Sunday, March 29, 2015

Write what you know

This statement is easier said than done when you write paranormal fiction but as I ponder this idea I realize a lot of what I write is something I do know. Sure the element of supernatural is (for the most part) fiction but the elements of the stories I create and weave into the fantastical tapestry are real and things I've experienced or seen happen via media stories.

For example, most of the adventures from my PBI Case Files center around actual events. In Outbreak the mutated Ebola virus that turned supernaturals into zombies was based off the bath salt/zombie news story that happened in Florida a few years back and the vanished plane in Lost Plane was inspired by the missing Malaysia 370 flight a year ago as well as missing planes and boats from the Alaska and Bermuda triangle. The Vanished Series (Death Interrupted and The Mating Challenge) is a spin off of the Lost Plane episode.

In the Shifter Love Tales series (To Love a Dragon) my characters are facing an infertility curse which addresses something personal I've faced in my life.

As a hypnotherapist, I've helped clients with past life regressions. Cherished Gift (Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files first published in the Mystical Xmas Box set) and The Witch's Vampire (Mystery Springs) have romances that were once past life love affairs. In Father Made Me Do It (Demon Ascension Series) Charm is on a mission to be reborn. A mission that requires her to travel through multiple hell dimensions, purgatory, and the Akashic records before she can be made human.

The Ghost Connection series (Lost and Death Does Not Become Her) address ghost stories and mediums. I grew up in a household that had a friendly ghost.

The Winters Saga (Lone Wolf Rising and Vampire Princess Rising), PBI Case Files, Genie's Treasure from Windswept anthology, Ghost Connection series, The Dragon's Demon (Demon Fairy Tales series first published in the Mystical Royal Love box set), and Assassin's Mate (Supernaturally Shipwrecked Series first published in Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland box set) all have strong sibling relationships that help the hero/heroine succeed. A strong sibling bond is something I've had with my own sisters.

So as I look back on my published works I realized that in the midst of creating fantastical characters in magical, urban fantasy worlds, I also revealed a part of my own soul in each book. Taking my own emotions and using the written word as a therapeutic tool of sorts.

I think I'm in need of a little self-therapy now. Guess, I'll get back to writing my next book (it's going to be part of a shifter box set titled Alphas on the Prowl and the story is titled Dragon's Dream Dancer~ the story of demon dream weaver trying desperately to escape her family only to be drawn back in when the man who kidnaps her, her supposed mate, turns out to be a bounty hunter dragon sent to bring in her sister)...

As well as a few others in the works (Fire Master Rising book three of the Winters Saga, The Faerie King's Guardian book two of Mystery Springs, Gator's Witchy Love book two of the Shifter Love Tales to name a few).

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