Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh My Gosh! Have the Gods been watching us this whole time?

So my husband and I were flipping through news stories looking for the next topic I want to write about in the Ghost Connection or PBI Case Files series and we came across this little delicious tidbit. My mind took it to destinations unknown. Have you heard of the Black Knight? An unidentified flying object orbiting the planet earth which was spotted long before we had the 'capability' to launch satellites. The wikipedia article on this topic points out a couple sightings and promptly tries to punch holes in the theories around this Black Knight which to my paranormal prone mind screamed story idea.

Because I write in the world of fiction it gives me a little leeway. I was thinking the Black Knight could control a group of ghosts on the planet that have created an artificial intelligence in Ghost Connection or the Black Knight is a communication device used by the demi-gods and goddesses on the planet to communicate with the ancient Gods on Planet Olympus in PBI Case Files. The possibilities for fictional utilization are endless but how about the reality of the situation?

 My interest is piqued. I mean it appears this "satellite" has been here since the 50s and we only hear small snippets about it every now and then. So my research led me to another site, Ancient Code. There I read far more information on the 'artificial satellite' which disappointed me when I compared the information between Wikipedia and Ancient Code. I guess it further proves my point to keep looking because one source just isn't enough.

The Ancient Code article listed 20 FACTS about the Black Knight. Facts, not fiction or myth, as Wikipedia tried to convey (at least from my perspective). In my world, those are two very important definitions because I take facts and myths and mix them together into works of romantic fiction.

One fact that drew me in was 'according to monitoring agencies around the world, the Black Knight Satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years', kind of pokes a whole in the idea that was posted on Wikipedia that it is a 'thermal blanket', unless thermal blankets now have the ability to transmit radio signals long before it even existed. Okay, so onward.

I've been fascinated with Nikola Tesla for many years. According to the Ancient Code article, it is rumored that in 1899, Tesla intercepted radio signals from this 'artificial satellite with his high-voltage radio device from Colorado Springs.

Here's another one that really caught my attention. A ham radio operator decoded a message from the Black Knight Satellite and it is said to reportedly hail from the Epsilon Bootes Star System 13,000 years ago. Hmm, now that will make you think.

Firstly, kind of reinforces there is other life out there. Which is something many experts are beginning to concede to the possibility of life outside our world. Secondly, there are objects from other systems that come into our system a lot, but they don't take orbit around our planet (the only one with proven intelligent life) and send radio signals to no one knows where (or they're not sharing). That is something I couldn't find in my research. Who is receiving the signals?  

 Fact or fiction? You be the judge. Let me know your thoughts below. As an added question, do you think this would be a good topic to include in either one of my paranormal/mythological series?


  1. The Black Knight was so named, because it was thought to be a watcher when first discovered in that time we were incapable of doing much about it other than observe when it was in range. It is the most important proof that we are not alone in the universe.