Sunday, August 3, 2014

PBI Case Files: The Beginning - episode one release

The PBI (Paranormal Bureau of Investigation) Case Files is a new episodic book series written by Jami Brumfield. The new series follows a group of human and supernatural people who investigate possible paranormal occurrences across the United States. Each episode, with the exception of episode one, will follow the agents as they investigate these paranormal situations that sometimes develop into actual paranormal situations and sometimes wind up being explainable. 

In episode one, you will get to read how two human sisters become new members of the team after a night of crazy occurrences that put them in a position where they are required to defend themselves and a vampire agent named Devon from an Amazon assassin. 

Their success coupled with a few other interesting facts from their past actually makes them perfect candidates for the agency, especially Sarah. Frankie's spot is more questionable but due to the secret they are now privy to the agency takes a chance on her as well. 

Couple that with the sexual tension between Devon and Sarah and you have the beginning of the PBI Case Files. Episode one will be listed at the introductory price of .99 for a limited time and available only on Amazon for the next 90 days. There will be paperback editions of this book series also available in the next 30 days. 

Season one will be a series of 13 episodes and a new episode will be published every other month. Open the PBI Case Files today and sink your teeth into this unique new episodic series.

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