Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PBI Case Files spotlight

Part of the success of the PBI Case Files is the danger, intrigue, paranormal mysteries, and twist and turns that you don't see coming and the intense romantic suspense. But the other part comes from the characters and their connections to each other. Their connections to two very human sisters, Frankie and Sarah Hollister. Everything centers around the solidarity in their relationship. The supporting characters: Devon (Sarah's love interest), Fang (Frankie's mate), Karma (demi goddess boss), Jasmine (Frankie's trainer), and Charlie (Sarah's trainer) add amazing dimensions to the story and help it progress in these fast paced, page turners.

Frankie (Francesca) Hollister is the youngest sister, she is a little impetuous and faces down danger like a bulldog. She's outspoken, often times too blunt for her own good, and packs a whallop of a punch, or kick, or head butt if the situation calls for it. She's fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect Sarah, who has taken care of her most of her life.

Sarah Hollister is a little more reserved but when backed into a corner she is quite the momma bear. Where Frankie is the extrovert, Sarah is the introvert; her keen observation skills are highly tuned and her off the chart intelligence (both emotional and intellectual) are why she makes a perfect candidate for the forensic side of the team.

Both sisters were raised with martial arts training, they understand multiple languages, and are masters at deductive reasoning thanks to the life path their parents set them on. One they eagerly followed until their parents were killed when Sarah was 17 and Frankie was 16.

Devon, a dangerous, brooding vampire/agent with a horrific past meets Sarah in his nightclub. He is instantly attracted to her and Sarah reciprocates those feelings of attraction - the alcohol enhanced her desire for him while her intoxication put the brakes on his advances. The missed romantic hook up would fast become the story of their relationship. Star crossed lovers that keep missing each other. Will they ever find their way back to each other's arms or will they continue this dance until there is no way back to the romantic connection they share? It's a love story that is worth sinking your teeth into.

Fang (ie Levi) is a brute of a bear, literally. He's an alpha were-bear who has been Devon's partner for years. They are friends, despite their differences. While Devon is a predator who has had centuries to hone his social graces and create the perfect mask where the beast can hide behind without detection, Fang is a neanderthal man who has very few social skills. Both are alpha males in their own way but because of their differences there is very little competition. Its because of those differences that they've been able to keep each other alive.

While Devon plays a romantic dance with Sarah, biding his time until she relents and becomes his woman, until she realizes what he already knows, that she's his flame - twin flame, Fang discovers Frankie is his mate and pushes himself into her life, openly claiming her as his mate. In Outbreak, he makes a giant sacrifice that pushes Frankie away and may actually keep them from ever discovering the lasting love true mates share.

The romantic games played by these four are stimulating and are slow burns. The agents have a job to do, save humanity from creatures that go bump in the night, which means their love lives take a back seat. It adds for great tension and is weaved into every chapter as they all seem to believe the case comes first.

The first four episodes delve into the past and future of these characters and set the stage for their futures to unravel in multiple directions. Will they choose the right path? Will the right path be the wrong path?

Every great story has a beginning. Find out how Frankie and Sarah became agents for the Paranormal Bureau of Investigation in this episode. Get your first taste of the vengeful Amazons and the shared spark of passion between Devon and Sarah from this episode. The Beginning on Amazon.

Read another excerpt from The Beginning here

In episode two titled Outbreak, Frankie is prematurely put into the field after Devon is injured from an Amazon attack. Sarah fears for both Devon and Frankie in this episode and does her best to support from the sidelines as she is put into her new role as forensic analyst, working for a scientist that makes it clear she doesn't like her.

While Frankie fights to be a valuable member of the team in the field, butting heads with Fang the entire way, Sarah sits at Devon's bedside as he fights to rid his body of the poison coursing through his veins and she fights with her feelings for the vampire.

In the field one of the agents is infected with the deadly virus that turns the human hosts into cannibals, with a need to feed so intense it becomes known as a zombie strain. Karma pleads with the gods for help to save the agent but ultimately it comes down to the sacrifice one man is willing to make for the human he discovers is his mate.

For another excerpt from Outbreak (PBI Case Files Adventure two) click here.

One of the best things about the PBI Case Files is that you can read them out of sequence. The story is far more enhanced reading them in sequence, but just like watching a television series, you can miss an episode and get caught up on what you missed by watching the new ones. And just like a television show, you can always go back and read the previous episodes as well. To get Outbreak click here.

Lost Plane (PBI Case Files Adventure three) catapults you into another century as the PBI and the ABI (Alien Bureau of Investigation) agents work together to discover what happened to Avalon Flight 370 and the 200 plus passengers and crew that disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. Alien abduction was the first assumption but the ABI managed to disprove that hypothesis so the PBI were tasked to prove an unknown paranormal creature wasn't involved. They didn't expect to run into a banshee who discovered there were many other odd disappearances throughout history, similar to this one or a cyborg from the future. What they discover will rock them to the core of their belief systems and force the team to make a difficult decision that could cause a catastrophic ripple in time.

The action and romance in this episode will keep you intently flipping pages and getting further engrossed into the lives of these dynamic characters.

Fang wrestles with the need to tell Frankie what he did to her and Frankie struggles with the need to put as much space between her and him. Devon learns he may have competition for Sarah's heart and Sarah learns that Devon may not be the one she was meant to love.

And yet there is still more happening in this awesome book. Check out this excerpt. And if you want the entire episode you can get it on Amazon here.

Justice Driven is the fourth book in this series and if the twists and turns haven't shocked you up to this point, this episode is sure to turn your world upside down and ask... what the hell just happened?

In this episode, Devon and Sarah finally have that first date and sparks fly. Check out how this episode begins here. As the two are enroute to the next stage of their love affair they are taken hostage by Devon's familiar enemies, the Amazons. Frankie and Fang partner with unlikely allies, the horsemen of apocalypse, to save their partners. Deals are struck, and the group sets up a trade for Sarah and ambush for Devon's rescue.

As one can imagine, nothing goes as planned and while Frankie and Fang are forced to pause the rescue mission passion explodes and tempers flare. Sarah is subjected to horrific torture at the hands of the women warriors who maintain a Stepford-wife-like-persona and cover.

As the battle comes to a head the team learns they have a traitor in their ranks. Frankie is forced to watch as the vampires are injected with a neutering serum and her mate is shot point blank as he attempted to shift to protect his team and her.

Want to know what happens next to this team? Get the full episode here on Amazon.


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