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The Hunt is On: Meet Josette Reuel

Hi I’m Jami Brumfield paranormal author of over 20 titles and I’m your host for this stop in the tour.

This is your post for the ACOA Scavenger Hunt and I am pleased to be hosting JOSETTE REUEL, in her post you will find a number, not in written text, but as a numerical number. Write it down and collect them all as you visit every post along the way. Good Luck!

Josette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape-shifting dragon kidnapped her and dragged her off to be his destined mate... as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres; however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha heroes, each with a little something extra.

Finding the Dragon — the first book in the Dásreach Council Novels — was her debut novel. The future promises to be full of more great releases.

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Her most recent release is the third book in the Dásreach Council Novels, “Releasing the Panther.”

Releasing the Panther Blurb

Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen — the group to become the next Dásreach Council. But, to become the council the Thirteen must find their mates. When he received a phone call from his best friend and Alpha, Kai Darrow, Charlie was happy his friend found his mate, but a bit jealous too. That was until he saw Natalie on the side of the road with her friends after a blown tire. His panther’s natural instincts immediately took control and his passions rose with each interaction with the emotionally distanced ex-Marine.

Natalie Matthews, goes by Nat, decided a long time ago that living life only got you hurt. She devoted herself to the Marines and when she couldn’t handle seeing the aftermath of the conflict of being a soldier; she retired and started helping those wounded soldiers that spoke to her own wounded heart. Her life was rewarding, but lonely, until the Book Worms. Control and logic ruled her life, but paranormal romance and her Book Worms gave her a place to release her deepest hidden desires. Desires that manifested in one cocky British Dásreach panther.

Unbeknownst to the Thirteen a darkness is working against them, preventing possible mates from coming into contact with them. Working in the shadows and using human pawns, the darkness has set its sights on Natalie and her friends.
Can Charlie convince Natalie that sometimes you need to let go and live before it’s too late?

Prologue from “Finding the Dragon” © Josette Reuel

The Dásreach, or two-spirited, are a long-lived paranormal race of male shifters tasked with maintaining the peace and balance of the Earth. They are led by a Council of  thirteen warriors and follow the guidance of the Great Spirit. Every 27 years a new group of warriors are chosen at the age of twenty to be the next Council. This group of young men is known as the Thirteen and will spend the next twenty years preparing for their positions. At the age of thirty, if they haven’t already done so, the men begin the search for their mates, for they cannot become the next Council unless all thirteen have found the women who will balance them.

The current Thirteen are in their thirty-ninth year and have been unable to find their mates. This leaves them with two summer solstices before they are to take over the Council – only a year and a half to find their mates. The Thirteen have been working their tattoo shops and traveling the world, searching and hoping, but with each passing year, month, week, and day that they have searched their frustrations have risen as one brother after another return with no mate.

Kai Darrow was gifted with the dragon spirit guardian and is the next leader of the Council. For the Dásreach, the dragon is a sacred and rare spirit guardian. In long ago days when the world was young, it was said that the Great Spirit along with the dragons protected the Earth. The dragon was strength, intelligence, and protection. These dragon protectors are the spirit guardians who choose the next leader of the Dásreach Council. Kai Darrow carries the spirit of the leader of all dragons, who has chosen Kai because a darkness has arisen in the Dásreach and the Earth is in turmoil again. Kai feels the heavy weight of the darkness his spirit guardian councils him against and searches frantically for his and his brother’s mates. They must take their place as the next Dásreach Council at the Council Oath gathering in a year and a half. They must find their mates immediately.
Day of the Winter Solstice, Outside New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kai watched from the doorway of a large room in the plantation house where he lives with his best friend Charlie and fellow Thirteen member, Malkum. The three of them live in the house on a more permanent basis while the rest of the Thirteen travel the world. Now that the Thirteen were done with their formal training, this room was where they planned and regrouped. The old plantation house located in the bayou outside of New Orleans worked as a great base of operations for the men as they traveled the world, working at tattoo shops owned by the Dásreach and searching for their mates. All of the men had become friends, how could they not with the amount of time they had spent together over the last eighteen years, but Charlie had been Kai’s best friend since they were lads. Even so, Kai had a feeling that even Charlie would think he had cracked when he explained his plan. Which was why he continued to stand at the door, and wonder if he should enter or turn and go the other way?
Chairs were pulled in a ragged circle and Kai’s brothers sprawled or paced like wild beasts around the room. He had watched their frustrations grow more and more with every year that passed with no mates. Kai felt it was his place as their leader to find a solution. None had presented itself, until he and Charlie had been playing darts at a local pub. Thus the reason he stood with his arms full of a globe, an atlas, various maps of countries and their counties and states, and a box of darts.

“So, you called this meeting, you going to join us or should we come out there in the hallway?” Sasha called from his place in the room.

“Yeah, o’fearless leader, what’s the deal?” Jack yelled from a seat next to Xander.
Dar and Malkum stood by the windows with their arms crossed, always in Enforcer mode, their eyes scanning the room and taking in everything. Damon and Gabriel were over in a corner having a whispered conversation, which probably meant they were planning some sort of prank. James and Rickard sat with some old tome of a book between them.

“Come on Kai, come in and put us all out of our misery.” His best friend called from his seat in the circle.

George puts in his two cents from the seat next to him, “Right. I think we all have other things to be doing.”

“Where’s Corbin?” Kai asked when he realized the Spirit Guide wasn’t in the room.

“Behind you, if you’d like to go have a seat and get out of the way.” Corbin smacked him on the shoulder.

Realizing that he had no choice, but to present the crazy plan that had grown in his mind since the weekend, he entered the room. Dumping the tools for his plan on a table by the chairs, Kai turned to the men that he had called brothers for almost 19 years.

“Well… I… um…” Kai stumbled over his words. He had no idea how to start this conversation.

“I’m figuring we should all have a seat.” Charlie called out. His Beta always had his back.
All of the men came into the circle of chairs and found a seat. Kai still found it funny how those that had a partner in their position always seemed to migrate to each other. The only sort of exception was Damon and Gabriel who were always together, like he and Charlie, the two men had been friends since they were young. Their partners, George and Sasha, always took position on the outer sides of the pair. George was a natural loner and Sasha seemed to prefer the company of his twin when not at a meeting of the Thirteen. They were all so different, but they agreed on one thing, they took their oath to their people seriously and it was killing all of them to think they would fail to do their duty and take their places as the next Council. Kai, Charlie, and Corbin were the exceptions with their positions not having a partner. Kai and Charlie were always together and Corbin spent most of his time at Tiranam Dásig with the Shaman. So, they all had some sort of support in their daily lives.

“Kai, sometime today would be great.” Jack called to him. His fellow Healer gave him a jab in the ribs. Jack and Xander couldn’t be more different, Jack was outspoken and said it like it was, where Xander was watchful and full of compassion for others.

“Aye. Well, I’ve been thinking about how we can take a more active role in finding our mates. The Great Spirit and Destiny may have a plan, but I can’t imagine it is for us to sit on our arses and do nothing.” Several of his brothers started to argue with him, when he continued. “I’m not saying that traveling and searching is nothing, but it isn’t getting us anywhere. It’s leaving it all up to chance.”

“But, isn’t that part of the point of destined mates, that they are left up to chance… to Destiny and the Great Spirit to guide us to them?” Corbin asked. As the Spirit Guide, the man was a constant well of calm, always looking for the will of the Great Spirit in everything.

“Aye, Corbin. That is true, and we are still going to leave it up to them to guide us, we’re just sort of going to give them a shove.”

“How?” Malkum gave him a look.

The Enforcer was one of only a few Dásreach that were not happy about having to have a mate. Kai wasn’t sure why, but the man basically had resigned himself to being shackled to a woman chosen for him. Both, Malkum and Dar, seemed to be resistant to the idea, but Dar had accepted his duty as a 
member of the Thirteen a bit more graciously.

“We’re going to throw a dart.” Kai stood and waited for the reaction to begin.

“What?” Damon laughed and looked at Gabriel for some help.

“Aye. We will start with a globe and then I have maps. Each of us will throw darts until we narrow it down to a particular city. Then, we will travel to that city and set up a Tattoo shop. Obviously our mates are not in the cities where the Dásreach already have shops. In the 18 years since we were chosen, not once have we received a call about a possible mate. I’m taking this as a sign that we need to branch out.”

“And, this will help us how?” George sat forward in his seat.

“I thought Corbin was researching about mate symbols for us. Didn’t we agree that the fact that all of us, not to mention Dar’s friend Riordan and my brother Hunter, having the same mate symbol had to mean something? Why do all of us have the crossed arrows of friendship as part of our Warrior Marks? What does the symbol tell us about our mates? Is Corbin still researching them?” Sasha fired 
off as he gave the man in question a look.

“Finding information on mate symbols and the times when multiple Dásreach have had the same one is slow and tedious. We as a people have a lot of history. James and Rickard have been helping, but we have only found a few instances and they have never been the symbol for friendship.” Corbin updated the group. “I don’t think we have the time to hope that the symbol provides the answer.”

“But, isn’t that what the symbol is supposed to do? Help us find them by telling us something about them?” Gabriel spoke up for the first time.

“Yes and no.” Corbin replied cryptically.

“Damn it. You’re as bad as the Shaman lately.” Damon grouched. “I seriously think we need to get you away from him for a while.”

Corbin just looked at the man for a bit, and Kai watched as Damon relaxed back into his seat. The Spirit Guide was obviously using his ability to calm the Educator.

Kai didn’t blame his brothers for their questions, he had the same ones running through his own mind. He rubbed his Warrior Mark on his left bicep. It was strange how the Great Spirit told them so much with just a few additions to the tattoos of their spirit guardians. The small symbol to the left of the mark that indicated that they were one of the Thirteen, not that Kai needed it since there was only one dragon selected every twenty years, but with the others it marked them as different from the other panther, bear, wolf, fox, mountain lion, falcon, and eagle shifters. Kai didn’t really need his ability symbol either, since all dragons had the same ability. Neither did Charlie or Corbin for that matter, since only the bear, wolf, fox, mountain lion, and falcon shifters would be gifted one of two abilities. The dragons, panther, and eagle shifters were different from the others in a few ways. He shook his head. The differences weren’t important, the similarities were the issue. The mate symbol was supposed to indicate some unique characteristic about each man’s mate. The symbol was supposed to help lead a Dásreach to their mate, but for him and his friends, they all had the same one in the center area of their tattoos. What did a symbol of friendship tell them about the fifteen women that were supposed to be their mates? For the Thirteen weren’t the only ones who hadn’t found their mates, Riordan and Hunter hadn’t found theirs either. But, not finding a mate was a severe problem for the Thirteen, which led to why Kai was here with his brothers.

“The point is… that we have no definite answers or direction, and I for one can’t sit on my arse and wait around.” Kai looked at each man in the circle. “Can you?”

Charlie looked at him for a bit and then stood, “Alright then, what exactly does this plan have us doing?”

Kai walked with him over to the table with the globe and the darts.

“Well, I was thinking we’d sit the globe on the table, someone would spin it, and one of us would throw a dart at it. Then we will pull out a map for whatever location the dart lands and tack it to a wall and throw another dart. We can keep getting more detailed maps until we know a city.” He looked at his friends; they all looked as if they were trying not to laugh at him. “After we have a city, the man who throws the dart will go to that city and set up a tattoo shop.”

“What then?” Gabriel asked while obviously fighting back a laugh.

“Then, you do what you’ve been doing. Work the shop and wait for women to come in and show them the book of Dásreach Warrior Marks.” Kai clenched his fists. He knew the plan was a bit cracked, but it was all they had at this point.

“I think we need a test. Kai, it’s your idea, so you should be the first one to follow it through. If it’s successful then the rest of us can throw our darts.” Gabriel suggested.

“Yea, Kai should go first.” Sasha backed up his fellow Steward.

“Alright.” Kai opened the box of darts and took out one. “Charlie, will you spin the globe for me?”

“As long as you promise not to hit me with the dart.” Charlie grinned at him.
Even his best friend wasn’t holding back his opinion of the plan. Damn it. Kai thought his Beta was supposed to have his back no matter what. He growled at Charlie and walked about 15 feet back from the table. He closed his eyes and sent a prayer out to the Great Spirit. Please guide this dart and help me find my mate. The Thirteen need this.

“Go.” Charlie spun the globe and all of the men stepped back.

Kai inhaled a deep breath and let the dart fly straight at the globe. It hit with a loud crack as the dart penetrated the hard shell of the round ball. His heart sped up, where would this lead him? Would it actually work and help him to find his mate? He asked the Great Spirit for guidance, all he could do was trust that it would be given.

He looked at Charlie, “Where did it land?” His nerves were shot as he waited for his friend to answer.
“Well, the globe is pretty detailed, so it’s in the state of Ohio in the States.” Charlie called back to him.

“Ohio?” Jack laughed. “There’s nothing in Ohio, man.”

“There’s something in Ohio all right,” Kai looked at them all, “my mate.”
He walked to the table and pulled out the stack of United States maps. Pulling out the map for Ohio, he looked around for the best place to tack it to the wall.

“Give it here.” Malkum said as he grabbed it from Kai’s hand.
He stared at the Enforcer for a moment; he had no idea what the man was doing.

“I might not be able to use my ability to find our mates, but I can find the city for the tattoo shop. No need to poke holes in my walls.” Malkum spread the map flat on the table and moved his finger around on the surface.

Malkum’s eyes were closed and Kai prayed again to the Great Spirit, Please.

“Here.” Malkum poked the map towards the center.

Everyone crowed around and looked closer.

“Is there anything there?” Damon asked.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere isn’t it?” Gabriel chimed in.

Malkum gave both men a cool look. Maybe he had at least one of the Thirteen on board for his plan.
The Enforcer looked close at the map, “Delmar. It’s not too far from the capital of Columbus, so it might not be too bad.”

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