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12 Days of Christmas Blog hop

The Crazy Lady Authors Present:

The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour

The season has begun! It’s time to celebrate our blessings – friends, family, and community! The CLA are giving back with our huge rafflecopter, and we’re announcing our gorgeous box set, Treasured Moments coming soon to Amazon.com. Come join the fun, enter to win, and stop by the CLA Facebook page to say hello! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah, Merry Kwanzaa, and Joyful Holidays to all of you from all of us!
Winners be chosen on December 13th, and notified thereafter.

Huge Rafflecopter of Fabulous Prizes from our authors: Donating authors include Diane Rinella, Michele E. Gwynn, Jami Brumfield, Terri Hubbard Carle, Melanie James, Jayne Hyatt, Tabitha Jones, Kelly Cozzone, Angela Ford, Carol Ray & Teri Riggs

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COMING SOON! CLA Present Treasured Moments: 

A box set of amazing stories about family, romance, and more! Look for it on Amazon.com

Lost (Ghost Connection Adventure #1) is part of this box set. The story of Cassie O'Grady who sees ghosts. She's been cursed with the gift since the day she died by her father after a terrible car accident. Paramedics were able to revive her but he passed on. Since that day she has suffered from survivor's guilt and propelled into the role of medium. She has close connections to a select few spirits and her living mother. In this story, Cassie decides to help a teen ghost save her family from her boyfriend who killed her in a jealous rage.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog by email and/or connect via google plus to get updates when this and many more amazing books are released. Not to mention the sneak peeks, writing tips, video blog posts, raffles, giveaways, and monthly giveaway to subscribers starting in January 2015.

I'd also like to take a moment and give you a sneak peek to my upcoming release schedule and cover reveal of Death Interrupted (book one of the paranormal dystopian series Vanished).

Death Interrupted will be released in January for purchase in a box set and also for purchase individually. It's the story of what happened to the 200 plus passengers and crew members that disappeared on Avalon Flight 370. Each book in the series will focus on a romance between a pair of the passengers and each book will reveal different aspects of a dystopian world that will frighten readers and keep them turning pages to find out what will happen next to these passengers. Death Interrupted is Blake and Melissa's story. This book is written for 18 and up and is a romance first and foremost.

The Vanished series is a spin off the PBI Case Files and the premise was initially introduced in PBI Case Files Adventure 3 (Lost Plane). During the month of December and January I'm hosting a PBI Case Files Online Murder Mystery Party. Join the PBI team, other sleuths, and me for a fun game of suspense and intrigue. You might even win some awesome prizes. Here's the link, hope you can join us.

If you enjoy paranormal mysteries with romantic suspense check out the series on Amazon here. Book five of the series is in production and I hope to release it on or before February 19th (my birthday). The team will be going up against a remote viewer with the power to teleport (or so they think-there will be a twist) the title is Remote Paranoia.

The audio files of these books will also be available soon.

I also have a paranormal romance coming out in a new box set with Beau Coup Publishing scheduled to be released around Valentine's day. The book is in production and I haven't chosen a name yet but the romance will be between a broken heart antique shop owner and a damaged genie.

Another paranormal romance scheduled for a Valentine's Day release in a Mystical Box Set is book one of Demon Fairy Tails series. The story centers around a succubus princess and her shifter mate. This box set is titled Mystical Royal Love and features PT Macias, Darlene Kuncytes, Bryce Evans, CA Tibbitts, SA Bull, Moira Keith, Margaret Taylor, Julia Mills, Joann H Buchanan, Marissa Storm, Billie Jo Hanlin, Tasha Thomas and Jami Brumfield. This awesome box set is now available for pre-order on Amazon

The first book I wrote with this group is Cherished Gift (book one of the Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files). You can check out the first Mystical Box Set here on Amazon

I'm also working on completing The Faerie King's Guardian (book two of the Mystery Springs Series). Book one, The Witch's Vampire is available on Amazon and soon to be released as an audio book as well.

Fire Master Rising (book three of the Winters Saga) is also on the soon to be released schedule. You can pick up Lone Wolf Rising and Vampire Princess Rising now on Amazon.

You can get a little teaser of some things to come in Fire Master Rising from Hunter Winters interview post here.

Book three of the Ghost Connection series is in development. Cassie and her ghostly friends will come face to face with an evil Artificial Intelligence Spirit.

Lost (book one) and Death Does Not Become Her (book two) are currently available on Amazon and soon to be released as audio books. 

The second book of the Shifter Love Tails will be released the first half of 2015. It's a paranormal romance with the Lion King Shifter and his witch fertility doctor. To Love a Dragon (book one) the story of dragon shifter prince and his witch detective mate is currently available on Amazon in the Haunting box set produced by Beau Coup Publishing here. This set has so many great authors; Michele E Gwynn, Sable Hunter, Ryan O'Leary, Alicia Sparks, Eryn Black, Isobelle Cate, Katherine Rhodes, Jaden Sinclair, and Jami Brumfield.

Check out all Jami Brumfield books on her Amazon author page here. Click the favorite button and get email updates from Amazon when new books are released.

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