Sunday, March 22, 2015

Taking the challenge (500 Words Daily)

As an author writing 500 words a day in a fictional world I've created is fairly easy, even when battling writer's block. The challenge for me will to write 500 words about myself, my world, and the real reality. Being an author becomes a bit of a public affair. I'm not saying being an author means fame and fortune, constant spotlight and attention, or anything of the sort, but your readers and fans like to know more about the person behind the story telling. During this 31 day challenge I hope to reveal more about myself to my fans. Allowing you a peek at the person behind the curtain, behind the marketing world indie authors are required to operate in.

Hopefully this challenge will give you some insight into me and what inspires my character and world building. Real life inspires fiction, just as fiction inspires imagination.

I hope this 500 words a day challenge will be fun, insightful, influential, and engaging. As you read the daily challenges from me I hope you will find the author more approachable and feel comfortable with opening dialogues and conversations with me. As I share my stories perhaps you'll be open to sharing yours. You can interact with me on Facebook here. If something I posted in a daily challenge inspires you to reach out message me there or at

Getting to know me might be fun and I know getting to know my fans will be fun as well. So this is me, announcing my intention to take the 500 Words a day challenge. If you're interested in joining this challenge here is the link. Check it out. Join me on the journey.

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Thanks for reading and catch you on the flip side tomorrow.

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