Thursday, June 1, 2017

Excerpt from Blazing Tales: Blaze and Willa Meet

One of the best parts of a romance is when the couple meet for the first time. It is the reader's chance to start to feel the heat and romantic tension build between them. I loved writing this scene in Blazing Tales. Check out an excerpt below.

It was a chilly day as Willa made her way down the broken sidewalk to her favorite coffee shop. She hadn’t been able to shake her nerves since she’d had her call with Gerri. Pulling her jean jacket tighter around her, she quickened her pace. She was pretty sure she made it clear she wasn’t looking for anything serious, but she found herself hoping she liked the man that her matchmaker set her up with. Maybe she’d even finding a little inspiration for the love interest in her next book. Detective Cassidy was in need of a new man.
A warm breeze hit her as she entered the coffee shop and the owner greeted her with a smile. She’d spent many afternoons in this place, hammering out chapters when her office wouldn’t do. It was almost always busy, and today was no different. She looked through the crowd of people searching for a man at a table with a red rose. She spotted a bouquet of roses connected to a hand, a large hand. That large hand was attached to a muscular arm, which was connected to a pair of broad shoulders, strong neck, perfectly chiseled face, and granite chest. He stole her breath. There was no way a man that hot was here for her.
His lips moved, but she couldn’t hear what he said. She was too busy staring at the best-looking guy she’d seen in years.
“Are you okay?” he spoke again, this time waving a hand in front of her face, knocking her out of her reverie. It was one of those moments she wrote about in books, when the world froze, and the only people in the room were him and her.
He stood up and snapped his fingers in her face. She shook her head and blinked her eyes as she began to focus once again. As it turned out, she had that moment all wrong. There were no words to describe the feeling. She’d get it right in the next book. A voice in the back of Willa’s head yelled, run! You’re in trouble here. He is far too good for you. It was the voice that came from multiple men in her past. The one that always poked its head up when she found herself interested in someone out of her league. It is only one date, she reminded herself.
“Are you okay? Are you having a seizure?” His large hand roamed over her neck, and down her arm to check her pulse. His mere touch set her synapses on fire. Electrical currents vibrated through her body. She was suddenly hot, on fire from the inside out.
A blush burned her neck and cheeks. “No, I’m fine. I’m sorry.” She sat down. Time just stopped in your presence, and I don’t know how to process the moment, she thought silently. “I’m Willa. I hope you’re Blaze.” Otherwise I am making a fool of myself sitting here at your table.
He chuckled. “It would be uncomfortable if you sat down and I wasn’t, right?” He continued to watch her with a careful eye.
“Oh, maybe I do have the wrong table.” She tried to stand up, but he gently pushed her back down.
“No, I am Blaze. It’s nice to meet you, Willa.” His voice was as hot as the rest of him, like hot chocolate on a bitter cold day. She was in trouble. She really liked this man.


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