Monday, March 23, 2015

What motivated me to take the 500 words a day challenge, discounted series, and raffles

I'd like to say my motivation was to write but that's not the case. Writing words daily is fairly easy, in the last two days I wrote up almost 10k words on a new manuscript. It's a story about a justice demon and her journey to escape hell and become human. It's going to be at least a 14 book series and the first book is rolling out on paper with the force of a steam roller which is nice for an author. This post is actually a break from the story and my forced attempt to stay grounded in reality. It's easy to get lost in the story when your telling it, especially if the story is action packed.

I think that is the first reason I decided to take this challenge. I write so much in the paranormal and fantasy world that I miss out on the real world a little. I also wanted an avenue to get more personal with my fans. You know what to expect when you read my books; action, paranormal, mythological gods, and some romance... but not many people know me. My strengths and weaknesses. My whimsical, yet slightly off sense of humor, and my compassion for people and animals. This project forces me to ask tough questions and share those answers with you on my blog. I've always wanted a more personal blog and it's already starting to get there.

Thanks to this project and being asked to join a blog hop I designed a fun post on how to refresh bedroom play... well, it lead to tips on communication but all in the name of making things more fun in the bedroom. As a coach, hypnotherapist, and romance writer I figured I might have some insight into this topic. Look for that post, coming soon as part of a blog hop and the giveaway that will also be part of it.

I also have the goal of video blogging and this change in my blog format will help me to vlog about important issues.

I guess I can say, I'm doing a little spring cleaning on my blog and I hope you all like the changes. There will still be sneak peeks of my books, giveaways, and insights into why I went certain directions in different stories but there will be a lot more and I'm uber excited about it. I hope you are too.

Have you made any plans to freshen up or change things in your life? Feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

I guess I'll sign off for the night. I really want to get back to the story and hit that 10 k goal. I'm so close. Because I'm an author and constantly have things going on I thought I'd share a few things coming up on the business side of things.

The Mating Challenge (Steamy, Adult, BBW, Shifter, Romance) is still available on pre-order for only .99 on Amazon. The release party is scheduled for this upcoming weekend. Will you be joining us? Here's the party page. It's a great read. What could be sexier than six alpha males competing to the death to mate with one awesome woman?

I've also decided to price all PBI Case Files adventures at .99 for a limited time. It's a great series and people have really enjoyed the "CSI... with a paranormal twist" premise. I'd love for more to enjoy it so I'm going to reduce this series for a while. I'm also hoping the reduction in price will pay off in more reviews. Check out the adventures here.

Ghost Connection, adventures one and two are also only .99 each. You can check out this series here.

Ohh, I almost forgot. I'm part of two awesome raffles. Check these out.

If you'd like some extra spending cash before Spring Break, enter my Spring Break Giveaway. I've joined up with some awesome authors, Digital Book Today, and The Kindle Book Review--The #1 Site for Reader Giveaways, and we're giving away two (2) $200 Amazon Gift Cards March 23 - April 5. Check it out and enter everyday. Good luck! Here's the link
I've also got an audiobook raffle going on as part of my blog tour from Magic of Books (which is going phenomenal!). Here is the link to that raffle as well.
Have a great night and chat with you later, my friends.

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  1. Insightful and I will have to keep an eye out for all the new books and maybe even find the vblog.