the door. Sophie climbed in the driver’s seat just as Giovanni climbed into the back seat, behind Christopher. His actions and nasty glares toward the nephilim deepened her suspicion these two guys didn’t like each other very much. Sophie frowned as his smiling reflection appeared in her rear view mirror. It was more of a smirk. The left corner of his mouth rose in a sexy way creating a dimple in his cheek. She felt herself wonder what it would be like to kiss those rugged lips. “I don’t remember inviting you.” Her tone was harsher than intended. Especially since some part of her was thankful he was creating more reasons to be in her general vicinity. Not that she was in his league, but if this was a dream he'd do as her love interest.
“Your father happens to be a … friend of mine. I don’t think he’d like you getting into a car with a strange nephilim without some form of protection.” He clicked the seat belt over his waist and sat back, making the decision for all of them. “I’m offering to be your protector.”
His words brought a shiver to her spine. A protector, it sounded so romantic, in a strange way. What girl doesn’t wish for a handsome knight in shining armor to protect them from danger, deep down? Vampire. Nephilim. She rolled the words over her tongue silently. What happened to my stable reality?
 “I don’t think he’d like the idea of me riding around with a strange vampire either.” Sophie stated this coldly. She couldn’t let him know he was getting to her.  She found the ego on this handsome vampire frustrating, but she also found his presence comforting. It was such an odd feeling. It was like she recognized him from some far away dream. Maybe she'd seen him in passing before and his dark handsome looks were so stunning she locked his image somewhere in her mind for future use. Maybe, but she doubted it. She'd never been to Giovanni's nightclub or even had the desire to go before tonight. 
And even tonight she stopped only because the neon sign was beckoning her to come in for a reprieve from her depressing drive. It was like coming in out of a storm only to walk into a violent tornado. The club was far from her usual haunts and she was sure she'd never go back to the place. She'd have to find another way of seeing Giovanni.
“I could dispose of him for you, but that would probably start a nasty war.” Christopher offered, his gruff voice breaking into her thoughts like the moonlight broke through the clouds on a dark night lighting the way.
A knight to her right and a dark vampire behind her, it was something from a romantic love story. Her imagination was working overtime creating this fantasy. She’d heard stories of the self-proclaimed Mancuso prince. He acted with authority and family support, his very name struck a chord of fear in people. Mystery was too small to house royalty, but if it did. The Mancuso family was it. Wealthy, charitable, and mysterious. He and his family put fear in his enemies’ hearts and passion in his followers. Which made it odd when Sophie noticed a look of fear slide behind Giovanni’s magnetic eyes for a brief moment. He was supposed to be the terrifying, larger-than-life Mancuso! What made Christopher so intimidating?

“Well, we wouldn’t want to start a war. He can come.” She turned the keys in the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. “Can I ask you a question?” curiosity getting the better of her, her father always warned her that her cat-like curiosity would put her in danger someday. She didn’t have nine lives like the furry felines. Copyright @2014 Jami Brumfield

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