Friday, April 17, 2015

Busy weekend with lots of great events and a new release

As an author, there are a lot of fun events I get invited to do and takeover and this weekend is a full slate. I'm pretty excited about the fun and wanted to share the events with you. Hope to see you there. You may even win a prize or two.

The Crazy Lady Authors are hosting a Spring Extravaganza Cross over event Saturday, April 18th on Facebook here. Here's the line up:

The Crazy Lady Authors have been busy. Together we have published Cooking with the Crazy Lady Authors and a collection of Treasured Moments short stories. On April 18th we will be celebrating both these collaborations. Even better, they will be on sale for only 99¢ Come and party with us... The Crazy Ladies are always fun to hang out with

Here is the line up.

9:30 - Ella Medler
10:00 - Melanie James
10:30 - Kelly Batton Cozzone
11:00 - Aubree Lane 
11:30 - Andrea Wood
Afternoon (Central Time Zone)
12:00 - Lunchtime Linda Lee Williams
12:30 - Diane Rinella
1:00 - Nikki Lynn Barrett
1:30 - Teri Riggs
2:00 -Terri Hubbard Carle
2:30 -Holly Barbo
3:00 -Michele Gwynn
3:30 - Jennifer Theriot
4:00 - Cherime MacFarlane
4:30 - Jayne Hyatt
5:00 -Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
5:30 - Jami Brumfield
6:00 - Angela Ford

TJ's Virtual Book Tours has it's Grand Opening Celebration this weekend with so many amazing authors that it's impossible to list them all... Check it out here on Facebook.

Spring Magic, meet the authors event, hosted by Lions Book Promotions is also hosting a party with plenty of awesome authors here.

Here's the author line-up:

Sat. 4.18.15 - EST

12:00 Dawn Montgomery
1:00 Nic Saint 
2:00 P.T. Macias 
3:00 Matthew William Harrill 
4:00 Marissa Honeycutt
5:00 Teri McGill
6:00 Thomas Duder
7:00 Elisabeth Popolow
8:00 Sandra Nelson
9:00 Cindy Tibbitts
10:00 PM Briede

Sun. 419.15 - EST

12:00 Bella Jeanisse
1:00 Michele Bardsley
2:00 Renee George
3:00 Diana Marie DuBois
4:00 P.T. Macias
5:00 Nadine Marie Catalano
6:00 Thomas Duder
7:00 Teri McGill
8:00 Teri McGill
9:00 Jami Brumfield
10:00 Marissa Storm

and My Heart Belongs to a Fictional Character Multi Author event hosted by Chelsea Author Promotions is also in full swing this weekend here.

Check out this line-up:

1. Natalie-Nicole Bates
2. Allyson Lindt
3. Loralie Hall
4. Denice Garrou
5. Crystal Dawn
6. Shirleen Davies
7. Krystal Shannan
8. Taige Crenshaw
9. Cari Quinn
10. Caryn Moya Block

1. Katya Armock
2. J.C. Valentine
3. Sotia Lazu
4. Vivian Lane
5. Christine Pope
6. D.J. Shaw
7. Elvira Bathory
8. Sarah Grimm
9. D.D. Miers
10. Tabith Conall

1. Gwen Knight
2. Stasia Morineaux
3. Mya Lairis
4. Joanne Jaytanie
5. A.E. Via
6. Fiona Steele
7. Robin Nadler 
8. Jami Brumfield

I'll personally be giving away multiple books at these parties and so will many of the other authors participating so all of these events promise to be fun.

I also released my first non-fiction book in the Organizing Your Life Series titled Become a Time Manager. It's full of tips, tricks, exercises to help people increase their time management skills. Check it out and one click this one this weekend for only .99.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends

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