Sunday, September 4, 2016

Writing Vivid Dialogues: Writer's Journey to Honing her Craft

I've been a independent author and small press published author for about 3 years now. I've learned a lot over that time. First, being an author is a business. You create a brand and you market. Second, being an author takes writing skills and it is important to keep these skill sets sharp. In answer to the second point, I decided to engage in a 30 day challenge where I read a book a day that focuses on improving my skills as an author. Many of these books are entry level and become refresher courses for the experienced author, but refreshing skills can be as impactful as learning new ones. Sometimes along the way, I get to learn new skills in the midst of the refresher details so this is a win, win!

Day three:

Writing Vivid Dialogue: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors was a chunky read with a lot of valuable information. For beginning authors, this a a great help aid to making your stories pop. For more experience authors, I found this a great refresher course. I call this book a course, because the author Rayne Hall writes it in that fashion. Each section has an activity to be completed. It was like I was taking an entry level college course on writing dialogue.

I also noticed that while reading through this book and continuing with my own work-in-progress, I've seen my writing intensify in the dialogue sections. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to become an author or someone wanting to hone their craft as an author. But this book will not replace the need for an editor and proofreader.

I highly recommend. I've only read two book in Rayne Hall's Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors series, but after those two I plan to read plenty more. Off to read day four's book... Have a great day.

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