Sunday, December 28, 2014

Introducing the newly released Death Interrupted (book one of the Vanished series)

My 12th book (Death Interrupted from the Vanished series) was just sent to the editor today and I'm enjoying a tiny celebration while I begin working on the next book (The Dragon's Demon). I thought it would be fun to give you an idea of what this book is about.

Death Interrupted is a Syfy Dystopian Erotica/Romance novel which was challenging in world building and writing passionate love scenes. Most of my books are full of romantic suspense and some love scenes but the story line generally takes precedence over the sex, however, in this book, sex and the use of sexual enhancing drugs against an unknowing portion of this dystopian society was one of the main story lines.

In today's society we often wonder how much of the food being supplied to us is healthy or made with greed in mind. I question this every time I go to the store and truth be told one of my personal dreams is to have some land where I can grow a lot of the fruits and vegetables we eat. I remember when food was normal sized, not super-sized for mass consumption. Now when you go to buy carrots they are so big it's hard to cut through them with a normal knife.

But size isn't the only indication that makes me worry about the food we eat. I used to buy one of those small rotisserie chickens every week and use the meat as a treat for my dogs. I thought real food instead processed food in doggie treats would be great for them. That was until my nine pound Pomeranian ballooned up and started looking like he was on steroids. It took months of removing the chicken from his diet before my love munchkin went back to normal size. While I can't say for sure his bulkiness came from the chicken, I can say it was only after we eliminated it from his diet that he went back to his tiny size. Hmmm, makes one wonder, huh? I can also say I haven't purchased another rotisserie chicken since.

I always knew I would create a story line where my characters are being dosed with something in their food supply and figured it would have to be a book based on a dysfunctional utopian society so when the opportunity arose to participate in an erotica box set I jumped right into that story line. Why did I decide to use sexual enhancing drugs? Well, sex sells, sure but the box set is erotica so I branched out into deeper waters and jumped in. I'm glad I did. I learned a lot while writing this book and the rest of the series is going to be just as much fun as other sides of this society are revealed (some good and some bad).

The thing that makes it interesting, I think, is that the characters, no matter which side they're on, think they are doing things for the right reasons. It all ties back into procreation and the survival of human and supernatural (you know I had to keep my paranormal theme in this one too) races.

What I found satisfying and unique about this book from my other stories is that the romance in this book plays out between two humans (neither one of them supernatural in anyway). I also began to address how the world reacted when they discovered that the creatures that go bump in the night really do exist. Yep, the book was fun to write. The world was interesting to create and will continue to unravel as the series progresses.

One more aspect I covered in this book was the loss of freedom. The paranormal creatures in this society are trying to save the human race, which is on the verge of extinction. The problem is they have taken away so many freedoms that the world they live in starts to become a prison, all under the guise of protection.

On a final note, I have been toying with writing a dystopian novel that gives a unique theory on what happens to the planes, cruise liners, and other modes of transportation that disappeared over the past and even today from places like the Bermuda/Alaskan triangle or other places across the world. I always wanted to write a series where they are taken on the brink of death to the future and in this series they are asked to save humanity through procreation. This series gave me the opportunity to do that.

Interested? Death Interrupted (the first book in this series) is available on Amazon here. If you'd like to read the first chapter you can find it here. I hope you'll keep an eye out for the release of future books from this series and my other series as well. The book addresses some hefty discussion points which I hope will make it an interesting book for book club reads.

Please note this book was written with strong language and adult situations. It is intended for people 18 and older.

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