Monday, July 21, 2014

Interview with the Vampire Princess

Ever wonder what happens with the characters of your favorite books when the story ends? Here's a sneak peak into the mind of the newly changed Savannah Winters. 

It was difficult getting time to sit down with Savannah for this interview. Her social schedule has multiplied exponentially since her re-birth and mine got rather busy with the writing of book three. But for those of you who have waited patiently for a deeper peek into Savannah's psyche here goes.

Savannah breezed into the interview room dressed to the nines. Her crystal blue dress reflected her sapphire eyes nicely and accented her curvy figure well. Her blonde hair was swept up into an elegant french twist and her makeup and nails were impeccable. She sat down in the chair across the desk from me and plastered on a dazzling smile, one that never met the eyes. Behind the perfect facade was danger.

"Jami." Her voice sickly sweet it almost gave me a tooth ache.

I suddenly felt very uneasy about this entire meeting and wished I'd invited someone else into the room with me. I suppose it was easy to remember the happy-go-lucky Savvy who graced the pages of Lone Wolf Rising rather than face the reality that Savvy no longer existed and in her place was Savannah, the vampire princess sired by none other than Celestia the new queen of the night.

I pushed through the nerves and forced a tight smile to my face. "Savannah, you're looking fabulous, as always."

"How else should a princess look? We have the responsibility to be leaders among our people and I intend to be the best I can in that arena."

"Yes, of course. You have always striven to be the best, even as a human. What do you think drives that motivation?" 

Savannah's smile lessened. "My mother and father. They were great role models before they died."

"And now that your father has returned from the dead?"

"He's not the role model I remembered but he's trying. I know Becca isn't excited about accepting him back in our lives and Hunter's a little on the fence, especially since we found out we have two more sisters, but I still love him, deep, deep down, and I'm trying to allow him back into my life."

"And are you upset that he remained hidden from you for all these years?"

"He did it to protect us. That's what no one understands." Savannah snarled angrily. 

I breathed in deeply and reminded myself that I created her so she wouldn't think about hurting me. Celestia created her and she wants to maim her, the devil’s advocate in my mind reminded me. I shook my head to clear the irritating voice and proceeded, “I love how protective you all are of each other. It’s something your fans have pointed out in countless reviews. No matter how terrible things get the family always comes first.”

“Not always, but mother taught us that when the dust settles all we have are each other. It’s a gentle reminder even now that even at our lowest we will always have each other. No matter what you throw at us.” She narrowed her eyes at me.

I placed my hands in the air as a show of resignation and Savannah eased back into her seat. “Tell me, Jami, how much more do you plan to throw at us before you understand you can’t break us?”

“Some might argue the obstacles you’ve faced have brought you closer together.” I pointed out. I couldn’t tell her there were plenty more surprises down the road for all five of them. It would break her heart.

“Well, I didn’t kill Rebecca when I could’ve hurt her badly with Georgie so I guess that would support your statement a little bit and she isn’t teetering on the brink of depression anymore so that is good as well. But Hunter is now in a little danger since he’s decided his powers will protect him. He’s going to need to remember that we need each other, that is if we can save him.”

“His decision to go to the alternate universe was to help you both. Doesn’t that win him some points?”

“We don’t want help. We are what we are now. We can’t go back. He needs to remember that since our parents died we were always there for each other and we took care of each other together. United we stand, divided we fall.”

“And what about Mystery and Miracle?”

Savannah shrugged. “I can take them or leave them. It does however, upset me that father spent the last ten years with them and left us in the cold.”

“He left you with Catherine.” I reminded her.

“Grandmother did okay raising us. She was the only person there for us after all the tragedy and for that I’ll be forever grateful.” Savannah leaned forward, “but you know I meant something entirely different. Having your parents there when you’re growing up is something that is irreplaceable.”

There was the spark of danger in her eyes again so I decided to change the subject. “So what do you think of your witch power?”

“Psychometry? It’s annoying. I don’t enjoy seeing past imprints from touching things. Why couldn’t you have given me something cool like zapping people with fireballs?”

“Vampires and fire don’t mix, not to mention, water and fire don’t mix well either.” I pointed out politely. “I have a feeling your power is going to come in handy very soon.”

“Whatever.” She stood up, it was becoming painfully obvious she wanted to leave.

“Savannah, we still have a few more minutes.” I reminded her gently.

“Maybe we do,” she leaned forward, palms flat on the desk, until her nose was inches from mine. “But do you?”

I leaned back to put some space in between us. Being face to face with a vampire was not a comfortable situation. “I suppose I have enough for my interview.”

“Good.” She started heading toward the door.

“It’s going to get better someday.” I told her as she reached for the door.

She tossed her head over her shoulder and smiled wickedly. “I hope so because I’d hate to live eternity with these angry feelings.” And with that she left.

I let out a breath and fell back into my chair. Well, now that I made that promise I better start writing Savannah a happy ending to her love life.

Like Savannah’s character? Check out the Winters Saga on Amazon. Book one, Lone Wolf Rising and book two Vampire Princess Rising are already out. Book three, Fire Master Rising is in production now and should be released in a couple of months.

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