Friday, July 25, 2014

Hunter mishandles the fire element with dangerous consequences in Vampire Princess Rising

When Hunter unlocks his magic he learns he has the power over fire. There are some interesting and comical scenes in Vampire Princess Rising where he is learning to use his powers. See what happens when he accidentally launches a fireball toward Rebecca in this excerpt below.

“There you are.” Jackson met her on the way back from her run. He must have decided to get in some morning exercise too.

Rebecca stopped and felt the race of her pulse as she started to cool off. “Hey, are you going out or in?”

“Just finishing.” He grinned and looked down at the ground uncomfortably. “Becks, I’m sorry about—”

Rebecca shook her head and wiped the perspiration from her forehead as she tried to steady her breath. “No need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. It’s your dad that needs to apologize to you.” She grinned as she felt her body continue the cool down process. Every cell, nerve, and fiber of her body was electrified, pulsating with energy from the adrenaline that pumped in her veins. There was nothing like the natural high a person got after running, any exercise for that matter. When she ran she felt exhilarated, pain didn’t exist. But when she stopped her body let her know just how much it appreciated and didn’t appreciate how hard she pushed it.

His grin showed his gratitude. “Ready to head back?”

“Sure.” Rebecca jogged back to the main house with Jackson. They shared stories from their childhood. He wished her a happy birthday and hoped Savannah would make the party. The conversation was light and easy, the way it used to be before all the supernatural drama entered her life.

When they reached the front door she stopped him for a moment. She didn’t want to change the subject back to their crazy reality, but she had to. “Georgie is still here. Will you take her under your wing and help her feel safe and comfortable here?”

Jackson nodded. “Of course, you didn’t even have to ask.”

Rebecca looked seriously at him for a moment. “I’d be lying if I didn’t admit she scared me a little. Could you imagine what someone like her, with power over animals, could do in the wrong hands?”

Jackson tilted his head as he chewed over her words. “I never thought of it that way, but you’re right. She’s someone we need as an ally not an enemy.”
Rebecca felt better knowing that he understood the importance of what she was asking him. “Thank you.” She kissed his cheek. “So I’ll see you tonight at Grandma’s house?”

“A pack of wild wolves couldn’t keep me away.” He laughed at his pun. Rebecca rolled her eyes and opened the door to the house. She needed to freshen up, grab her keys and head over to Lucky’s house.

The warmth hit her skin first, blowing her hair back. She didn’t think, she just reacted as she raised her hand and squeezed the oxygen out of the room. The fire ball that was heading her direction disappeared inches before her face as everyone in the room, including her brother Hunter collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.

Jackson was behind her, unaffected by the spell she unwittingly cast. She started gasping for air as her knees gave out.

“Release your hand, Rebecca.” Jackson urged her. She barely heard his voice but was thankful when it reached her oxygen deprived brain. It made sense, she released her clenched hand and a rush of air entered the room, revitalizing everyone in the process.

“Shoot, Becks!” Hunter coughed. “I’m so sorry. I lost control of it.” He ran to help Natalia up, who was only a few feet away from him. Copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get into the series now before book three is released in a couple of months. Lone Wolf Rising book one and Vampire Princess Rising book two.

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