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Tasty treat of the Kindle Worlds project for The Vampire Diaries titled Nightmare World

I just wrote my first novella for the Kindle Worlds The Vampire Diaries titled Nightmare World and I'm so excited to hear what others think of this story. It was absolute fun playing around in the world created by LJ Smith. My hats off to an amazing series.

In this novella I decided to change the course of history. Imagine what Mystic Falls would be like if Elena had been put in a coma after the car accident that claimed her parents' lives. Two years later she wakes up to a very different world... one made of nightmares and her family plays a large part in keeping a not-so-wonderful town in order.

Check out the excerpt below and check out the novella on Amazon here.

Two years after the accident that killed her parents Elena Gilbert awakens from a coma to a world of nightmare proportions. Her little brother Jeremy and legal guardian Jenna are hunters, the vampires, witches and werewolves are at war, and the humans of Mystic Falls have become casualties of the conflict.

While carrying out her new hunter duties, Elena and her friends and family find out about a plot to bring peace to the town of Mystic Falls but at what cost?

How will Elena fit into this world that has continued on in her absence? Will the charismatic Alaric Saltzman find a way to bring the paranormal factions to a peaceful resolution? What are the feuding Salvatore brothers up to? This new nightmare world is a reality and they must learn to make it home again.

Nightmare World is an action packed, fast paced novella inspired by the award winning, bestselling Vampire Diaries series.


THERE WAS NOTHING TO PATROLLING, other than facing the stone cold reality that Mystic Falls was a barren, desolate battleground. The streets that once held so much laughter, happy faces, friendly neighbors, and a massive amount of town friendly activities was now littered with death and destruction. Most of the storefronts were boarded up. All supplies for the hunters were delivered in caravans from the government. The town was sanctioned off from the outside world. No one was allowed to go in or out of the borders unless they were approved by the authorities. It was their way of containing the nightmare they lived in.
               Even communication outside the city was monitored. As far as she knew, the outside world had no idea of the terror that lurked on the streets of this once wonderful village. A cat scurried down an alley and had Elena jumping in her skin. She kept hoping she’d wake up and find herself home, safe and sound, in the past.
               “Keep moving, we have an appointment to keep.” Jeremy’s gruff voice cut into her thoughts as he quickened his pace.
               Elena had to speed walk just to catch up to him. “What appointment,” she whispered. He had told her they were going on a simple patrol not meeting up with someone. He didn’t answer just turned right down Main street, a deviation from the route they were supposed to be on. “Jer, this isn’t our sector.”
               He didn’t respond or even look her way as he turned down a darkened alley which smelled of excrement and rotting food, the ammonia tainted air made her pause at the mouth of the dark side street. Jeremy wasn’t acting normal, but then again what was normal? She didn’t want to go any further but her little brother had disappeared into the shadows and she needed to protect him. That is what Gilbert’s did. As she took one step into the black abyss she hoped Jeremy remembered that.
               Within moments she had caught up to him and was overjoyed at the sight of her best friend, Bonnie. She’d been home for a month since waking up from the coma and hadn’t seen anyone but Caroline, Jeremy and Jenna. Bonnie looked different now in a black dress that covered her dark skin from her shoulders to her ankles and hugged curves she never knew the girl had. Her dark hair flowed around her shoulders in natural waves and her amber eyes seemed to dance in delight at spotting Elena. She quickly handed Jeremy the small plastic baggie and ran to hug her best friend.
               Arms wrapped around her shoulders in an embrace that brought back countless childhood memories, happy times. They were thick as thieves growing up and happy. They had problems but together they overcame them which built a stronger bond between them, almost sisterly.
               “When Jeremy told me you had woken up I was ecstatic. I would’ve come to see you but witches aren’t allowed in the hunter’s headquarters.” She pulled back and cupped her friend’s face. “You look terrible.”
               Her brutal honesty was like a slap in the face but refreshing. After a moment of silence, they both burst into quiet chuckles. “Thanks, Bon Bon.”
               “I prayed to my ancestors every day for a healthy return and here you are, standing before me.”
               Hearing Bonnie Bennett talk about witches and ancestors was unnerving. She’d been told of Bonnie and Caroline’s changes over the last two years while she was locked away in the deep sleep that kept her from the living. She had done everything she could to prepare herself to eventually see Bonnie as the supposed enemy but nothing she did made the reality plausible. In no universe would Bonnie be an enemy to her. It just wasn’t something she could prepare for.
               Witches and hunters were not friends for a very good reason. The witches created the werewolves and Vampires and the hunters killed them. Despite the witches attempt to maintain balance the with the sun and moon curse, the hunters still had to police both species.
               “I can’t believe you’re a witch, a real witch. I remember you talking to me about being psychic but hearing you call yourself a witch is just… overwhelming.”
               Bonnie nodded, “it was an adjustment but the hardest part is being on opposite sides from my friends. I can’t stand the idea that we are supposed to be enemies.”
               “That’s all it is, an idea. No one can make me think of you as an enemy.” Elena insisted.
               Bonnie pulled her into a hug again. “You’re right. Now to find a way to convince Caroline the same.”
               “I’m the one that gossips in this group, ladies, not you.” Caroline’s voice came up behind them and the hair on Elena’s arms stood at attention.
               “God, Caroline, how many times have I told you not to sneak up on us.” Jeremy had his gun aimed her direction before she even came into view.
               Caroline embraced Elena in a tight hug that threatened to suck the air out of her lungs. “Oh, Elena, it is so great to see you out and about!” She ignored Jeremy and smiled at her friends. “I was beginning to worry that you were going to stay locked up in that house for the rest of eternity.”
               “Yes because that is a healthy alternative to skipping patrol duty.” Elena struggled to keep from rolling her eyes.
               “It is definitely a safer option,” a familiar voice from her past spoke from the shadows.
               “In the flesh.” He joined them and smiled as he wrapped an arm around Caroline’s waist.
               Elena sucked in another deep breath, she knew Matt and Caroline were dating but seeing it was yet another sucker punch to the gut. The world really had gone on while she was sleeping away trapped in her mind. She hated to admit it but they were a stunning couple. Matt, the blond hair blue eyed quarterback and Caroline the blonde hair, green eyed head cheerleader. Elena shook her head. That was the past. They were now Mystic Falls Police officers. “You look… good.” She looked at both of them, “and I hear congratulations are in order.”
               Caroline nodded, her blonde curls bounced around her shoulders. Even though she followed in her mother’s footsteps as an officer of the law, she still brought rays of sunshine wherever she went, the perky, slightly control freakishly, sunny best friend that always wore a smile no matter what problem she faced. “I hope you’re okay with this,” she pointed to her and Matt, “when had the accident and when my mom got sick, Matt was there to help me through it. Without him, I probably would’ve died from heartbreak, for realsie.”
               Matt glanced down at the slimy ground, “yea, we both helped each other through painful times.”
               Elena nodded her understanding. It hurt to see him with Caroline, cut deep like a knife into her soul, but they seemed oddly ‘right’ for each other. “I’m fine, life goes on.” The truth was she had finally decided to break up with Matt before the accident so this made that transition easier, but in her mind that hadn’t happened which took away her opportunity for closure. None of that mattered, because she needed her friends and couldn’t afford to lose another person. “I never would’ve imagined you two being part of the police.”
               “We couldn’t just stand by and watch our town fall apart without doing something to help.” Matt replied.
               “And not all of us have supernatural hunter abilities and the force needed recruits.” Caroline chimed in.
               Her friends were still familiar but so different. It was a lot to take in.
               “Okay, if we’re going to save Vickie we need to go.” Jeremy slipped something in his mouth and shoved his phone into his black jeans.
               “Wait, what do you mean, save Vickie?”
               “We’ll explain on the way. Let’s go.” Caroline grabbed Elena’s hand, the warmth startled her for a moment but she quickly recovered and followed the group.

I also included a "behind the scenes" and "why I wrote this novella" video below. I hope you enjoy.

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