Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why does the negative get more attention than the positive?

Seriously! I've given this question a lot of thought. It saddens my heart and weakens my soul. As an author first and a marketer second (by pure necessity of job) I've noticed an unsettling trend. Negativity rocks in today's world. It's gotten so overwhelming that a lot of book review bloggers are wondering if it's worth it anymore like in this post in which the author ponders why bad reviews and other posts get more attention than good, honest reviews. I mean seriously, I ask again, why are people more interested in the negative than the positive...

I don't ask this to be sarcastic or cynical, I ask because I'm curious. As an author I request bloggers to read and review my novels. I'll accept whatever their opinion is about the book. I learned long ago that you're not going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time... I'm thankful my books have been highly rated and I accept the constructive criticism from those handful of low reviews.

But, I'm rambling, I'm trying to understand this new (or maybe it's not new) phenomenon. Partly because I write reviews of books I read (most are pretty good since I'm selective about the books I like to read) and as an author I'm not going to write something to kill the esteem of another author... I know what it requires to write and publish a book and contrary to some who believe it's easy, it's not. I will however, email the author and share with them my feedback, especially if they ask for my opinion.

I also look for reviews on my books online and have found some great ones, with little or no comments. These reviews are well thought out, succinct, and insightful and it breaks my heart that they don't get the attention they deserve. Not just my reviews but other book reviews as well.

The biggest challenge most indie authors face is getting the book in front of a reader's radar. There are so many great books out there by so many awesome authors that it can be like wading through a sea of books to find an author and their books.

In a world where there is negativity lurking around most corners, can't there be a focus on a little positive? As a hypnotherapist and life coach (my day job) I know the impact negativity can have on a person's psyche and how the implementation of positive into one's life can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, negativity has become the norm and positivity has been brushed aside because maybe people don't believe in it anymore??? I don't know but I'm really curious. No harm no foul. No desire to hurt one's feelings here or call anyone out but I'm curious, as an indie author, are reviews something to focus on anymore?

If they aren't something you look at, what do you look at when you go to purchase a book? Is it the cover? The book blurb? The author? What about finding new authors? Do you go off word of mouth? Isn't that what a review is? Maybe with your help I can put the focus on the right things in my amateur marketing career so I can put more focus on my story telling. Those who know me know I love weaving a tale and would love to spend more of my day promoting in the right spots and writing until my fingers hurt.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts below. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Negativity usually gets the most from other's that are negative about life. When someone is miserable they seek it out. Not necessarily a reflection on a book or author but an attempt to get attention and up themselves so to speak. They have yet to learn that although misery loves company, not many love misery. I find when reading negative comments most are trying to put down the Author. I do not feel they are helpful when I am looking for a review as they mostly are the ones who have no books of their own and if they were so much better then where are theirs. I tend to ignore them.

  2. I work hard to write honest and helpful reviews on the books I read in the hope that they might help someone else to find the books I love, and even when I didn't particularly like I try to find something positive to say about it, but I have to admit that I don't often read what other people have to say when I'm selecting my next book to read. I'm more likely to pick up something new by an author I've already read or by somebody I've met at a release party or on someone else's FB page. I also love box sets (yes, I know it's a lot of work for an author to write a good story to contribute and that you make even fewer peanuts when they sell) but I'll often pick up a box set that contains one or two authors I know and then read the entire bunch hoping to discover someone else whose work I might like.
    Maybe I'm not typical and other folks do read those reviews. I know I do occasionally receive notices that somebody's flagged a review I wrote on Amazon or Goodreads as helpful so I guess someone is reading them.
    Hope this helps.