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Sneak Peek of Bear-i-licious Cowboy, meet Ashlee

Bear-i-licious Cowboy will be released in November for $2.99.

You can read it before it's individual release in the Once Upon a Midnight box set that will be available for a limited time for only $0.99 on most major e-retailers. With 20 paranormal romances by 20 talented authors the box set is a steal of a deal. The best part? ALL proceeds from the Once Upon a Midnight box set will go to The Epilepsy Foundation. Grab it on pre-order today.

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Bear-i-licious Cowboy is a stand alone paranormal romance, the first book in the Aphrodite's Love Connection series. I wrote Aphrodite's Love Connection with a underlying message that will be threaded through all of the stories in the series. The goddess Aphrodite and God Eros are on a mission to balance the scales of love and hate. With hate overpowering love on a massive scale globally, Hades' seer has proclaimed the world is on the verge of an apocalypse. The only thing that can change the foreseen apocalypse is to bring love back on an even playing field and they plan to do so by bringing couples together one by one. Each love connection in this series brings them closer to balancing the scales. Bear-i-licious Cowboy is the series starter. It isn't necessary to read these romances in order. Each one will have a HEA or HFN.

Check out a sneak peek of Bear-i-licious Cowboy below. I think you'll fall in love with Ashlee and Tucker's romance. The chemistry between these two is pretty awesome. This sneak peek gives you a taste of Ashlee's personality and life.

Chapter One


GUILT GOBBLED ME UP FROM the inside out as I stared at the half eaten pint of double chocolate crunch ice cream I had just downed. ‘A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.’ My mother’s condescending voice echoed in my mind, increasing the feelings of remorse and further pushing me into a downward spiral, next stop was depression station. I really needed to shock myself out of this state, and listening to my mother’s snappy retorts about my weight was not going to help me. Why do I let her still verbally beat me up? She was not a part of my life anymore, for good reason. She was the one responsible for my anorexia, which graduated to bulimia by the time I hit my twenties. It eventually put me into the hospital.
Her negative crap pushed me over the brink, head-first into an abyss of depression which eventually aided in my divorce. Sure, I had some responsibility to take in the nastiness that had become my life, and I was taking it. I also had a duty to maintain my sanity, which was why she no longer had power over my thoughts.
It was hard to overcome the programming my mother had instilled in me since birth, but with Callie’s help, and my determination to live a better life, I found my path. Unfortunately, that path was lonely and I resorted back to emotional eating from time to time. It was my comfort zone, one that still had a small level of power over me.
When Penny called and told me she was getting married to the hot fireman she’d met three months ago, I located the pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and decided to have a few celebratory scoops of the delicious yumminess that I often referred to as my weakness. I was happy for Penny, truly I was, but her great news reminded me that I was still alone, and for the foreseeable future, had absolutely no dating prospects. Hence, the onslaught of emotional eating lately, which I will be regretting for the next two months. For the immediate future, I saw hours of time dedicated to running on the treadmill with very little results. Thinking about it threatened to put me back in the cyclone of sadness which would result in the other half of the pint being eaten so I shoved the box back in the freezer and snapped on my computer. I needed a distraction, and Friday night television was not going to hit the spot.
I also needed to find a congratulatory bouquet to send to Penny. Callie’s email was the first thing that caught my eye. Subject line: YOU NEED THIS! Yep, she was shouting in all caps. She knew I hated that, but it did the trick. I clicked open the message and my heart dropped to my toes. I know it can’t physically happen, but the feeling of such an act filled me with dread. Callie was dead. Not yet, but she would be when I got my hands around her skinny neck. She was the most presumptuous friend I’d ever had.
The link she placed in the email was for a dating website called, ‘Aphrodite’s Love Connection’. Worse, that particular hyperlink sent me to my own profile. A profile I knew I never created. How Callie thought she could jump in and try to save my dating life was beyond me. If she was here, she’d appreciate the massive eye roll I gave as I read the profile.
My eyes wandered the site. ‘I love the outdoors.’ Okay, that was true. My plus size figure didn’t indicate the hours of hiking I did just to be outside in nature. ‘Camping and white water rafting’, all true. ‘I also enjoy days at the beach, warm summer days, and ice cream dates’. As I read through the faux profile I had to give it to Callie, the girl knew me inside and out, which was expected since she’d been a part of my life since we were in diapers. ‘I’m looking for a strong man who can country dance on Saturday night, and enjoys reading the Sunday Times with a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace the next morning.’
‘I’m a curvy spitfire who knows what she wants.’ “Hardly!” I shouted, harsher than necessary, at my computer screen as I continued to read the words generated by my well-meaning, but overly enthusiastic friend. “The only thing missing is ‘For a good time call….,” I snarled as I shut the laptop and picked up my cell phone.
I didn’t offer a hello when Callie picked up the phone on the second ring. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Oh, I see you got my present.” Callie’s voice purred over the line.
“You and I have differing opinions of what a present is,” I told her. “Take it down!”
“Nope, I won’t, and this Friday, you and I are going to the monthly mixer.”
“Like hell,” I snorted, as I laughed at her ridiculous idea.
“Tell me something, Ashlee. When you got Penny’s news, what did you do?”
“I toasted her good news with half a pint of ice cream.” The words poured from my lips and made me regret them the moment they hit the air.
“I rest my case.” Callie continued, “Your divorce has been final for three years and you haven’t had a decent date in ten. It’s time to get back into the saddle again.”
“Yes, but--”
“You’re not getting any younger, Ash.” She interrupted me from the excuse I was trying to come up with.
“Neither are you,” I pointed out a little too snidely.
“Which is why we’re doing this together. I’m picking you up at 5:30, Friday. Be ready.” She hung up the phone before I could argue further.
I wanted to scream ‘Witch’ into the phone, but something in my mind told me she was right. I loved her and hated her for that ability, but she was almost always right.
I sighed heavily and flipped open the laptop again. I clicked on Monthly Mixer and perused the photos of past parties. There were definitely some good looking bachelors and bachelorettes. I didn’t look like the typical patron. Callie did, but I had a feeling I was going to be out of place. Story of my life.
The dress was classy, business casual to semi-elegant attire. It looked like I was going to be spending my lunch hour tomorrow shopping.

Bear-i-licious Cowboy will be available November 9th on Amazon for $2.99. 
But between now and November 2nd you can grab this story along with 19 other amazing tales from 20 different talented paranormal authors in the box set Once Upon a Midnight for only $0.99. Over $50 savings and the proceeds will benefit The Epilepsy Foundation. 

Thank you for reading and if you liked this sneak peek, feel free to share. Have a wonderful week! 

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