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Excerpt from Lone Wolf Rising

The Winters Saga is a paranormal fantasy that centers around three siblings and their entry into the dangerous world of the supernatural. Book one, Lone Wolf Rising is Rebecca's story of vengeance which leads her to risk her life to become a werewolf. She survives the bite but her family doesn't... here is a short teaser from Lone Wolf Rising. Please check it out and feel free to leave a comment below.

“What are you doing here, Gabriel?” Rebecca crossed her arms over her chest.

“I see you two do know each other. He was—“ Savannah started talking, only to be interrupted again, this time by Gabriel.

“I was looking for you when I got the lovely pleasure of meeting your sister and brother,” Gabriel stated simply. “She offered to help me find you.”

"I told you that I would contact you. So, I ask again, what’re you doing here?" Rebecca didn’t like him around her family, not until she trusted him. There was obviously a reason why he was a rogue wolf and not a member of the pack. A reason she hadn’t discovered up to this point and until she did there was no reason to trust him.

"I didn’t know that my presence would be unwelcome." He glanced over at Lucky. "Perhaps that’s because you don't want the others to know you have a guard dog."

"Guard dog?" Savannah's forehead creased in confusion.

"Lucky is my boyfriend," Rebecca said the words too fast.

Gabriel chuckled. "Really? How convenient."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Lucky took a step forward, but Rebecca motioned for him to stay beside her. She needed to show strength.

"I’m sorry, just the fact that you met a few days ago and today you’re dating." He flicked something off his dark green T-shirt which accented his emerald green eyes perfectly. "Seems a little suspect, don't you think?"

"A few days ago?" Savannah continued to get confused and this time the expression she sent Rebecca was one of hurt. She felt she was lied too, Rebecca could see it written all over her face. Rebecca could tell Savvy wanted to ask more, but Gabriel continued on with his deductive reasoning and Becca’s heart thumped a little faster at the danger zone they were quickly entering.

"That morsel of information coupled with the fact that I have known Lucky for most of my life, and he has never settled down or made any kind of commitment to another woman, even his mother, makes me question the validity of your relationship." Gabriel somehow maneuvered himself between Savvy and Rebecca as he tilted his head in a look that made Becca think he was judging her.

The heat that rose between them was instant and made her forget everyone else. Something about Gabriel intrigued Rebecca like no other, not even Lucky. Her wolf wanted to control him, her heart wanted to know him, and her mind wanted to trust him. But none of that would happen anytime soon. There was too much happening, too many things that needed to be worked out before other matters could be addressed. He was going to have to take a back seat on this ride for a while until she figured things out.

"What can I say, I’m a changed man." Lucky stepped in the tight space between Gabriel and Rebecca. He pulled her close and before she knew what was happening his lips crushed hers. Rebecca’s senses pressed the overload switch in her mind as sensations shot through her body at super speed. One thing was for certain, Lucky knew how to kiss. It was earth shattering. Rebecca was compelled to reciprocate as her hands wrapped around his neck and her body pressed against his.

The kiss was abruptly ended when Gabriel spun Rebecca around. Her body slammed against his rock hard chest. Without a word he crushed his lips on hers and adrenaline shot through her once more, only this was different, her wolf was increasing the intensity. It was like a roller coaster ride of emotions as her body reacted to his kiss.

Her wolf assumed the control. All sense escaped her mind when his tongue rolled over her lips and she mentally cringed as a sigh escaped her lips when he pushed through the barrier those they made with ease. The kiss was almost violent as he alternated between licks and tiny nips on her lips. One even broke the skin. When that happened it was all over.

As quickly as the kiss started it ended. He pushed Rebecca back and stared at her as though she’d bit him. But it was he that bit her. She pressed her finger to her lightly bruised lip which was healing fast leaving only a few drops of blood on swollen lips. She could taste the coppery liquid on her tongue. There was no passion in the look Gabriel gave her, only discomfort and shock. The look knocked her ego down as she quickly rubbed her lips to remove all traces of him from her. His reaction intrigued the wolf and she realized the wolf was enjoying the chase, always the predator. Damn her!

"As you can see, a kiss can be faked." His tone was sharp and pointed like a serrated knife blade sawing into her confidence. His razor sharp tongue had knocked her down a few notches just as Lucky's fist abruptly knocked Gabriel down on his rear.

"Don't you ever touch my girl again!" The fierce protection that sang from his eyes and tense body reminded Rebecca of a coiled snake ready to strike again if the threat remained.

Gabriel spit blood from the cut on his lips. "I was simply trying to prove a point." His green eyes found her again. "You need us, Rebecca. Whether you like it or not, you do. I could’ve done much more than kiss you in those few moments." He glanced over at Savannah and Hunter. They were both watching in shock at the scene playing out in front of them. "If that doesn’t convince you, think of your family."

Lone Wolf Rising copyright@2014 by Jami Brumfield

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