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Sneak peek of "The Dragon's Succubus" book one of Demon Fairy Tales series

An awesome sneak peek of The Dragon's Succubus. Starting with the introduction and the first chapter for your reading pleasure. Please note this book is intended for adult readers as it can get steamy hot...

Being a princess is a pretty amazing job, that is, unless you’re a princess of the Underworld. Alleyah “Lee” Jenkins is the daughter of Hades and a human woman, Joanna. Her birth left her an orphan in the human realm. When she hit adolescence, she came into her succubus powers and learned the truth of her birthright. She was destined to marry a demon prince and together they would rule the thirteenth level of the underworld. She had different plans.

For the next twelve years she hunted and dispatched demons to the underworld, honoring the memory of her human mother and clearly stating her opposition to taking her throne in the underworld. When she meets a bounty hunter named Connor MacGregor, her world is turned upside down. He is tasked with the duty of bringing her to justice for a crime she didn’t commit. His family honor, and the lives of his siblings, depend on him accomplishing his goal. He didn’t, however, expect to discover she was his mate!

Chapter One

The heavy beat of the techno music playing over the speakers of the rundown nightclub, Jericho, was a jarring and somewhat strangely comfortable lullaby for Alleyah Jenkins. Two years ago this place was the hottest destination in town for a Friday and Saturday night, but now, they were lucky if a couple hundred patrons came the entire weekend. Lee didn’t mind the lull in customers or the cut in tips. It made both of her jobs easier. As the bartender, she rarely had customers waiting and fewer patrons meant she could focus on her real calling, and tonight she had a new target in mind.
She’d spent the better part of the last two hours flirting with a reptile, and she was about to close the deal. All she needed was her back up bartender, Alex, to show up. She passed the blond haired, green eyed man a beer and this time held her hand on his for ten extra seconds. Then, she winked and gave him her best smile before she leaned over and whispered, “You want to accompany me on my break out back?” She made sure her abundant chest was positioned perfectly over the bar so he could see the goods.
The smile he gave back meant he got the message loud and clear. He was more than willing to join her in the alley for a little bump and grind. The pieces were falling into place nicely and she was happy knowing that her diversion would keep the bastard from finding another woman to torment tonight. If all went well, the last intimate moment the man had on this earth was going to be with her.
As if on cue, the back-up bartender, Charlie Harrington, entered the nightclub. She was wearing tight black jeans and an even tighter white t-shirt which meant she was looking for good tips tonight. It was odd she was here, it meant Alex was taking the night off, which he never did on a weekend night. He had to be lying on his death bed to not be here. Lee made a mental note to check on him after her shift was over.
Charlie, the redheaded female bartender, didn’t make it behind the bar before Lee jumped out to meet her. She gave the girl an affectionate smile and tossed her apron to her partner for the night. “I’m taking a break.” She smiled as she glanced over to her shag partner who stood up and followed her sashaying hips out the back door.
The good thing about being a succubus was she was rarely turned down by men or women. It made her the perfect hunter. Her curvy body, blonde curls, and violet eyes helped too, but it was hard to resist pheromones like hers. She could be unattractive and still be alluring to her prey.
She waited for her mark to make it across the alley while she sipped her bottleneck beer silently. The grin on the man’s face was priceless. Demons were always so cocky. This one was no different. He placed both hands on either side of her head and moved within inches of her face, trapping her to the wall…or so he thought.
He was focused on possessing her and she was focused on her mental checklist. Sulfuric smell, yep. Check. Yellow tinge to eyes, check. He brushed her blonde hair back away from her eyes, and she took note that the upper half of his ring finger had been chopped off. Body disfigurement. Minor, but check.
“I’m Reed, what’s your name?” His voice was silky smooth, almost hypnotic.
Compulsion powers, check. Social skills and desire to make a connection, uncheck. Okay, not good. Everything about this man screamed demon so why was he not lining up with her checklist?  “No names,” Lee told him as she crushed her lips to his. Bastard! She never killed a mark unless she was able to verify, without a doubt, it was a demon. Now she had to actually make out with the arrogant ass to make sure he was who he seemed to be. Thankfully, he was a good kisser and responded to her lips instantly.
She excreted a little extra pheromones into her saliva as she slid her tongue along his lower lip. He opened wide to deepen the kiss. His fingers slid down her body and ignited her inner demon, her succubus side came alive when his hands slipped under her t-shirt and glided upward to cup her breast. Lee wrapped her leg around his hip and pressed her urgent, needy body up against his groin. His desire for her evident in the hardness trying to push itself out from behind his zipper. He moved both hands up above her head and dipped his mouth to her neck. A moan escaped her lips and then she heard the click and felt the cold metal against her wrists.
“What the hell?” Her violet eyes shot daggers as he brought her hand down and she saw the cuff connecting her wrist to his. “I’m not into kinky stuff without discussing it first.” She had a feeling he wasn’t into bondage either. The clear look in his eyes told her he wasn’t under her spell. She’d never met someone who was unaffected by her hormones. Demons, humans, supernaturals, they all succumbed to the pheromones her body emitted. Why didn’t he?
“You and I are going to take a ride, Alleyah.” The glazed-over look of sexual desire was gone, replaced by stone-cold resolve.
“I don’t ride in cars with strangers.” She spun around and kicked the back of his knee, the force of the blow causing him to lose his footing and crumble to the ground. He pulled her with him. She really should’ve thought that move through. She managed to chastise herself before her knees hit the dirty, damp ground. The coppery smell of blood rose on the air and she watched as Reed’s green eyes turned red with hunger. He wasn’t a demon, he was something else, something worse. He was something that fed on blood.
Demons fed on the souls they collected. The souls they harvested agreed to be victims in exchange for something they wanted. Lee felt sorry for the lost souls that demons consumed, but those souls chose to be the demon’s food. Blood feeders were different. They stalked their prey and took what wasn’t offered to them. They were the bottom feeders of the supernatural races and she despised them, but she didn’t hunt them. She left that job to the human hunters. Her motivation behind killing demons was more of a family affair.  
Lee threw a punch toward Reed’s jaw and heard the familiar crack. He turned and gave her a grin as though she hadn’t even touched him. “By now I’m sure you know I’m not as easy to kill as your weak-ass demons. Why don’t you be a good girl and come with me willingly?”
“Like hell!” She kicked him in the face, punched him in the gut, but it wasn’t until she took aim at his groin that he grabbed her foot, twisted, and slammed her down to the ground.
“Sorry, sweetheart. I like that part of my anatomy too much to allow you to inflict damage.” There was humor in his voice. He actually looked like he was enjoying her attempts at fighting for her life. Jerk!
“Really? It seemed rather small to me, almost too tiny to care about.”
A deep laugh rumbled from his diaphragm. “I’m not adverse to taking it out and demonstrating its power.”
“Yes, I am.” He tugged her up and pulled her against him. His breath hot on her skin. “Which is a step up on the evolutionary ladder over you, succubus.” His lips closed the gap and claimed hers, and the tiniest inkling of hope sparked inside her soul. He was attracted to her or her pheromones were kicking in. Either way, she had some leverage that she could use to escape capture. Now she just needed to figure out who wanted her and why.
His tongue swirled in her mouth and she reciprocated, both of them feeling a hunger build inside them. “Now, I’m sorry for this.” He zapped her with an electrical current to the brain which fried her mind and made her pass out.

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