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Check out the interesting story between Viktor and Savannah in Vampire Princess Rising

Vampire Princess Rising is book two in the Winters Saga. It's the story of Savannah Winters life after she is turned into a vampire. Here is an excerpt from the book detailing the first time she meets her new fiance from a marriage arrangement organized by her evil sire, Celestia.

“Did you drop Danny off at home?” Celestia asked, looking behind her to see if Danny would be joining them.

“Yes, Mother, just as you asked.” Savannah was tired, worn down and didn’t want to deal with anything new she had for her.

“Good, I was getting tired of compelling his mother. She’s very protective of her son. I’m afraid she doesn’t like you very much.” Celestia smiled coldly. Savannah wondered if she ever saw Celestia’s smile reach her eyes. She doubted it.

“I could care less if his mother likes me or not. I don’t like him. Allowing him to follow me around like a puppy dog all day long is exhausting.”

Celestia shrugged. “He’s a built in bodyguard and blood donor. Get used to it.” Her eyes zeroed in on Savannah to make sure she got the point.

Savvy nodded weakly. Fighting with Celestia was a losing battle and one she was not up to at the moment.
“I’m going to go lay down for a while.”

“No. I want you to meet Martina Alvarez, your new image consultant.”

The pretty crazy-eyed Hispanic woman stepped forward and extended a hand to shake. Savannah smiled politely and nodded, choosing to fold her arms over her chest instead of shaking. Touching other supernaturals was intimate, far more intimate than touching humans. You never knew if the supernatural you were touching had a power that could read your inside thoughts.

‘Shake her hand, Savannah.’ Celestia used telepathy to give her the command.

“It’s nice to meet you, Martina.” Savannah responded without unfolding her arms. Her defiance clearly upset Celestia. It was a minor battle she won, one she was sure she would pay dearly for later.

Martina pulled her hand back and smiled. “I’m very pleased to meet you. And I brought a gift.” She gestured toward the handsome young male vampire with light brown hair and amused violet eyes. He bowed formally and Savannah covered her shocked response with her hand. She had never been bowed to and she was sure she did not like it. “This is Prince Viktor Angel Romanov.”

Savannah looked back and forth between Celestia and Martina, confusion clear on her face.

“Your fiancĂ©.” Celestia grinned with excitement.

“Sorry, I already have a pretend boyfriend, my dance card is full. And no offense, but I think he could take you in a fight,” Savannah lied to Viktor. It was obvious the pale man was very strong. Handsome too, if you liked light hair and porcelain skin.

“That’s enough!” Celestia’s anger switch flipped on. “The papers have been signed. You will marry this handsome young man.”

‘I will not!’ Savannah snapped back telepathically.

“Don’t fear, Savannah. The marriage is simply an arrangement between two vampire houses. Paperwork and treaties signed to ensure cooperation in future issues. I will allow you to have as many male friends as you like, as I won’t be giving up my mistresses,” Viktor spoke with a strange accent, one that could be intoxicating to anyone else who was not fuming.

“I don’t care what century you’re from but I happen to be from the twenty-first and we don’t do things that way anymore.” She was not some property to be sold to the highest bidder.

“I think you have the wrong impression.” Viktor looked horrified at Savannah’s reaction.

Good! You should be horrified.

‘Only because you’re reacting ridiculous. You don’t act like a princess,’ he answered her telepathically.
‘You have a lot to learn, Savannah. But I will teach you.’

Savannah jumped back. “How did you do that?”

“Do what?” He looked innocently.

Savannah looked at Celestia and Martina. Neither of them had any clue he was telepathic.

‘How did you talk to me in my mind? Only my sire can do that.’

‘It’s my gift. What’s yours?’

‘That’s personal, don’t you think?’ Savannah didn’t know what her gift was yet. According to Celestia every supernatural being had a special power which they would discover in their own time. Savannah hadn’t seen any hint of a power yet, but she was positive she wouldn’t tell him even if she did.

‘You will tell me in your own time.’ The smirk on his face assured her she would never tell mister-know-it-all what he wanted to know.

“Perhaps we are pushing her too soon. She just returned to school today.” Celestia tried to use logic to explain Savannah’s terrible behavior.

“I think she’s far stronger than you realize, Celestia. Martina and I would like to take her shopping for some new clothes. She’s a far cry from how a princess should look.”

“Excuse me?” Savannah asked, shocked and hurt.

“Yes. Yes, I agree. She needs a complete makeover which is why I hired Martina.”

Martina and Viktor ushered Savannah toward the door. Savannah tried to fight them, but they were both vampires and they were both much stronger than she was.

‘Be good, daughter.’ Celestia’s warning rang in her mind as she was dragged toward the portal to earth dimension. copyright@2014 Jami Brumfield

Get the book here and find out how this story unfolds.

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