Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sneak peek of Cherished Gift book one of Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files

Cherished Gift is a quick read, stand alone introductory novella to the Paranormal Hypnotherapy Files Series. Clara Jameson is a hypnotherapist who has been working on opening her third eye while interning at the local hospital to a mild mannered aging doctor.

In this story Clara starts working with a client, Jenna who overdosed on sleeping pills in an effort to quiet the night terrors she has around the holiday season. Each night, in her dreams, Jenna is visited by her soulmate and murdered by a faceless demon.

Clara introduces different hypnosis techniques to help Jenna manage her dreams and work through the trauma that brings them to the surface. Little does either of them know, the trauma is very real and her lover and killer are both coming to find her.

The books in this series are stand alone romances. Clara is the main constant in the stories as she works with a supernatural authority group called, the Order in different cases.

Here's a taste of Cherished Gift, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Two

Michael couldn’t remove the grin that spread across his lips as his knuckles made contact with the young pup’s face. That was going to leave a bruise, at least for a few hours, and maybe knock his ego down a peg or two. While Stephen was recovering from the head ringer, Michael maneuvered into position and flipped his trainee over his shoulder and felt immense satisfaction when Stephen’s back hit the mat.  “That is how it is done.” He walked off the mat and nodded toward Isaac who was watching from the sidelines. “Again.”
“Don’t you think he can use a break?” Isaac asked, obviously not enthusiastic about pummeling his partner when he was down.
“Tyler, why do we not give our partners a break?” Michael barked at the redheaded, freckle faced student that was more into magic than his skills as a warrior.
“Because the enemy will never give you a break in battle, sir.”
Willow, the slender, leggy, female wolf cadet with flowing black hair snickered behind her hand, and Michael started wondering, not for the first time today, why he was stuck with the outcasts this go-round of training. “Do you have something to add, Willow?”
“Only that Isaac knows this, he’s just scared to make his partner look bad.”
“Then why don’t you show him how things are done.”
“With pleasure.” An evil glint passed through her grey eyes as she bounded onto the mat with the agility of a jungle cat, bowed to her opponent, and began the sparring routine as instructed. She expertly handled the match with precision, dealing the least amount of damage to her cocky opponent who happened to be at least two times her size.
Eventually, they’ll make a decent team. Then they’ll be released onto the world as protectors of the Order. Protectors of the shifters and the humans. It was a necessary evil. Trained warriors masquerading as monks. The fact that they hid their secrets behind a monastery only made things easier. Trained in multiple religions, negotiation, and handling ethical dilemmas with the ability to battle any supernatural threat that could harm the humans or shifters in their assigned territories. They’ll partner with the local authorities and alphas to keep the peace while maintaining the secrets of their world. It was the only way to allow both races to coexist without turmoil and possible extinction of one or the other.
Working here, developing these whelps, was his self-subscribed penance for surviving and failing to protect his soul mate. When she died, half of his soul went with her. They were forever connected, forever bound, only she was dead, and he survived because of the wolf bite. Why he survived over her, he had no clue. Perhaps it was a cruel game the fates liked to play, but at least he was put to good use in training the new heroes of their world.
“Michael, can you send them to seminary class an hour early. I have something to discuss with you.” Bruce entered the training area in his heavy brown robes with a file in his hand. Seren followed close behind, her long, golden-blonde hair and form fitting clothes were a far cry from Bruce’s dark brown skin and shaved head.
Michael felt his lip involuntarily curl as his maker sauntered toward him. He knew he should be more respectful. She saved his life, tried to save his mate’s life as well, but she failed them both when his love died. Now he was forced to endure centuries on the planet alone, without the other half of his soul there to even him out. Instead of thanking Seren for her gift, a part of him despised her. It was an internal battle that he waged with himself, one he tried desperately not to allow out of his mind, but she knew. She had to know. Their relationship was tense at best and heated at most. “They only have an hour left. I’d prefer to keep them sparring.”
“I found her, Michael, and she isn’t doing very well.” Seren interrupted bluntly.
Michael laughed, “You’ve supposedly found her four other times, too. Every time you were wrong. You’re undoubtedly wrong now.” He focused on his students, “Good, now all four again.” He commanded and they did as they were told. He preferred things here. He was obeyed. It satiated the beast that shared his mind and body. Besides, he was tired of being disappointed. Her soul was lost to him. He faced that bitter truth a long time ago.
“Regardless, I need you to go to Chrystal Falls, New York, and investigate claims of misuse of power made on the wolf alpha.” Bruce handed him the file he was holding.
Michael didn’t uncross his arms or take the file from his mentor. He knew going there was simply a ploy masterminded by Seren. “Send an operative. I left the field years ago. You were the one that benched me.” He looked straight through Bruce.
“I’m sending you, and you’re taking my order unless you choose to challenge my authority.” Bruce’s words kept an easy, casual tone, but the threat was underneath.
Everyone in the room froze. Michael turned his head very slowly toward his boss. He knew he could take him down. He was aged and tired. Just because they were immortal didn’t mean they didn’t weaken as time passed. It was only a matter of time before he was expected to challenge him and take the position, but that time was not now. He had no intention of taking over the monastery until it was necessary. Unfortunately, that meant he’d have to follow orders. The beast and the order expected it. He held out his hand and waited for Bruce to put the file in his open palm.
The tension in the room deflated like a popped balloon as he leafed through the pages of the file. “These all seem fairly straight forward.” He closed his file. “I’d like to take my pupils on a field trip. Some real life experience in what we do may help them understand the importance of who they are to become.”

Bruce nodded. “As long as you can clear it with their professors, I see no issue with that.”

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