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Sneak Peek of Bear-i-licious Cowboy: Meet Tucker

Bear-i-licious Cowboy is one of the 20 stories in the Once Upon a Midnight Anthology which is currently available for $0.99 on pre-order. This set will be released October 11th 2016 and is only available through November 2nd.

Bear-i-licious Cowboy won't be available for individual sale until November 11th, 2016 and the price for this story is $2.99. It is available for pre-order but the real deal for a limited time is to grab it in the Anthology. Best part of the Anthology? All proceeds will go to The Epilepsy Foundation.

I'm excited about this new story, it is the first story in the Aphrodite's Love Connection series. A paranormal romance series with mythological gods and goddesses. Each story is a complete romance with HEA or HFN. The overall arc to the series is about love conquering all and overcoming hate. Aphrodite's Love Connection is a dating service run by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. Their mission is to bring supernatural couples together to balance the scales of love and hate and hopefully, if they create enough love matches, they will stop the oncoming apocalypse.

In Bear-i-licious Cowboy, Tucker (a bear shifter cowboy and clan alpha) is forced to pick a mate within a month or Artemis will remove him from his leadership role. She believes a mate will soften his rough edges and make him a better leader. Tucker doesn't agree, but the ultimatum leaves him little choice. When he rescues Ashlee from a vampire assassin, he realizes that fate has brought him his mate.

Ashlee is a very human woman who has been targeted because she knows too much of the supernatural world. Her best friend is a witch. The reality is she knows nothing about the supernatural world and she is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When she does discover the creatures that go bump in the night, she doesn't want anything to do with them. That is until she discovers her connection to Tucker. Ashlee is a super fun character and you can get a sneak peek of her here.

Check out a sneak peek of Tucker's character below. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to one click Once Upon a Midnight or grab the individual copy of Bear-i-licious Cowboy at the links below if you miss the limited run. Thank you for reading.

Sneak Peek of Tucker's character in Bear-i-licious Cowboy

Tucker watched from the corner of the room as humans and supernatural creatures weaved in and out of the elegant ballroom. Laughter and chatter filtered through the crowd. As far as he could tell, the party was going well. People were mingling, pairing up, Aphrodite and her son, Eros, seemed pleased with the mixer.
He couldn’t remember a time when he felt more out of place. It didn’t help that he wasn’t happy about being here. He knew his responsibility to Artemis and her expectations. She expected him to find a mate. He’d do just that, but he was looking for one that didn’t strike his fancy. He didn’t need a distraction, and he knew all too well that a woman, a mate, was a terrible distraction. If she was a true mate, she’d tear his energy in two or worse, if she was weaker than him, she’d become a problem. He didn’t have time to protect someone while he tried to rebuild his flailing pack.
He’d met suitable potential mates at the party. Josette seemed like a good option at first. Her red hair and lightly freckled skin made her pretty enough. She was a little too skinny for his tastes, but that could always be rectified. The problem was her day job, she was a dominatrix and enjoyed her power over men. She was the last thing he needed in his den. A little whipping wasn’t the issue; it was that she’d be far more interesting than dealing with the fight he had over property with the neighboring wolf pack. Not to mention, he wasn’t the kind of man that could share his woman. She’d have to quit her job.
Mariah also sparked his interest, a witch with dark, exotic looks. Not only could she protect herself, but she’d offer more strength to their dwindling numbers rather than becoming a hindrance. The problem was that she had no intention of living in the forest. To be fair, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t. She came from a powerful witch family, and had responsibilities on the council.
He was beginning to think that was the case with most of these women. For him, nature was his sanctuary, but they seemed to run from it like it was the plague. It was a deal breaker for him. His mate would need to live in his den with him while he rebuilt his pack and strengthened his borders. He knew these objections wouldn’t appease Artemis. She wanted him to find a mate and would not accept excuses.
A pretty blonde woman, who had been eyeing him across the crowd, caught his interest for a moment, until a scent drew his attention to the door. Two women entered; one tall and skinny, and the other, shorter and far curvier. They were both very attractive. The taller woman had brown curls and sun-kissed skin, and the lovelier woman was blonde and beautiful. It wasn’t their looks that caught his attention initially. He thought it was the witch, or maybe it was the human friend. Whichever scent drew his attention, it was something strong, distinctive, and completely intoxicating.
He watched them enter the room. The tall one seemed confident and exuded a strong aura. If he ventured a guess, she was the witch, but he needed to get closer to be sure. The blonde girl with sexy curves that went for miles seemed like she felt out of place. She was uncomfortable even though she was hot as hell. The way she fiddled with the hem of her black dress and adjusted her low cut neck line made him smile. The other women here were refined and polished, but this pretty, petite blonde was obviously a fish out of water, and as refreshing as a cool breeze.
Before he knew what he was doing, his feet were heading across the room toward the two girlfriends. Just as he was about to intercept their steps to the open bar, a male vampire stepped in front of him and steered them in the opposite direction.
His interest was obviously in the curvy blonde human, since vampires and witches rarely got along thanks to a century’s-old feud between the two supernatural races. No one really knew what sparked this quarrel, except maybe elders of the two groups. If they did know, they weren’t sharing, and they weren’t doing anything to alleviate the tension between both species either.
Tucker’s only real question was if his interest was in food or romance. Either option didn’t sit well with him. Something about the blonde intrigued him. He hadn’t intended to follow, but something told him to go. His bear was driven to protect, despite his desire to walk away. He didn’t need to involve himself in other people’s affairs. He had enough on his plate.
If the human and witch were dense enough to accompany the vampire outside, away from the safety of this event, then so be it. His actions didn’t follow his thoughts which irritated him further, and he pursued them toward the exit.
The curvy blonde allowed the vampire to lead her outside. Her friend tagged along, which he found himself grateful for. At least the human had some form of protection, but he had no idea how strong the witch was, a thought that was unsettling. The nagging voice in his head said to stay out of it, but the bear wouldn’t hear it. Reluctantly, he followed.
“And where are you off to in such a hurry?” Josette stepped in his path and seductively pressed a toothpick into his nipple. The slight prick was meant to be stimulating, but her interruption was nothing more than a gnat circling his head. His lip curled, but he managed to hold in the snarl that was erupting in his chest. He needed to find the girls.
A satisfied smile spread across her pretty face. “I was right, you do like it rough.” She pressed the toothpick in deeper.
He twisted her wrist back as he pulled her hand away and crushed her body against his. His voice was harsher than intended when he whispered, “I’m not interested in playing games, Josette.” He rushed out the door and sniffed the air, seeking a whiff of cinnamon and pine which he recognized as the human’s scent.

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