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Sneak peek of Rayne's Thunder (Part Three) The Politician and the Witches

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Rayne's Thunder (Part Three) The Politician and the Witches. So much has happened to Rayne and her siblings since their father passed and the action, adventure, drama, and romance is only heating up. Rayne's Thunder is Rayne's journey to true love. Rhyme's Reason and River's Fire will be next. But first, Rayne must kiss a few frogs to find her prince... and maybe do a little growing up in the process.

If you've missed the first two installments you can check out the sneak peeks here.

Rayne's Thunder (Part One) Master Chef excerpt

Rayne's Thunder (Part Two) The Veterinarian excerpt

Introduction to the third installment of this romantic serial...

Rayne Manchester’s adventures in dating continue as she meets her newest suitor, Senator Archibald Bachiemer, and he makes one heck of a first impression but is it enough to grab Rayne’s attention or is he better suited for another wolf at the compound? Will wolves from her past come back into the running for her hand?

The lives of the Manchester siblings have been in turmoil since the day their father’s will has been read. All three of them must be married and mated in one year or they will lose their massive inheritance. Rayne has taken to the dating scene like a fish out of water, Rhyme believes she has the right man, and River is so busy with pack politics, taking the Colorado Alpha seat, making a peace treaty with the local witches’ coven and defeating the rogue pack that has designs of overthrowing River and owning Colorado.

This is the third installment on Rayne’s journey to true love. At the end of this adventure she will find her mate and happy ending but the world around her will become a strange new reality and those she loves will be changed forever. Part One, Master Chef and Part Two, The Veterinarian are available on Amazon. 

Chapter One

“Hello?” I picked up the phone, despite the unknown caller identification on the screen. It didn’t help that my eyes were blurry from the hours of tossing and turning as my dream lover did unspeakable things to my body while I slept. The naughty dream haze left me unable to focus on the voice of the caller or the words he said. “What was that?”
The chuckle from the other end of the line ran over me like a warm rainfall. “I said, what time would you like me to pick you up for our date tonight?”
“Date?” I sat up in bed and ran my hand over my face, forcing the blood to circulate to my skin, and help me wake up. I knew he was making some sort of sense, I just couldn’t piece it together because my mind was like a mixed up jigsaw puzzle still in the box waiting to be put together.
“I know it’s early, and I apologize for that. I have a very busy schedule today, and wanted to make sure I confirmed this date before I lost track of time.” His voice was confident, cool, and oddly, comforting.
“Okay, I’m lost.” I yawned. “Who is this?”
“Archibald Bachiemer, but you can call me Archie.”
And that was when it all fell into place. “Archie! Oh, yes, I’m so sorry. Carter said you’d be calling to confirm. I just didn’t expect the call to be so early.” I put my head in my hands and shook it. Nothing like making a terrible first impression.
The laugh that erupted from the other side of the phone caught me off guard. “I’m thrilled that I can amuse you.” I grumbled into the phone. Ugh! These random dates with men my father picked out for me were constant headaches. It looked like this one was going to be the same as the master chef, the vet, our pack’s enforcer and now the politician. More frogs to kiss! Will any of them be my prince?
It was beginning to seem doubtful. Then what? What would happen if I went through the list of ten eligible bachelors and came up mateless? A shudder ran through me. That couldn't happen. My family needed me to man... er... woman-up and pick someone. That meant I needed to give these guys a chance and open myself up to the possibility of finding love. I shook my head. Right now, I was coming off a sexy dream haze. The lack of deep sleep for the last few weeks was beginning to rub my nerves raw and made me irritable. It wasn’t his fault. Focus, Rayne. Focus on the man's voice that is speaking to you in the real world. He's the one that matters right now.
I pushed the images of strong hands roaming my feverish body, teasing and delighting my senses away only to have them replaced with the memory of his lips and gentle nips on my neck and mouth. The goosebumps on my skin weren't from the voice of the man on the phone, but from the vivid imaginings of what my faceless dream lover did to me last night. Gah! This dream lover was driving my body to desire with only mere thoughts of him. FOCUS on reality! I yelled at myself in my head.
“Believe me, it’s a good thing I find you amusing, Rayne. I work with dry, politically correct people all day long. I find you a breath of fresh air, and I’ve only just spoken to you on the phone. I can’t wait until we meet in person.” His warm, gruff voice shattered through my thoughts like broken glass.
Oh goodie, another man who knew all the right things to say. It was unfair to think negatively about the man because he was a smooth talker. He’s a politician. Weren’t most of them good with words? He also seemed kind and interested so he may have potential after all. One point for the senator against the dream man who visited me every night, he was real. That was a very big point in his favor.
After a short, awkward pause, I mean, what was I supposed to say to his last comment? ‘A breath of fresh air?’ It was a little cliché, and I was suddenly becoming very cynical about this entire dating process. The idea that Rhyme, River, and I could find mates and marry in one year from lists given to us by our recently deceased father was ludicrous. We were trying, but true love doesn’t work on a time table, does it?
He cleared his throat. “So I’ll be arriving later this afternoon, and your brother said I could stay at the compound for the weekend, but if you prefer, I can get a room at the local hotel?”
“No, that’s fine. We’ve got more than enough room here,” I told him as I refocused my attention on the conversation. Besides, if he stayed the weekend, I would be able to get a good feel about the man and see if he was even in the running for my heart. If he didn’t make the cut, we could part ways, and I could seek out bachelor number five.
My response seemed to please him. His voice took on a comfortable tone. “Great, I’m looking forward to spending time with you this weekend. I have tickets for a show tonight. Does that sound like a fun first date?”
“Sure.” I shrugged, pointless, I know, because he couldn’t see it, but it made me feel better.
“Wonderful, I’ll see you this afternoon.” He hung up the phone before I could even say goodbye. Wow, okay, that was an interesting wake up call. I put the phone on the white, antique night stand and buried my head under the pillow, resisting the urge to scream. If I had there, would be multiple werewolves breaking down my door to make sure I was not being attacked. I just wanted to go back to sleep and meet up with my dream man, whoever he was.
The quick rap on the door followed by the excited entrance of my best friend, Chloe, made that desire unattainable. My bouncy friend plopped down on the bed and cooed as she handed me a large package. “Look what came by messenger for you this morning.”
I tossed the pillow I was holding, and glanced at the large, white box with a red bow. “What is it?” My tone dry and uninterested.
“Open it!” She shoved the box in my hands.
I gave her an irritated glare. “You are entirely too happy this morning.”
“I suppose being rescued from my kidnappers, and back home safe and sound might have something to do with that.” How she managed to say that without sarcasm was amazing to me.
I swallowed the guilt at her grateful statement. It was, in a roundabout way, my fault she’d been kidnapped in the first place. If I hadn’t brought her home with me in grade school, and introduced her to the pack life, if I hadn’t made her my best friend, if I hadn’t screwed the pooch on my first date with Brick, shamed him and his family, and caused Brick’s sisters, Jewel and Britain, to seek vengeance, Chloe never would’ve been kidnapped. It was like my actions were dominos, and they’d been knocked over, creating a ‘cause and effect’ impact that led us to this point. “I’m so sorry.” The remorse for my involvement was eating me up inside, and I could feel the misery and sadness pulling me into the lonely abyss. The chasm of pain was not anywhere I desired to be. Ironically, that painful void was why we became friends in the first place.
She pulled me out of my depression when I was younger and made me see the positive in life. My mind raced back in time to our first meeting. My siblings and I were in the school lunchroom. Our mother had recently passed away, and I was wallowing in self-pity and sorrow. I had alienated all my pack friends, including my siblings who insisted I be strong, put on the good face, show the world I was unaffected by the loss of a mother I barely knew. Chloe was new, but people seemed to gravitate toward her like moths to a flame, only she wasn’t deadly. She was like a lighthouse calling everyone to a safe harbor. It wasn’t just her good looks, it was her soul. The person inside was so good and genuinely cared about people.
“Can I sit?” The younger version of Chloe asked as my mind clearly recalled the memory.
I had barely opened my lunch bag when she approached me, and didn’t wait for me to respond before she sat across from me at the table.
“I’m Chloe.” She extended her hand to shake.
I busied my hand with opening my sandwich bag which allowed me to avoid touching the girl. Kept me from making a connection. Most people would’ve walked away, but not Chloe. She just shrugged and started eating her lunch.
“This cafeteria food is terrible.” She blurted out.
“It is.” My younger self, despite the overwhelming sadness that was claiming my soul, answered.
Chloe pushed her plate to the side.
“I’m sorry about your mother.” Her eyes connected with mine and held my gaze.
Tears moistened my eyes, a lump formed in my throat making it hard to eat. I didn’t want to eat anyway. “Thank you,” I managed after a few moments of fighting the urge to break down.
She reached a hand across the table and squeezed my wrist. “I lost my mother last year to cancer.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Thank you.” She offered a shaky smile. “It’s hard, and takes a long time before you can breathe, let alone pull yourself out of the murky quicksand of sadness, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One day you wake up and feel like you can live again.”
I offered her half of my lunch and we were inseparable from that moment on.
Looking back, her words seemed so mature for someone so young. Losing a parent at such a tender age does that to people. It makes you older than your years. It was the loss of our mothers that bonded us, made us best friends forever. Something so horrible created something beautiful because life goes on even after those we love are gone.
“I love you.” The words slipped out of my mouth before I could hold them back.
“Is that a gift of love? Is that what the card says?” Chloe looked at me excitedly.
“No, that’s me telling you I love you, and I’m so glad you’re safe.” I pushed the box aside and hugged her tightly. “I’m so sorry you’ve gotten mixed up in all the wolf drama.”
“It’s okay, Raynie. I’ve been caught up in the wolf drama since you and I became friends. It’s your life, and I love you, so I’m here to support you.” She pushed the box back in front of me. “Now open it,” she urged.
I wiped a tear that threatened to fall out of the corner of my eye. “I’m also sorry that I abandoned you the last couple of years.” I’d already apologized many times for betraying our friendship when I went away to college, but I still felt ashamed of how I deserted her.
Chloe and I had grown apart while I was away at college. When I returned home for the funeral, she was sure to make me aware of how much I’d failed her. Failed us. The accidental overdose, the kidnapping, it’s odd how extreme trauma can create unbreakable bonds, but time and separation can loosen those ties that bind.
“It’s okay. All is better now. We’ve been reunited, and all is right with the BFFs.” Chloe laughed. “Now enough of all this crazy talk. You need to open that meticulously wrapped gift.” She patted the box in front of me.
With a shaky hand, I opened the note. “Please consider wearing this tonight for our date,” I read aloud. “Really?”
Chloe smiled “Just open it,” she insisted.
I opened the box and pulled back the packaging paper to reveal an elegant black dress with white lace overlay. On the side there, was a pair of white sparkling pumps. “Seriously, Chloe? You know I’m not going to wear this.”
“Not even to make a good first impression?”
“I’m not looking for a fashion consultant as a mate. I want an alpha male that makes my heart race when he’s in the same room with me.” My eyes took on a dreamy state. “I need someone that can be strong and supportive, and love me for who I am, not try to change me into what he wants.”
“And this man may be just that with a hell of an awesome fashion sense.” Her eyes sparkled as she picked up the bodice of the dress.
“Okay, maybe, but you’re forgetting one thing. I don’t wear dresses,” I reminded her. Wearing dresses, frilly and sparkling things, was Chloe’s cup of tea, but I felt more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of comfy tennis shoes.
“You don’t wear dresses often. Just humor him tonight and let him know how you feel, if you like him, when he kisses you good night.”
“I guess you’re right. It can’t hurt to play the game for a while to see if I like him.”
“But I can tell you right now, he’s in the deficit with me on the scale of first impressions.”
“Come on, let’s go four-wheeling and get your mind off these foolish things.” Chloe stood up and pulled me by the arm out of the bed.
“Now that sounds like fun.”  

Thank you for reading Rayne’s Thunder from the Dating a Werewolf Series. I truly hope you’re enjoying the adventure. There are only a few more installments to go before Rayne chooses her mate. The romance is only going to get hotter, and the action and drama will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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If you haven’t read Rayne’s Thunder (Part One) Master Chef or Rayne’s Thunder (Part Two) The Veterinarian, below are the links on Amazon. I hope you enjoy. If you have, and you’re waiting for Part Four coming in August 2015, check out some of my other series on Amazon. They’re tasty bites of paranormal romance, intrigue, mystery mixed with mythology and fairy tales. I hope you’ll enjoy them. The links are below. Again, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Also look for River’s Fire and Rhyme’s Reason adventures as part of this series. The three only have a year to find a mate and marry. If they are not successful, they forfeit their inheritance. Leading the Colorado Wolf Pack with very little funding will be a difficult task.

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