Sunday, October 4, 2015

The two most satisfying words in an author's vocabulary

Can you guess what those words are? Two words, six letters and a single space. They are so wonderful I usually bold and center them and increase the font size. If you guessed THE END you are correct. I got to write those two satisfying words this weekend and I've been on cloud nine ever since. Rayne's Thunder, the first romantic serial in the Dating a Werewolf Series has been completed, well the rough draft has been completed and I've started on the final read through so I can get the last two installments into the editor's hands. Six installments and 120,000 words later Rayne has her mate, her wedding date, and her happy ever after.

The road was treacherous and action packed. Full of ups and downs and mind blowing twists so I believe it will be a very satisfying read. But you can see for yourself. The first four installments are already available on Amazon at the links below. Check out the reviews and one click into the world of Rayne Manchester and her siblings.

Rayne's Thunder
Part One: Master Chef
Part Two: The Veterinarian
Part Three: The Politician and the Witches
Part Four: The Mating Games
Part Five: The Battle Begins and the Games Continue
Part Six: The One

Part Five and Six are in the editing process and will be released soon.

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