Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Class Released on Skill Share for Aspiring Authors

I'm excited to announce my newest class is available on Skill Share and it was designed for Aspiring Authors. The new training series titled Design Your Epic Novel has eleven courses scheduled to be uploaded and each one covers a specific area of writing and self-publishing. If you want to write a novel this is a series to take. I'll be covering the topics below:

  • Creating An Amazing Hero
  • Creating Super Supporting Characters
  • Overcoming Writer's Block
  • Conflicts and Villains
  • Designing a Plot
  • Twists and Turns
  • Marketing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Overcoming Fear of Publishing
  • Social Media 
  • Series
Creating an Amazing Hero just went live. The Class will walk you through the steps I take when creating a new lead character for my books. When you finish the training you should have a fleshed out character complete with a backstory and Ideal Future Story. You'll be asked to take that character you built and write a character interview which can be used for your marketing efforts when you go to publish your book. 

Also check out my other series on Goal Setting and Action Planning... Also available on Skill Share.

Design Your Desired Future

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  1. What a great resource for aspiring authors! Thank you for sharing on the Faith Filled Parenting LinkUp.