Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random thoughts on the theory of ghosts

While researching material for my Ghost Connection series I came across some great articles on how science, in someways, supports the existence of ghosts. First, it's important to point out that paranormal experts haven't come out and verified the existence of ghosts but one theory that they exist can be traced back to one of the greatest scientific minds to date, Albert Einstein. Take one of his basic laws of physics, energy cannot be destroyed.

Break that down. Science has proclaimed we are made up of energy. Some believe that energy is the soul. The essence of what makes us, well, us. The belief that the body is simply a vessel that carries the soul (our energy) on this plane of existence is an easy leap for many to believe. So, if the energy (soul) cannot be destroyed, does that mean when we shed our mortal bodies the soul could be considered energy? Is it a difficult conclusion to deduce?

Then the question must be asked, how come we can't prove this theory without question? Perhaps we have in a way. There are many that claim they can see, hear, even communicate with ghosts. Is it that these people can detect different frequencies? The dog can hear a dog whistle but the average human can't. Is it so hard to believe that there are things that exist beyond what we can see? Take faith, for example, doesn't the very concept of this word require one to believe in things beyond what we can see, hear, touch?

The purpose of this blog post isn't to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, it isn't designed to test your beliefs or faith in anyway. It is simply written as food for thought. Random musings of a paranormal author that likes to write in the urban fantasy arena, tweaking reality just a little bit toward the supernatural.

Opposing views on this topic state that Einstein's law say it cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. When a body dies the energy changes and merges into the environment or becomes food for the living. I don't know which one sounds like a better option. I mean, ghost or food? Food for the living or environment. If one were to take that stance on the argument then it would be an easier pill to swallow if you believed the energy that makes our body work isn't necessarily the soul but an electrical current that makes the bodily systems work.

Again, this post isn't written to make you question your beliefs but rather mull over the information. I started the Ghost Connection series because I wanted to explore the unanswered questions in this arena. Cassie sees ghosts and the stories are more urban fantasy for the purpose of the fictional genre I primarily write in, paranormal but the premise behind the series is a college girl wanting a normal life despite the fact that she's seen ghosts since she was in a car accident that killed her father at the tender age of seven.

Why does this topic fascinate me so much? I have memories of being able to see ghosts when I was younger. Can I do this now? No. Do I want to do this now? I don't know. I have the training to help increase my psychic 'third' eye through my Reiki meditation work and Hypnosis but unlocking this area of my mind makes me hit the pause button. Somehow as my world changed I put blocks in my life to keep me from being sensitive to things in this arena. So much so that it makes me question whether I had those experiences or if the environment I grew up in and those that influenced me caused me to believe I was sensitive.

It doesn't change my fascination with the supernatural/paranormal but it forces me to look at things in a more cynical mindset. That brings me to my last bit of musing for this post. We are finding out daily how 'the powers that be' (in this case, I'm talking about governing bodies) have hidden certain things from us for fear of how we'd react or selfish reasons (the reasons don't really matter) but the idea that we've been kept in the dark for many topics makes me wonder how much of the civilization/ reality that we live in is fabricated and how much is real. Do we delude ourselves into believing we live in a 'real' world when it's simply a fictional ideal we're taught to believe in?

Okay, enough random thoughts for today. I hope you enjoyed this peek into my mind a bit. I mentioned the Ghost Connection series in this post... please check out the series on Amazon.

Death Does Not Become Her
Dentist's Burial Ground (coming soon)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sneak peek of Rayne's Thunder (Part Four) The Mating Games

Rayne's Thunder (Part Four) The Mating Games just released and things couldn't be hotter for Rayne Manchester and the stakes couldn't be higher. Nine men have arrived each ready to compete for Rayne's hand in marriage, on the surface they all look worthy, but are they? Can she trust them? This is her heart and her future. 


In this installment of Rayne’s Thunder, Rayne has found herself in over her head in men. These alpha males are hot and ready to settle down. Each one of them competes to win a date with her and everyone tries to outdo the next one.
Eva, the Game Master, does her best to maintain fairness through the process but Rayne fights her at every turn. Will one of the six men who win dates with Rayne Manchester win her heart or is it already taken? Which of the nine competing for her hand in marriage will be sent home? Check out the fourth installment of the popular, highly rated, romantic serial, Rayne’s Thunder (part of the Dating a Werewolf Series) today.

Meet the men of Rayn'e Game:

River and Rhyme joined me on the steps a moment later. Rhyme looked fabulous and very chic like always in her business dress attire with her black-as-night hair up in a French twist. River carried an air of masculinity in his wranglers and button-down dress shirt. His black hair styled perfectly. My siblings were used to being in the spotlight. I was not. I felt completely overshadowed by them.
Lincoln was the first to arrive. He was stable, sexy, and knew how to command the area. Control was his super power and added to his sex appeal. His tan khakis and dark brown polo were as impeccable as his golden blond curls. Not a single thing on his person was out of place. I bit my lower lip as the memory of how good his kiss was despite the dangerous situation we found themselves in during his last visit to the compound. He hugged me tightly and I breathed in his crisp pine scent mixed with desire. He would’ve been a front runner if he hadn’t run at the first sign of trouble. That and his purist ideas made me wary, but I promised myself I’d give him a second chance, and with his pack aligning with ours in the upcoming battle for the alpha seat against the rogue wolves I needed to be cautious.
“I’m glad you came back,” I told him with a smile.
He treated me to a sly, knowing grin. “And this time, I’m here to fight for the woman in front of me.” He didn’t need to apologize again. He’d already done that when I invited him to come back for the competition.
I felt a blush creep up my cheeks. “We shall see. No more notes.” I was half joking, but totally serious. The last time he came to court me he left with a ‘Dear John’ letter. It was one step up from leaving a break up text message. I was flabbergasted. I’d thought we were getting along well, but he was obviously not interested in the drama which made his attempt at brokering a peace between our two packs questionable.
Brick was the next to arrive on his motorcycle. The image of his highlighted, brown shoulder-length hair flying loosely behind him from the breeze pulled me back to the night we ran away on the bike for a picnic in the park. Before he even dropped the kickstand, I knew he’d smell of delicious cinnamon buns which oddly matched his toasted almond skin tone. The memory of his fingers grazing my lips as he fed me chocolate covered strawberries caused me to lick my lips in anticipation. When his long, thickly muscled legs reached me on the steps he pulled me hard against his solid chest, the smell of leather from his jacket mixed with vanilla and cinnamon, and circled around us weaving its spell. He moved in close, lips inches from mine, his breath hot on my skin. When I closed my eyes to receive the expected kiss he popped a tasty strawberry in my mouth. “A little something to help you remember our awesome night together.” He squeezed me tight and I swallowed the delectable treat. If I picked him, I’d gain fifty pounds before the wedding with the way he used food as a seduction tool.
“God, that was hot.” Chloe fanned herself as she whispered behind me. “I think I need a shower.” She giggled.
“Shush,” I told her, but couldn’t help but chuckle along with her.
The next to arrive was Eric Christianson. His entrance was perhaps one of the most interesting. He trotted up on a beautiful white horse. His eyes were shielded by a straw hat which did little to cover up his black locks. When he dismounted from his horse, his buckle proudly sparkled from around his slender waist which led down to painted-on Wranglers and worn but well-maintained boots. I found my eyes wandering to his chest which was covered by a button-down, blue plaid shirt that I discovered matched his twinkling eyes when he removed his hat and offered his hand to shake.
“I’m very excited to meet you, ma’am.” He seemed polite and shy, but the glint in his eyes told me he was also very capable and not afraid of danger which was a good thing around here. It seemed like we were constantly finding ourselves in treacherous situations. His hand shake reaffirmed my initial impression. It also told me he was strong and not afraid of work if the callouses were any indication. I imagined those hands on my skin would be quite thrilling.
The next arrival took me by Storm. Literally. He was my Storm. His long, dark hair was tied back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His familiar scent beckoned me and I found myself lost in the turmoil of emotions that came with the irritatingly observant, hard-headed ass who always managed to keep me on my toes because for some peculiar reason I cared what he thought of me. Dislike tainted with trust and interest was not a healthy concoction, but every time he turned those soul searing green eyes on me I lost all control of my senses. Logic flew out the window, and my body responded to his with a dance of desire that burned me from the core to my skin. They say there is a fine line between love and hate, and I experienced that every time I was around this man. My mind screamed danger and my body yelled, ‘Come closer’. It was the kind of relationship that never lasted, but I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What if it could?’ and I supposed that was why he was here. He walked up the steps and offered me a cup of coffee, and in that moment I realized he wasn’t here to compete, he was here to take care of me like he did with the rest of the family. Evidence of this was when he handed Chloe, River, and Rhyme their own drinks. The man was infuriating.
I turned toward him. “Does that mean you’re not competing in the games?”
Storm sipped his drink. “I don’t play games.” His green eyes watched me over the brim of the cup. I wanted to scream, ‘No!’, to asked him ‘why?’, but I refused to stoop to his level. Instead, I turned away. I didn’t expect the next chain of events to happen. He whipped me around and pulled me into his strong arms. “I don’t play games, but for you, I’m willing to let that rule slide.”
“Meaning what, exactly?” For some reason, I needed to hear the words. I needed to know he felt an inkling of what I was starting to feel for him. I wasn’t about to put myself out there to get burned if he didn’t feel remotely the same.
“Are you ready for a real relationship with real responsibilities?”
“Are you ready to stop treating me like a child?”
“Perhaps.” He grinned.
“Then perhaps I am. We’ll have to see…if you’re still standing at the end of the Games.”
“I’ll only be standing at the end of the games if you show me you’re a worthy mate.” He caressed my cheek and I felt my legs go weak. How someone could be so strong and yet gentle was beyond me. “For now, I choose to compete.” His words made my heart skip a beat before he released me.
Chloe and Rhyme steadied me, and I breathed deeply as I turned around and awaited the next contestant in the “Marry Me” game. If Storm wasn’t such a pain in my ass the games would be over, but the luggage that came with that man was something I was going to have to work to get over before I could consider him my mate. Sure, we had explosive chemistry, but I’ve also felt sparks with the other men and they didn’t carry with them a painful, shared past.
The next to arrive did so in style, and he wasn’t alone. When the limousine door opened, James Frank and a man who looked almost identical poured out of the vehicle. The second unidentified man was sloppy drunk and James had to hold him up to keep him from falling down. James gave me a sheepish grin when Georgio and Storm pulled the almost incoherent man off James and he was able to approach me. He straightened his tie and suit jacket before offering his hand to shake.
“I apologize, Rayne. My little brother can be a handful.” Just then a little girl in a white frilly dress with red hair like James rushed out of the vehicle and clung to his pant legs. James’ cheeks burned red which enhanced his light sprinkle of freckles on his peachy face. I felt for the guy. “I’m sorry, when I agreed to come I had to bring my siblings because our parents were out of the country and…”
“It’s okay,” I squatted down to eye level with the little girl. “I’m Rayne. What’s your name?”
“Kylie,” she spoke past the thumb in her mouth.
“Welcome to my home, Kylie.” I grinned. There was something innately sexy about a man that put family first and liked kids. The way Kylie was clinging to James in that moment, I had a feeling she adored her brother.
Next to arrive was Grayson Drake. He drove up in a brand new silver BMW convertible. His dark, medium length hair was frizzy from the wind but the twinkle in his crystal blue eyes made up for the slight imperfection of his hair. The rest of him was well kept. Black slacks, cream colored polo that accented his golden-tanned skin all mixed together well to create a good looking man. He walked up to me, and instead of shaking my extended hand, he kissed the inside of my palm. “Hello, Rayne. I’m Grayson Drake, but you can call me Gray.”
“Nice to meet you, Gray.” He still had my hand and was absently caressing my knuckles in a circular motion. I didn’t pull away. It was nice, and his touch held an electrical current that grabbed my attention.
On the outside, he looked picture perfect, even with the mussed hair, but his eyes held an air of danger underneath the surface.
“I look forward to getting to know you much better.” And then came the grin -- the danger gone. Though he didn’t look it, he was definitely a bad boy.
The theme song from the Rocky movies blasted loudly from the green Jeep that pulled up next. The cinnamon skinned man shifted the vehicle into park, and then raised his hands to the bar of the topless SUV and swung himself over the closed door and onto the ground, showing off amazing strength and impressively cut arms. I had no doubt under that form-fitting dark blue t-shirt he had a four pack, if not a six pack of defined abs. The man was hot. He wore his black hair cut close to the scalp. His jeans hung low on V-shaped hips. He made his way toward me and when his brown eyes connected with mine I forgot to breathe. He was intense. I couldn’t help but notice the tattoos on his arms, wrists, and neck, and had to wonder what other tats were hidden under his clothes.
“Hello, Rayne. I am Julius.” He spoke with a strong Spanish accent which made him even hotter.
“Julius, nice to meet you.” I smiled and placed my hand in his, which dwarfed my own. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the man was a bear shifter, not a wolf. It was easy to see how he was an enforcer and second in command of his pack.
The next guy to arrive was Simon Blake. According to the file I had on him, he owned a company that made computer games and many suspected he was a hacker. That wasn’t confirmed, but he was connected to Wolf Vengeance, a handle to an infamous hacker that had infiltrated many prominent government agencies. I knew I had to ask him about it because my interest was piqued. He arrived in a red, convertible Corvette. The first thing I noticed as he approached me were his sharp hazel eyes. Then his height. He towered over the other wolves, and his thin frame was opposite of them as well. Many shifters wore their hair long but Simon’s was shaved with dark brown growth poking up through his scalp. His hands were tattooed with intricate and colorful designs. “You must be Rayne. I’m Simon.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Simon.”
He kissed the back of my hand, never taking those astute eyes off of me. “You are far more beautiful in person than your picture boasts.”
“Thank you.” I told him, pink coloring my cheeks.
“I look forward to getting to know you better.” He took his place next to the rest of the contestants that had already arrived.
Finally, the last bachelor arrived. I knew from the files his name was Victor, and he was a singer/songwriter and poet. He was larger than most of the men, which was saying a lot. His light brown hair fell in waves around his shoulders and was kissed by the sun. So was his tan skin. He carried a guitar case when he got out of the van that had “Stealth Wolf Men” painted on the side in a multitude of colors. It was his band’s logo.
He smiled softly, shyness in his demeanor and hazel eyes. “I’m Victor, and I’m guessing you are Rayne Manchester?”
“I am.” I nodded.
“I’m so sorry for your loss. Your father was a very good man.”
“Thank you.” His words choked me up for a moment. I hadn’t expected the condolence. It was actually very thoughtful.
“Very good, everyone! I am Eva, your game master. Please come into the house so we can get you all set up in your rooms, then a little dinner, and our first competition.”

Have you started this highly rated romantic serial? There are only two installments left. Get caught up with one through four below. 

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