Sunday, August 16, 2015

That's a wrap folks! Lessons I learned from writing in a Serial Killer's POV

Remote Paranoia (PBI Case Files 5) is wrapped and sent to the marvelous editor, Michele Gwynn. If you've read the Paranormal Bureau of Investigation Files series I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised with some of the changes I did to this episode. Many of the things I learned from a Master Class I took on line.

This episode shows the murder scenes from the perspective of the victim and the aftermath scenes from the killer's Point of View as well as the investigation from the heroes' perspectives. Frankie, Karma, Devon, Tucker and Persephone DeLuca all take the reigns and give readers some insight into their line of thinking and even delicious tidbits of their pasts.

I'm known for creating romantic suspense as well as action, drama, and adding in mythological components to help create twists that will spin your mind, but there is also a stronger component of intrigue in this episode.

Frankie and Fang's relationship deepens. Tucker becomes a solid support character, DeLuca still has some work to gang trust from the inner circle but I have faith she'll eventually get there. Karma visits her uncle, grandmother, and cousin and enlists help from Hypnos despite the mandate sent down from Zeus that meddling in human affairs is forbidden. Readers learn a little more about the origin of the Ancient Greek Gods which adds a science fiction component to the urban fantasy world.

With only three more episodes to season one of season one Sarah's motivation behind her leaving starts to become clear and the first glimpse of the season finale showdown with the Amazon becomes clear.

I'm super pleased with how the manuscript turned out and am looking forward to publication. It's available for a steal in the Wicked After Dark box set available for pre-order now for only $0.99.

So what did I learn from writing in the point of view (pov) of the serial killer? I seriously had to take a shower afterwards. Getting into the mind and motivation of why the killer did what he did was very difficult and a hundred miles out of my comfort zone but I also think the pain I went through making the connection to the character actually enhanced the story greatly.

In the previous episodes, the focus was more on the path the investigators took not necessarily giving readers a peek into the psyche of the criminal.

Another thing I discovered during the read through was I really enjoyed the good moments between characters immensely more than I did before I added the dark POV. I suppose this was the idea that you appreciate the good more when you realize the bad.

I also found this was quite a learning experience and research became my best friend. Seriously, a lot of reading and watching television shows from the perspective of the killer helped in creating these characters.

I'm excited to hear what you think after reading the episode about this new layer I've added to my writing process in the mysteries. Feel free to email me at once you've read the story with your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I will have to re-read Chapter 4 just prior to 5. My ccuriosity for Sara and Devon is aroused(sp).

    I am hoping your enhanced style does not cause the loss of Jami.