Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random thoughts on the theory of ghosts

While researching material for my Ghost Connection series I came across some great articles on how science, in someways, supports the existence of ghosts. First, it's important to point out that paranormal experts haven't come out and verified the existence of ghosts but one theory that they exist can be traced back to one of the greatest scientific minds to date, Albert Einstein. Take one of his basic laws of physics, energy cannot be destroyed.

Break that down. Science has proclaimed we are made up of energy. Some believe that energy is the soul. The essence of what makes us, well, us. The belief that the body is simply a vessel that carries the soul (our energy) on this plane of existence is an easy leap for many to believe. So, if the energy (soul) cannot be destroyed, does that mean when we shed our mortal bodies the soul could be considered energy? Is it a difficult conclusion to deduce?

Then the question must be asked, how come we can't prove this theory without question? Perhaps we have in a way. There are many that claim they can see, hear, even communicate with ghosts. Is it that these people can detect different frequencies? The dog can hear a dog whistle but the average human can't. Is it so hard to believe that there are things that exist beyond what we can see? Take faith, for example, doesn't the very concept of this word require one to believe in things beyond what we can see, hear, touch?

The purpose of this blog post isn't to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, it isn't designed to test your beliefs or faith in anyway. It is simply written as food for thought. Random musings of a paranormal author that likes to write in the urban fantasy arena, tweaking reality just a little bit toward the supernatural.

Opposing views on this topic state that Einstein's law say it cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. When a body dies the energy changes and merges into the environment or becomes food for the living. I don't know which one sounds like a better option. I mean, ghost or food? Food for the living or environment. If one were to take that stance on the argument then it would be an easier pill to swallow if you believed the energy that makes our body work isn't necessarily the soul but an electrical current that makes the bodily systems work.

Again, this post isn't written to make you question your beliefs but rather mull over the information. I started the Ghost Connection series because I wanted to explore the unanswered questions in this arena. Cassie sees ghosts and the stories are more urban fantasy for the purpose of the fictional genre I primarily write in, paranormal but the premise behind the series is a college girl wanting a normal life despite the fact that she's seen ghosts since she was in a car accident that killed her father at the tender age of seven.

Why does this topic fascinate me so much? I have memories of being able to see ghosts when I was younger. Can I do this now? No. Do I want to do this now? I don't know. I have the training to help increase my psychic 'third' eye through my Reiki meditation work and Hypnosis but unlocking this area of my mind makes me hit the pause button. Somehow as my world changed I put blocks in my life to keep me from being sensitive to things in this arena. So much so that it makes me question whether I had those experiences or if the environment I grew up in and those that influenced me caused me to believe I was sensitive.

It doesn't change my fascination with the supernatural/paranormal but it forces me to look at things in a more cynical mindset. That brings me to my last bit of musing for this post. We are finding out daily how 'the powers that be' (in this case, I'm talking about governing bodies) have hidden certain things from us for fear of how we'd react or selfish reasons (the reasons don't really matter) but the idea that we've been kept in the dark for many topics makes me wonder how much of the civilization/ reality that we live in is fabricated and how much is real. Do we delude ourselves into believing we live in a 'real' world when it's simply a fictional ideal we're taught to believe in?

Okay, enough random thoughts for today. I hope you enjoyed this peek into my mind a bit. I mentioned the Ghost Connection series in this post... please check out the series on Amazon.

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  1. Lots to think about as a pessimist who rewuires proof.