Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The family of Night gets a visit from Karma in PBI Case Files

Being a student of Greek Mythology and knowing that many of my stories contain the Greek Gods and often lists their origins as alien and many more of my stories contain dream weavers, minor gods/goddess with the ability to manipulate dreams it was only a matter of time that I brought in Morpheus and his family to one of my stories and the new release coming out in the Wicked After Dark Box Set, Remote Paranoia (PBI Case Files #5) is the one I chose to bring this ancient god family into.

Initially I had intended to bring in only the god of dreams, Morpheus but as the story grew Nyx, goddess of the night who is also his grandmother and Hypnos, god of sleep who is also his father made an appearance.

Morpheus' brothers Phobetor (god of nightmares), Phantasus (god of fake and illusional dreams), and Ikelos (god of realistic dreams) are in the current draft but could be cut depending on edits and story flow. As my fans know, I like to keep the pages turning so sometimes if it doesn't enhance the story and move it along it makes the cutting room floor.

Karma (demi goddess, daughter of Atropos - one of the Moirai also known as the fates) is the granddaughter of Nyx and in one of the scenes when Karma visits the House of Dreams to talk to her cousin Morpheus, her extended family is there. She is put into an uncomfortable position since the purpose of her visit is to interrogate Morpheus about the string of murders her PBI team is investigating. It was going to be hard enough questioning her cousin, someone she liked and respected about the crimes but including the god of sleep and night ~ someone who makes Zeus nervous, makes things far more complicated.

Check out more sneak peek twists and characters coming up in Remote Paranoia (PBI Case Files #5) here.

While we're on the topic of Greek Mythology, who is your favorite god or goddess to read about in fiction? Why? Is there a god or goddess you'd like to read about in a work of fiction? I have had many different god/goddess appearances in my books. They always add a lot of chaos and fun to the story and can't help but meddle in the human/supernatural affairs. Let me know if the comment section below.

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  1. I have always been captivated by Athena(had my wife agreed, my daughter Tina would,'ve had her name).

    1. I love that name... and she is one heck of a goddess, she put Ares to shame. The Amazons in the PBI Case Files are Athena's children...