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Taking components of reality and twisting them into Urban Fantasy

I like to mix paranormal/supernatural elements with reality when I create a book. Most of my books fall under the sub genre Urban Fantasy for this reason. I get really stoked when I can take something that has been studied and researched and mix it into my fantasy fiction cocktail to design a new story. My next release does just that, as do many of the case files in the PBI (Paranormal Bureau of Investigation series). Just take a look below to get a peek of what to expect in this new release coming out soon.

Astral Projection, according to Wikipedia is the idea that the soul can leave the human body and travel on the astral plane. It's considered an Out of Body Experience (OBE). Essentially, the person astral projecting is able to leave the physical body and travel to places in the astral body. 

Astral Projection has been mentioned in many religions across the world. The science behind the idea is still untapped but there have been multiple studies that have tried to measure the soul, or take pictures of the soul upon death which has resulted in interesting results. It's not astral projection but the but it's an area that has scientific research and is loosely related to astral projection in the idea that the astral body is travelling away from the physical.   

Some believe when you Astral Project you must remain tethered to the physical body, others have said that to leave your physical body without the astral walking body leaves your human shell open to invasion from evil spirits. 

As one who studies paranormal and supernatural concepts, ideas, and things I've tried astral projection. I must admit, it was a frightening and exhilarating experience all rolled into one. Its not something I'd recommend to others to try because my experience was scary. It felt as though I was being jerked out of my body. My conscious mind was not ready to allow myself to move to that astral plane and until I've studied the process and done far more research I won't be trying that again. However, I've heard from others how amazing it can be. 

Remote Viewing, according to Wikipedia is the "practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, extrasensory perception or sensing with the mind". This topic has fascinated me for many years. Combining Astral Projection with Remote Viewing to create super heroes or super soldiers was something I knew I'd always use in my writing and in the upcoming PBI Case Files Adventure titled Remote Paranoia these types of characters make their first appearance in my books. Prior to this upcoming new release I used supernatural characters like Dream Weavers as primary otherworldly beings that could do things similar to what the new remote viewing astral projection characters can do in this new story.

Dream Weavers in the series that I write are supernatural beings that have super powers in the dream world and they often work for the Greek Dream Gods. Many times they are assassins or they are part of an assassin family. Morpheus is the principal god of the dream weavers. Sometimes Hypnos (God of sleep) and Thanatos (death) get mixed up with these characters as well.

In the new Paranormal Bureau of Investigation Adventure you'll meet these new characters to this book series. The Remote Viewers who use Astral Projection are human psychics which makes them uniquely different from Dream Weavers who control the dream realm with powers like astral projection. 

In my research I discovered as late as the 1990s governments were reportedly studying remote viewing and possible use of this psychic ability in military capacity. In 1995 the studies were terminated after being transferred from the DIA to the CIA for further testing according to Wikipedia and the research offered no usable intelligence.  

This is why I love writing paranormal fiction because this topic can add hours of enjoyable reading material. Remote Paranoia (PBI Case Files #5) will delve deeper into these ideas and have characters that use these abilities... I won't tell you how, you'll have to read the book but imagine combining someone who can astral project and remote view with someone who can make others bend to their will. Ah, the possibilities.

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If you haven't check out PBI Case Files now is a good time to get started. Each book is a new case file adventure. They can be read separately or in order and they are all produced to read like a television episode. 

Find out how the story begins in PBI Case Files: The Beginning here

In Outbreak, the team investigates a mutated strain of the Ebola virus that goes supernatural.

In Lost Plane, the team is called in to investigate a plane that vanishes over the pacific ocean.

In Justice Driven, Devon and Sarah's date is interrupted by the Amazons whose revenge has been sanctioned by the gods.

Here is a peek of Remote Paranoia's book cover will look like.

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