Monday, August 4, 2014

My review of Arielle Immortal Passion by Lilian Roberts

Arielle Immortal Passion (Immortal Rapture, #3)Arielle Immortal Passion by Lilian Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book series! I have to say book one and two were awesome, book three is out of sight. I was hooked with the first one, the second one reeled me in, and now the third one has made me fall in love all over again. I'm so excited to hear book five in the series is already out and have already purchased book four and plan to start it after this review. The characters are loveable and you find yourself wanting to fight their battle with them. The evil force, Annabell in this book really made some hard hits on her arch nemesis, Arielle and almost succeeded, would've succeeded had her bestie not been there to help save the day. There is a ton of action, awesome romances with multiple couples, beautiful friendships, and great paranormal intrigue. I've already given away too much information so I'll end my review with saying I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the paranormal romance genre but be sure to get book one and two also :-)

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