Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Secrets to finding the perfect paranormal fantasy book

Paranormal fantasy is all about building awesome worlds and amazing characters that are multi-dimensional. I personally enjoy building paranormal fantasy worlds within the world we live in today, commonly referred to as urban fantasy. Other paranormal fantasy worlds are off planet and alternate dimensions. The first tip I'd give you is to decide which you prefer.

That will narrow down the field and help you get closer to your next favorite book or series. Then ask yourself if you like paranormal fantasies written in the past, present or future. All of these areas offer a different flavor and speak to specific tastes.

One of the great things about paranormal is the variety. There are plenty of paranormal or supernatural creatures out there to choose from. Everyone has their favorites. When I do fan events I'm always amazed at how different people are in just their favorite characters. Some like vampires, others like shifters (which opens a whole world of characters), some enjoy witch stories more than others etc. Everyone has their favorites and that makes today's world a wonderful fantasy adventure for readers because authors know this and offer variety... after all, it is the spice of life, right?

Now you've chosen your favorite location, time, and characters. This should greatly reduce the number of books to choose from. Book sellers offer great filters to help you find some awesome gems in the sea of books available. You can also start searching online. Entering these words into your favorite search engine is bound to bring up some of the more popular options out there.

Another great tip to finding the perfect paranormal fantasy book is to join Facebook groups dedicated to your specific tastes, check out and follow/subscribe to book blogs that focus on your favorite types of books, subscribe to internet radio shows that highlight books in your favorite genres. Find your favorite authors and follow them on twitter, facebook and other social media outlets, they may recommend other authors in their genres that are people to check out. Another great place to check out is YouTube.

Once you find a book you'd like to check out, be sure to read any samples that are available, many authors also offer samples of their work on their blogs. Checking out the sample will let you know if you like the author's style and if it grabs your attention.

If you've done all this and are still needing help lighting up your E-Reader or finding a book to run your fingers through, ask your friends and read the reviews. Once you find that awesome author be sure to favorite/like/subscribe to all their social media outlets to be sure you get updates for the new books coming out (many authors like to run giveaways around new releases and cover reveals). Keeping in touch with them in the social media arena will help keep you up to date with what is coming next.

Some of my paranormal fantasies are:

Lone Wolf Rising (paranormal fantasy adventure with romantic suspense) Werewolves among other supernatural creatures. This is book one of the Winters Saga

Book two of the Winters Saga is Vampire Princess Rising (paranormal fantasy adventure with romantic suspense) Vampires and werewolves among other supernatural creatures.

If you like ghost tales and mysteries centered around college life check out the Ghost Connection Series. Book one, Lost

Book two of the Ghost Connection Series is Death Does Not Become Her

If mystery, action, government conspiracy, and romance is your cup of tea you might like the PBI Case Files series. Book one, The Beginning

Outbreak is book two and it has all the elements listed above. In this novella the PBI team discovers the publicized acts of cannibalism in Florida is actually a break out of a mutated strain of Ebola.

In book three of the PBI Case Files series, titled Lost Plane, the team investigates the disappearance of a commercial airliner and it's 200 plus passengers. What they discover are banshees, cyborgs, and time travel...

Justice Driven is book four of this series and two of the team are kidnapped by angry Amazons sanctioned by the Gods for vengeance. The team joins forces with the horsemen of the apocalypse in order to save their friends.

These are just a few of the books I have available. Check out the rest of my books on Amazon. Be sure to favorite my page on Amazon and subscribe to this blog by email.


  1. Ms. Brumfield, this is exactly how I came across your writings and your books. I knew there were more authors putting out good books then the few found on store bookshelves. I first searched for Military Sci-Fi and came across zombies, which brought me to vampires, which brought me to you.

    1. And I'm so glad you found me Brian Lane. You've been an amazing fan and wonderful friend and I appreciate all you've done to motivate and support me.I try hard to be accessible to my readers and in doing so have met some fantastic people I now call friends