Thursday, September 1, 2016

Writing Fight Scenes (Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors): 30 Books in 30 Day Challenge

Day Two:

As a writer of paranormal romance and mystery, a few Science Fiction and Dystopian Romance novels, fight scenes are a must as much as the love scenes. I am not a fighter or warrior, I am lover and writer, but to create believable fight scenes is a necessity to keeping the readers engaged and turning pages. Prior to reading this book, I watched a ton of You Tube fight videos to help me craft a fight scene. I will continue to do so, but I did enjoy reading "Writing Fight Scenes: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors" by Rayne Hall for many reasons.

She reinforced the idea that fight scenes are not just the act of fighting, they are about the suspense leading up to the scene, the location, the five senses, the beginning, middle, surprises, ending and aftermath. For those of us that are not trained warriors these can be forgotten, it made for a great refresher on what creates amazing scenes.

I even put together a cheat sheet for myself on creating solid fight scenes from the information gone over in this book as well as my past experiences with fight scenes. This book is a definite read for anyone that wants to learn how to or improve their scene writing skills on fight scenes.

Now that I have read this book, designed a process for writing effective fight scenes, I am planning on going over the two scenes I've already written for Cursed (Blood Courtesans Series), which is my current work in progress, and review these scenes to make sure they have the necessary components.

The other thing I really enjoyed about this book was the amount of research information the author shared with the readers. She goes into great detail about many specific weapons, how to use these weapons, motives generally used by the wielder of the weapon, and blunders or mistakes made by writers who are not trained in using these specific weapons. She even offers links to many example in the book. It was definitely a great read.

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