Friday, February 27, 2015

Sneak peek of 'Genie's Treasure' the first adventure of the Magical Secrets Series

Genie's Treasure is a treasure hunting story with a paranormal and mythological (even god-ly) flair. It's full of action, family love, intrigue, magic, inter-dimensional travel, and love. All of that is wonderful and the story will touch your heart. I wanted to share a sneak peek of Genie's Treasure with you today. I hope you enjoy.

Joshua and Josie Parker are antique hunters with a penchant for enchanted items. Josie’s discovery of a secret map in a genie lamp sets the siblings on a magical adventure to Galveston Island. An adventure that leaves each of them in precarious situations, one of them facing death and the other a broken heart.
When Joshua triggers the genie, his life is turned upside down. Instinct has him wanting to save the genie but will his determination cost his sister her life? Join the siblings on an adventure that will leave you wondering, what if?


The clouds rolled across the sky with a furious determination to cloak the world in darkness. Amani watched with horror as her little brother, Faris battled the wicked wind and downpour of rain to get the horses into the stables. The majestic animals were their livelihood, they managed the royal stables and if anything happened to one of the precious creatures their family would face terrible wrath from the prince. It was rumored the prince loved his horses more than his wives, especially Black Knight.
Amani rung her hands and bounced softly from one foot to the other as Faris ran the last horse, the fine stallion of amazing pedigree, toward the stables. She waited for him at the stable door, ready to close it tight once he was over the threshold. Unfortunately, Black Knight was not in tune with his namesake and when lightning struck a nearby tree he reared up, putting Faris in danger.
She sucked in a scared breath, she’d seen fear in the majestic creatures’ faces before but this was terror and Black Knight was not easily tamed. His wild nature was why the Prince named him his favorite.
“Where are you going, boy?” A man wearing a black mask and dark clothes stepped in front of Faris, blocking him from the stable entrance. Somehow the man didn’t see her or maybe he didn’t see her as a threat.
“I’m trying to lock the horses up. Please step out of my way,” Amani heard her brother say. Her feet moved before her brain knew what was really happening. She rushed to her father’s office and picked up the shot gun. Checking to make sure it was loaded and the safety was off, she ran back to the entryway of the stables to provide back up for her brother if he needed her.
“I’ll take, Black Knight,” the intruder told him. The horse reared up angrily at the storm raging around them.
The coldness in the cloaked man’s voice ran shivers up Amani’s spine. She’d always been good at gauging a person’s emotions but this man sounded void of anything but hatred, cold, bitter hatred. It made her skin crawl. Another crack of lightning snapped a tree branch from the trunk. The horse pulled and bucked, reacting in fear, his only motivation was to get away.
Faris caught Amani’s eyes and puffed his chest, raising his chin defiantly. While he attempted to steady the furious black stallion he said, “I’m sorry but it’s my duty to protect the horses with my life.”
“If you’re willing to pay with your life than so be it.” The masked man flung a dagger at Faris and Amani screamed as the knife sunk into her brother’s chest. The light that left his eyes as he crumbled to the ground told Amani the robber hit his heart.
She didn’t think. Her father taught her to fight. Taught her to shoot the shotgun in her hand if she ever needed to defend her family. She knew as the scream left her lips that she only had moments before the assailant thrust a dagger in her direction. She felt the kick from the shotgun before she knew she had even pulled the trigger.
Black Knight lunged into the air, front hooves landing on the man she shot. If the bullet hadn’t killed the man the horse stomping finished the job. It was a gruesome sight. Amani dropped the gun and fell to her knees. She’d just had a hand in taking a man’s life. Emotions flooded her. Fear, sadness, remorse, disgust for her act. It didn’t matter that she was following through with her duty to protect the horses, that she was entitled to take vengeance on the man who murdered her little brother in cold blood, or that she was worried for her own life. None of that matter because she’d committed the most heinous of crimes, she’d taken a life. There was no coming back from this.
The tears that fell were as heavy as the rain from the angry clouds overhead. The blood was too much and Amani had to turn her head from the sight of the two bodies that laid dead in front of her.
There was another scream that broke through the storm like a thief, this one of pure misery. Amani looked up to see another intruder, this one a woman. The newcomer ran to the bloody, beaten body of the man Amani had murdered. Black Knight had disappeared but that didn’t matter now. Her brother was dead and so was the intruder.
The grieving woman glared daggers at Amani’s frail form. “You did this.” She pointed an aged finger toward Amani’s wilting frame.
“I’m so sorry,” she pleaded with the woman.
“No, you’re not sorry.” The woman stalked toward Amani, pulling her hood down and allowing the rain to soak her from head to toe. “You’re not sorry.” She pulled Amani to a standing position. “But you will be. I curse you!”
“What?” Amani staggered back. “No, he killed my brother. He was going to kill me, I had no choice.” Even as the words left her mouth she knew they were wasted. She burst into tears, covering her face with her hands, hiding her shame. “I wish I could take it back.”
“You wish? You wish? Foolish girl, don’t you know wishes are the devil’s tools?”               
Amani shook her head. “No.”
“You killed my son and I could kill you but I’d rather see you suffer. I curse you to spend an eternity granting other people’s wishes, maybe someday you’ll realize what a wish really is.” She ripped an emerald heart necklace off her neck and pressed the jewel to Amani’s forehead as she chanted in a foreign language Amani had never heard of before. Amani frantically tried to escape the old woman’s grasp, but she was far stronger than her frail appearance demonstrated.
One minute she was fighting to get out of the old woman’s grasp and the next she was transported to another place. The new place looked like a pasture on earth, only the colors were off. Everything had a grey tint to it. Even stranger, there were no sounds, no animals, no rain. The place was void of people…void of life. Where was she and how did she get home?  

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